Avolteha: Walkthrough Guide

By: Pico People / Roman Jahn

Avolteha is a point-and-click adventure similar to those from Amanita Design. There are no words and everything is explained through thought bubbles. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can see the first part of my video walkthrough here. Continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Open the mailbox and read your mail. It’s something about water.

2. Head inside your house. Try to turn on the faucet and notice nothing comes out.

3. Pick up the glass of water from the table. Also, read through the book next to it. Then leave your house.

4. Head right to the next screen. Talk to the guy eating chips. He wants a glass of water, so give it to him. In exchange, you’ll get what appears to be some anti-gravity device.

5. Continue right to the next screen. There are plants blocking the middle path so continue on to the next screen again.

6. Pick up the axe. Then use the telescope to look at the floating city in the sky.

7. Go back a screen and use the axe to chop down the plants in the middle. Then head down the ladder.

8. Grab the key on the first platform. Continue down the ladder and you’ll meet a lava creature. But he blocks your way to the right. Run left to see he also blocks you from getting to the plants. So let’s go back up the ladder.

9. Head left to find the chips guy asleep (only if you did all of step 8). Grab the chips from the bag next to him. Then feed them to the weird creature to the left. It will throw a shell down the hole.

10. Go down the ladder here and use the key you found to open the floor door. Then push the rock down there. Look down to see it sitting there.

11. Go back up the ladder and head right again. Go down hole again and this time go all the way down to the bottom of the ladder.

12. Head left and watch what happens to the lava creature. He bumps into the rock and gets stunned! Now you can pick one of the water plants.

13. If you go right, he’s blocking your way again. You can feed him the water plant, but he immediately goes back to blocking your path. So go pick another water plant.

14. Notice the bug on the ceiling above the lava creature. Throw the water plant up there and it will give him a shower. He’ll move and let you cross. Head right to the next area.

15. Continue right again until you see a few houses. Enter the first house and grab the cane, bow and arrow, and rope. Combine the rope with the bow and arrow. Talk to the guy here. He wants a piece of a mushroom. Grab some wood chips from the floor. Roll up the rug and then head down the ladder.

16. Grab the ladle to the left and the saw to the right. Open the machine door with flames on it and grab the bucket from inside. Head back up and leave the house.

17. Go back left and use the saw to cut off a piece of what I think is a mushroom.

18. Go back right and enter the first house again. Give the carver the piece of mushroom and he’ll give you some sort of disc in return. Leave the house.

19. Notice the steam coming out of a hole. You can look down and see lava. Use the bucket to collect some.

20. Enter the second house. Notice the two paintings on the wall about getting water from clouds. Talk to the guy cooking. It looks like he wants a vase for his flowers. Leave the house.

21. Here it gets a bit weird. Notice the small cloud that looks different from the others. Shoot at it with your bow and arrow and use the rope to pull it down. Now we have a cloud!

22. Enter the third house. Grab the broken pitcher from the floor. Talk to the guy here. He needs help making a fire. Throw the wood chips on the fire to make it happen. Then talk to him again. He wants help fixing his window. Leave the house.

23. Combine the ladle with the broken pitcher. Then use it with the lava hole to melt down the glass.

24. Go back to the first house and move the stool aside. Then steal half the window.

25. Go back to the third house and give the guy the window part. He gives you another piece for the disc in exchange. Combine it with the disc.

26. Go back down the ladder. Place the meted glass in the mold part of the machine. Place the bucket of lava in the fire section and then cloud in the water section. The machine will turn on. Flip the switch to make your vase. Then take it and leave.

27. Go back to the second house and place the flowers on the table into the vase. Talk to the guy again and he asks for a lamp shade.

28. Don’t be shy! Go back to the third house and use the cane to grab the mushroom cap off the coat rack. Then go back to the second house bad place it on the lamp. Talk to the guy again and he gives you the third piece for your disc. Combine them to complete it.

29. Continue right. There’s a guard blocking your path. He wants the disc you have, so give it to him. He lets you pass.

30. Walk along the bridge and then grab the grappling hook. Combine it with the rope and then use the grappling hook with the cloud to get across.

31. Once across, grab the cloud and grappling hook to add them to your bag. Then head inside the door. Grab the wire(?) from the table and then leave.

32. Continue along the ladder. Stop to press the button and you get electrocuted. Continue on and enter through the next door. Talk to the astronomer. Surprise surprise, he wants water. Head up the stairs.

33. Talk to the artist. It seems he needs an idea for what to paint. You also can’t take the paint brush. He might need to be distracted first. Take a look at the painting that shows you how to control electricity.

34. Head through the door and cross the bridge to the next building. The door is locked! Instead, use the grappling hook on the bridge and then climb down to the door below you. Head inside.

35. Take the plant from the table. Now we have a machine that can extract water from the cloud, but first we have to figure out how to keep the cloud from floating off. (If you lose it, use the step-stool to recover it.) Place the plant down on the machine. Place the cloud under the glass cover. Then move the cover onto the machine. The water will automatically fill the glass. Grab the glass and key from the table.

36. Lift up the screen and use the key to unlock the control panel behind it. There’s a lot of confusing wires. Leave for now and we’ll come back to it.

37. Climb down the ladder. Head through the door. There’s some electricity here and a machine and an elevator if we can just get it working. Look at the two diagrams on the monitor. They should help us get the elevator working.

38. Leave and take the ladder back up to the other room. Examine the control panel again. Make sure to flip the switch up so it turns green and moves the arrow so it’s pointing up. Then rotate the wheels so the wires match the diagram on the monitor. It should look like this a Dan both lights should go on.

39. Head back down the ladder and back to the other room. Examine the control panel and flip the switch horizontally to match the diagram. The light should go on.

40. Now the elevator control panel should work. Press the button on the left, second from the top and then open the door and go through. The elevator will take you to a new room.

41. There’s a washing machine here and also another control panel. This one looks more complicated. Mess with the switches until you get the arrow pointing at the image of the door. Keep messing with them until the light next it turns on. Now the door should be open. If you want the door and the washing machine on at the same time, copy my solution:

42. Head through the door to the left to get back to the artist’s studio. Notice the diagrams on the wall, including a new one.

43. Head downstairs to the astronomer and give him the cup of water. He gives you some device in exchange. Talk to him again and he wants you to open up the dome so he can use his telescope. The problem is, you get electrocuted when you try. That is, unless you copied my photo exactly. To turn off the electricity for that button, turn off the switch on the lower right of the panel. Here it is again.

44. Now open the control panel by the dome. Remove the yellow wire and replace it with the red striped one like so:

45. Now go back up to the main control panel and turn on the dome power again. It’s the lower right switch. It should look like this:

46. Go back to the telescope control box and press the up arrow until the window opens. Go back inside and talk to the astronomer. He’s happy now!

47. Go upstairs and talk tot he painter. He wants you to fill his ink pot. So grab it.

48. Head back to the washing machine room and take the elevator to the top floor.

49. Here, grab the octopus, the seed packet and the scissors. You can also look at the framed drawing on the wall for a cute reaction. Use the octopus with that same drawing to make it spray ink. Then refill the ink bottle from it.

50. Use the scissors with the seed packet to open the package and get a seed.

51. Take the elevator back to the second floor from the top and give the ink to the artist. He’ll give you a panel that’s similar to the one that’s on the elevator controls.

52. Go back to the elevator. Take it back down to the bottom floor.

53. Attach the panel to the elevator controls. Now you can access the buttons on the right! Let’s start with the bottom floor.

54. Walk to the platform in the middle of the room and you’ll fall through a hole!

55. Pick up the red bottle, the watering can and the green ball. Place the seed in the planter and use the watering can to water it. It’s not growing yet.

56. Feed the green ball to the weird red creature on the wall and you’ll get teleported to another room with a green creature on the wall.

57. Place the red bottle in the machine with the other and turn it on. Then take the red ball. You can use it with the green creature to get back to the red creature. But don’t.

58. Use the elevator to get to the third floor on the right.

59. Talk to the guy here. He gives you some nuts and bolts and asks you to use them to catch the flies.


More coming soon!

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  1. Jay

    Hi – I have got stuck at the point that you finish part 1 of the walkthrough, so please continue! Many thanks.

      1. Jay

        Hi there – are you intending to finish the walkthrough ? This is a very tricky game╬ô├ç┬¬.

  2. Cassa

    Hi, I’m stuck in step 41 (opening the door with the washing machine). My setup looks different to yours. I can click the switches to turn them, but the other red and green features that you can’t click are set up differently. Is there a way of turning them on too?

    1. Support Picopeople

      If you look closely at the circuit diagram (42), there are 3 fuses that are actually useless.

  3. smjjames

    IΓÇÖm stuck a bit later on, I have three keycards, the jar with the nut bugs, the antigrav machine, and a way to charge it. The problem is that the antigrav room (third floor on right side) seems to be the last place I need to do and the only thing I can do is use the device to go up to the multicolored panel, BUT, I can only interact with the device for a second before the battery runs out (the weird thing though is that IΓÇÖve used it before and could interact with it as long as I wanted. This was before I had a way to charge it though). I feel like IΓÇÖm missing something, but IΓÇÖve looked all over and tried interacting with everything and thereΓÇÖs nothing else that I can seem to do.

    1. smjjames

      Nvm, looks like I wasnΓÇÖt fully charging it.

      1. Picopeople Support

        I, as the developer, help out a little.
        Give the antigravity stone to the gardener. She will give you something to charge your stone. But you still have to use that item. Tip. Harvest like HayDay from SuperCell. Another tip: You don’t have to leave the room to charge the stone. And The Gardener knows a lot. Always give her the items.

        1. smjjames

          I got through that part though (she doesnΓÇÖt say anything about the nut bugs though). Now IΓÇÖm having trouble with the multicolored panel puzzle, I try to get all of the hidden pieces, but it seems to be on a timer and IΓÇÖve tried one or two times to quickly get them, but thereΓÇÖs just not enough time, and the antigrav device is fully charged.

          1. smjjames

            Actually, I just realized the percentage is on the side, got it to 100% for sure, letΓÇÖs see if it works better.

            1. smjjames

              Still not enough time and it seems like sometimes the items donΓÇÖt always stick into the spot when I put it in the right spot

              1. Shel

                IΓÇÖm having this problem too just not enough time so annoying

      2. Nebelwand

        Ja da bin ich auch ich weiß nicht was ich mit den bunten Teilen machen muss


        1. Picopeople Support

          Tip. Go to the control panel with 100% charged gravity stone. Search for the mushrooms in the color game. Two versions are hiding in there. You have to drag them left and right out of the picture and place them. Remember the positions the first time. The mushrooms are also twisted. Then load the stone again and try your luck. You will get better at each try. For sure.

          1. Ruby

            Timer is to short.. itΓÇÖs needs to be longer.. or leave the pieces in place.. not fun repetitive and boring.

          2. Marnster

            I don’t think there’s enough time…very frustrating. I don’t have the patience to keep recharging my time…

    2. Emily

      How did you guys figure out how to charge the anti-gravity machine!? I have no idea what I need to do to charge it lol please help 😩

  4. Sara Brown

    IΓÇÖm stuck with what to do after getting direction from the painter to find him more ink. IΓÇÖve got the octopus in the jar and the seed. I am thinking I have to figure out how to get to the right building but activating the elevator buttons for that side. Does anyone know what to do?

    1. smjjames

      HereΓÇÖs a hint: In what situations do octopi and squid usually release ink? You donΓÇÖt need to go to the right side building for this.

    2. SB

      Never mind. I figured it out. You have to show the octopus the scary picture to get him to squirt ink.

  5. Bambi

    I’m stuck.. I’ve used the swipe cards to get to the next part but I seem to be missing something to get the lift car to work …..

    1. Nebelwand

      Idee Flasche am Fahrstuhl lässt sich abnehmen dann in den sicherrungskasten strcken

    2. Nebelwand2

      Die Flasche aus dem Fahrstuhl lässt sich hersusnehmen dann in den sicherrungskasten stecken

      1. Natchij

        Flasche steckt im sicherungskasten. Intakte Sicherungen (6 stΓö£Γò¥ck) stecken drum rum, leerer Platz an dem Kontrollcheck. Rote Lampe leuchtet aber per Knopfdruck passiert nix. Vermute es fehlt eine intakte Sicherung? Finde aber nix weiter

      2. Sarah

        first of all: I absolutely LOVE your game!!!

        But IΓÇÖm stuck at the 3rd firefly (the house with the cook). ItΓÇÖs not enough to time to get there and catch it. Any hints?


  6. Natchij

    So I got the mulicolored puzzle with the circles and entered the door but couldn’t open the next door with the keycards because I can’t find the red color anywhere to turn grey one into red. In my pocket are the 3 cards, gravity stone, an empty glass of color, the red stone and the glass with bugs. But can’t find any action instead of load the gravity stone an run up the wall for circle puzzle…

    1. Anebelwand

      Wo sind die glΓö£Γò¥hwΓö£Γò¥rmchn

    2. Sarah

      IΓÇÖm stuck here too. I got a red fruit from the basement room that you fall into, or access by giving the red/green ball to the wall monster. But I canΓÇÖt figure out how to get that into paint??? I have the charged gravity machine, 2 colored cards, 1 grey card and the jar with bolts and bugs.

      1. Natchij

        Combine the fruit with the card. LoL

        1. Sarah

          Lol! Thanks~ Tried that fruit a thousand different places and never tried the obvious.

  7. alice

    anyone else stuck on platform past portal with fuse tester and rocket seat capsule?

    1. Support Avolteha

      Free the battery in the cockpit / control panel. It is held firmly.

      1. Natchij

        Did that! Put the battery into the control panel downstairs but nothing is happened. All 6 working fuses arround that. Nothing is happening no matter which position the wheel was turned. Same thing like the cockpit too. With and without the battery at both positions.

      2. Natchij

        Did that! Put the battery into the control panel downstairs but nothing is happened. All working fuses arround that. no matter which position the wheel was turned. Same thing like the cockpit too. With and without the battery at both positions.

        1. alice

          me too
          I have emailed this question to the developer
          he’s been answering my questions very patiently
          so hopefully I will be able to answer this for you too

          1. Natchij

            Any results to get the capsule and battery working?

    2. Picopeople Support

      Since the support has already been asked by the Öffteren, here is the solution:

      Go to the red button and open the pulpit.
      The battery is stuck inside the panel. Free it by moving the holder. Take the battery with you.
      Go to the distributor on the left side of the platform.
      Take the 2 items with you.
      Go to the hatch on the floor. Open the hatch with the key. Go down the ladder and open the door from the distributor on the left side. Use the turning wheel to switch the power to the distributor on the right side. Try the positions and check if the power is on at the distributor on the right side. The power indicator (up arrow) and the red light must be on.
      Now you can insert the battery and the lamp tester and test the lamps. On the right side all 6 lamps must be in order to charge the battery. Don’t forget to press the switch at the bottom with the wooden wedge next to it. Then you can charge the battery with the right switch. When the battery is fully charged, take it out and put it back in the hood and close it. Then press the start button.

      1. Picopeople Support

        *Since the support has already been requested several times, here is the solution:

      2. Anna

        Well, that does not work. There must be a bug? I have tried every possible solution at it does not work! I can move the wooden wedge, is that even on purpose?? And what switch?

    3. Bones329

      How did you get the fruit to appear in the jail cell? I got the water from the washer tub and the thing grew to shut the manhole, canΓÇÖt get the pitcher to water anymore.

      1. Bones329

        Put the green card in the slot then fruit appears. Thanks
        This game is a ball buster

  8. Neil

    IΓÇÖm stuck on number 35, ΓÇ£take the plant from the tableΓÇ¥ but thereΓÇÖs no plant on the table
    IΓÇÖve put the cloud in the jar lid and onto the machine, but thereΓÇÖs no plant on that table?

    1. Picopeople Support

      Where the small wooden ladder is. The mushroom in the bowl. As you know, on Avolteha only water can be obtained with the help of mushrooms.

      1. Neil

        Okay thank you, I thought it was, but the problem is the ladders moved and I canΓÇÖt get to the plant anymore, The character just keeps shaking his head when I tap on it

  9. MS

    I’m stuck where the walkthrough ends. I think i should come to the gardener somehow, but i always fall down the hole and i have no idea how to catch the flies. I can’t find anything that helps me to continue…

    1. Mano

      Geht mir genau gleich….

  10. Ruby

    Hello.. so have completed all game play.. find my character standing in a room with an open door.. when I walk though the door same cut scenes, is this the end? Is the game unfinished? What am I missing? Thank you

    1. Sarah

      This is what I got at the end as well. 🤷‍♀️

      1. Ruby

        Just feel like we havenΓÇÖt finshed.. we havenΓÇÖt done what the goal of the game was set out to do?? Really hoping there is more..

        1. Picopeople Support

          This is the end! Apps that are programmed on iOS cannot be ended by code. Apple does not provide for that. That’s why I had to come up with something to end in a loop.

  11. Jay

    Just massively stuck. Appunwrapper HELP!

  12. Picopeople Support

    Please help me with this:

    If you have a crash of Avolteha while playing, it would help me a lot if you let me know. Just write a mail via the homepage / contact with the subject: Bug Rrport.
    Please let me know when the crash happened and where you were in the game.
    Was a control panel (CP) open? Are you touching xy?
    It is also important to know if you are playing with iCloud on or off.
    That would help me a lot to make the game even better.

  13. Karl-Heinz

    I have problems with getting the 3rd firefly in the 2nd house. I have some seconds left but it is not possible for me catching the 3rd firefly. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Karl-Heinz

      I‘ve finished the game 😢

  14. Aggravated

    Pathetic!! Ten years in the making?!? You should have thought of how aggravated your players would be with no hint system! Your recharging the flower gets real old real quick and after 40 tries because my fingers are fat I finally get to the door that needs 3 keycards! REALLY?? I have to find the other one somewhere and REPEAT THE STUPID CHARGING OF THE FLOWER!! You think after all those tries that you would be done…. YOU need to increase the time or at least pass it for the next time…. Too hard to figure out what things are for ….. if you don’t stand in front of it you are screwed! Not happy after paying over 6$….. you need to rethink this one…. I’m too aggravated to continue to play….. good luck all other players!!!

  15. Mano

    Ich finde Avolteha wunderbar, aber ich komme nicht an der Falltür vorbei um in die Gärtnerei zu gelangen.
    Es wäre super, wenn die Lösungsvorschäge ab Hinweis Nr. 60 weitergeführt würden…..
    Herzlichen Dank

    1. Picopeople

      Mano, I will write in English so that everyone can benefit.
      You need to plant something in the bowl and then water it.

  16. Picopeople

    An update v.1.03 is in progress.
    – Small bug fixes
    – Time extension in both time games.
    – Paul’s running speed adjustable in two levels (100% & 125%).
    This version will be pre-released soon.
    Additional speech bubble for help.

    In v.1.04 the multilevel help system will come. But this will take some time. Many drawings have to be done.

  17. Picopeople Support

    Soon available. Version 1.03.

    – Small bug fixes.
    – Both timers of the time games are extended.
    – Paul’s running speed affordable in two levels (100% & 125%).
    – New help bubbles.

    The next version will add the multi-level help. However, the hand-drawn drawings will take some time. So please be patient.

    What makes me happy is that no one here has complained about a game bug. The few that have been found now have no effect on the game. And no, the time games are not a bug. When the game was finished and ready to play, I fixed over 400 bugs in my own testing.

    Mano, I’m glad you like Avolteha. After so much work, it’s not encouraging to keep being confronted with what I don’t like.”

    Then you read the ratings of one star in the AppStore because someone doesn’t like the ending. For real?

    Unfortunately, the many people who were satisfied don’t write reviews – I think that’s a shame.

    If I were to program Avoltha again, I would set a game time of 45 minutes and sell it for $3.
    Then the game would be over in the suburbs.


  18. Picopeople Support

    What makes me happy is that no one here has complained about a game bug. The few that have been found now have no effect on the game. And no, the time games are not a bug. When the game was finished and ready to play, I fixed over 400 bugs in my own testing.

    Mano, I’m glad you like Avolteha. After so much work, it’s not encouraging to keep being confronted with what I don’t like.”

    Then you read the ratings of one star in the AppStore because someone doesn’t like the ending. For real?

    Unfortunately, the many people who were satisfied don’t write reviews – I think that’s a shame.

    If I were to program Avoltha again, I would set a game time of 45 minutes and sell it for $3.
    Then the game would be over in the suburbs.


    1. Steve

      The problem with your game is not bugs, itΓÇÖs incredibly poor design. You donΓÇÖt identify the items in your briefcase. There is no time to complete the mushroom and arrow puzzle before you have to go through an interminable and stupid exercise to recharge your antigrav. The little guy requires multiple touches to complete a simple task. The circuit boards are an example of ΓÇ£ try to guess what IΓÇÖm thinkingΓÇ¥ . The game is beautiful but too frustrating to be fun.
      PS. DonΓÇÖt be so defensive in your replies on appunwrapper. You guys blew it, not your patrons. Try beta testing with people not involved in development.

  19. Mano

    Ich werde auf der App auf jeden Fall eine Bewertung schreiben, mache dies aber in der Regel erst, nachdem ich das Spiel beendet habe 😊.
    Wie gesagt, finde ich das Spiel wundersch╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├│n! Es gibt sie leider viel zu selten – Spiele, die ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£ΓûÆsthetisch, poetisch und kreativ sind. Avolteha geh╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├│rt definitiv dazu!!
    Was mir aber einfach fehlt, ist eine Komplettlösung! Ich bin keine Profispielerin und brauche zwischendurch Hinweise….
    Meist lade ich ein Spiel auch erst runter, wenn ich im Netz zuvor eine Komplettlösung gefunden habe. Avolteha fand ich aber so schön, dass ich eine Ausnahme gemacht habe. Bitte demnächst den Walkthrouth weiterführen…..
    Ich stehe immer noch Im Keller unter der Falltür an . Ich habe ich die Samen gesetzt und aus der Giesskanne kommt auch ein Wassertropf, es wächst aber noch nicht. Muss ich vorher noch irgend etwas erledigen ?

    1. Support Avolteha

      Gehe in den Raum mit der Waschmaschine (Aufzug: 2. Knopf von oben / rechts). Dort, wo die Waschmaschine steht. Dort findest du Wasser zum gießen.

      Go to the room with the washing machine (elevator: 2nd button from the top / right). There where the washing machine is. There you will find water to fill it.

  20. Mel

    I loved this game so much – it was funny entertaining and quirky and just the right amount of hard I got stuck a few times but managed to get some help. Great workΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼. I hope itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s not another 10 years for the sequel!!

    1. Picopeople Support

      Thanks Mel, it’s great to hear that you enjoyed Avolteha. I would be happy to see a review in the AppStore.

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