Hotel Orpheus – Room 1309: Walkthrough Guide

Hotel Orpheus – Room 1309
By: Brian White / Twinpix Interactive

Room 1309 is the first game in the Hotel Orpheus series. It’s a creepy game with logical puzzles, but some things can be easy to miss. So if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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  1. Jacq

    Firstly, I am android. Secondly, WhereTF is the 2nd eyeball (bedroom) and the bloody corkscrew? My hint “use corkscrew” ~ WHAT CORKSCREW?! Γëí╞Æ├▒├║

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The second eyeball is really easy to miss. Go to the closet and slide the necktie to the side. ItΓÇÖs behind it! I think you get the corkscrew after that.

      1. Jacq

        Thank you so much!! I was thinking about it so much I actually put a corkscrew in my shopping basket at Sainsburys before I realised I don’t need one in real life Γëí╞Æ├▒├║Γëí╞Æ├▒├║Γëí╞Æ├┐Γòí╬ô├ç├¼Γëí╞Æ├å┬╜

      2. Sheri

        I can’t find the corkscrew anywhere

        1. Mel

          The corkscrew is in the suitcase once you get it open, move the clothes

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