Adventure Escape Mysteries – Mirror Man: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Mirror Man
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Mirror Man. In this horror game, Julian Torres, an ordinary boy in the sleepy town of Ardenville, stumbles into a living nightmare that will torment him for the rest of his life. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 8. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. It’s now 2026 and Julian is living with Kristen and her granddaughter, Emery. There was an attack that sounded like it could be Mirror Man, so they’re all laying low. Pick up the scissors, two security cards, uninteresting cat ball, and lanyard with key. Also, look at the family portrait. And last, look at the bookshelves.

2. Grab the two security cards and move the globe aside to see a keypad. Also, pick up the red book called How to Escape Murder for Dummies and grab the bookmark from it.

3. Use the lanyard with key to open the cat cupboard. Use the scissors to cut some cat grass and then put it into the uninteresting cat ball to make it her favorite cat toy. Then throw it at Cocoa to get her to come down.

4. Look at the bookmark. There’s six different patterns. Let’s work on each individually. For the first, look at the paining over the fireplace and pay attention only to those colors. You can make out a 3! For the second pattern, look at the family portrait. It’s the same pattern on the 1. The third is the black book on the bookshelf, called Murphy’s Three Laws of Romance. So the third number is 3. The fourth pattern is the 9 from the family portrait. The fifth number uses the painting again and this time it’s a 5. And the sixth and final number is on the blue book called The Eight Trials of Bernardo, so 8. That gives you 313958.

5. Enter 313958 into the keypad on the bookshelf. The bookcase will slide back to reveal a hidden room. Emery goes in there to hide and gives you the last security card/microchip.

6. Now open the panel to the left of the door and place all five security cards down. Then drag the cards to the slots so they match the numbers above them. Each group of cards has to highlight all the numbers in that row.

7. We’re in front of the barn. Pick up the ladder and climb up to reach the cow. It’s locked with a four-number combination. The answer is the barn windows. The would makes the numbers 7087. Enter that to get the key.

8. Use the key and enter the barn.

9. Now we have to set a trap for Mirror Man. Grab the crate, salt lick and grease.

10. Place the crate down below the gear so you can reach it and the Flat Fix. Use the grease to open the left door that’s stuck.

11. Take the apples and another gear. Use the Flat Fix to fix the wheelbarrow’s wheel and then grab the wheelbarrow. Also, open the right door and take a look at the horses.

12. Put the salt lick in the left bowl to attract Pickles and the apples in the right bowl to attract Pistachio and Honeycomb. Tap on each horse to see their names.

13. Go back out. Use the wheelbarrow to move all the hay. Then grab the notebook and another gear.

14. Read the notebook to see numbers next to each horse. Find the numbers for each of the five horses in the stable:

Pickles = 5
Dandelion = 9
Chance = 1
Honeycomb = 3
Pistachio = 7

Enter 59137 into the locked panel to access it.

15. Add the three gears you found and then place all the gears on the correct pegs. Use the clue in the notebook to help you figure out the placement. Now we can lower the mirrors.

16. We still need to unlock the cellar. Kristen runs out the tractor to get the bolt cutters. Notice the E on the side. We’ll come back to that. Look inside the tractor. Open the glove compartment and look at the manual. Also, notice the S, B and U inside the tractor. Then leave.

17. Go back outside and look at the lock on the front of the tractor. There’s an M here that you can only see the bottom half of. Now look in the manual and find the numbers shown on the lock. We now know that:

13 = M
5 = U
7 = S
20 = E

So enter MUSE into the lock to open it. Then take the bolt cutters.

18. Oh no! It’s Mirror Man! Pick up the ladder to help Kristen down. Then head inside the barn and use the bolt cutters to open the cellar door.

19. Now let’s solve the Barn Doors Puzzle. Open all the doors on the red path, while ensuring all other doors are closed. Julian must end up in the Mirror Room after all doors are set. Then tap through to complete the game! (Pick up the bat when the time comes.)

And that’s the end of the game! Congratulations!

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  1. Vik

    I’m currently working on this chapter and found a few more things!

    There is an SD Card in the coffee table.

    The painting on the wall makes the shape of multiple numbers. On the top shelf of books, a book has something sticking out of the top. The “Bookmark” reveals the code for the keypad.

    The first clue refers to colors on the painting. It makes the number 3. The second clue refers to the pattern on the numbers of the picture on the wall. The second number is 1. The next clue refers to the color and accent color of the books on the shelves. The title contains the number 3. The next clue is also referring to a pattern in the picture on the wall, the number 9. The next clue refers to the colors in the painting, being the number 5. Lastly is another book title clue, being the number 8.

    Emery hands us the last SD Card.

    SD Card puzzle (order in rows doesn’t matter):
    24, 03, 43, 88, 00
    38, 31, 23, 11, 02
    44, 08, 22, 41, 10

    I’ve gotten a bit further, but the clues aren’t as difficult to find. Hope this helps!

  2. Ae

    Horses in the barn and their numbers on the notebook for tha lock in the panel

  3. Gamer-girl

    So the last chapter is basically all about setting up a trap for Mirror Man for revenge. But it takes SO LONG to prepare and Kristen almost dies. I get that Julian wants revenge but if he really wanted revenge why not get a big machine gun and full-throttle fire at Mirror Man when he approaches. Or a cannon. Or an army tank. Or all of the above.

    1. AE Mysteries lover

      That isn’t his style…

      1. Keith

        I mean, it would save the lives of himself and his family and 100% end the issue, unlike the legal system ever did. After so long, him not doingthat is honestly kind of stupid. I was yelling at my phone the whle time.

  4. Mystery Escape Fan

    All The Books Reference Other Mystery Escape Games (E.G The 8 Trials Of Bernado Is Reference To Phycic Squad , Murphy’s Three Laws Of Romance Is A Reference To Kate Gray’s Partner Aaron Murphy…Etc) If You Look At Them There Aslo Reference To Sacred Stone, Pirate On , Dark Ruins , Kate Gray’s Etc

  5. D puzzler

    I really liked that they kept us on our toes even though it was beginner. The ring really fooled me because I expected it to tell me I had the right pattern and I thought the shiny under the door was a star, there were still some points were I figured stuff out without instructions but still a Good one Haiku

  6. Caro

    Holy shit! It was wildly scary and the best storyline, I hope there will be more with a horror theme in the future. But I just don’t understand why, Shawn wants to kill the other innocent people? And why does Shawn come back every ten years? And trying to haunt with his trauma? And what the hell is he going to use Julian for? I would like better explanations because I am confused and curious.

    1. AE Mysteries lover

      Shawn was mad because he fell in love with Julian’s sister, but she was dating someone else. So he killed her and the other guy. And for some reason, he was still mad with the whole family, so he killed Julian’s parents. He tried to finish this work by also killing Julian himself.

      1. Tucker Kratt

        I think Julian’s parents and Julian were collateral damage, but clearly Shawn is unhinged and wanted to finish the job (that he created in his mind because he is psychotic and angry) and every time Julian doesn’t die, he gets more angry and obsessed.

        The 10 years was a coincidence before- he gor arrested for something else and thrown in jail for 10 years the first time, the second time he got shot and needed to recover and lay low. etc etc

        While I’m here:
        Thanks for all of the walkthroughs, Appunwrapper!

      2. Nekoneko

        typical mlae killer minds, crazy creatures

      3. Julie

        In the first chapter, it was the babysitter, Beth, that he was in love with. Or THOUGHT he was. So he came in to kill her when she was watching Julian, and killed Greg, the boyfriend, while he was there. He was looking for Julian, thinking he saw what happened, when the parents came home, so he killed them on his way out. That all makes sense to me, as a HUGE horror movie fan. But he must have known that Julian didn’t know who he was for the longest, so I’m not sure WHY he kept going after him. That part is a bit senseless.

      4. Melissa

        Beth was his baby sitter

  7. Haiku fan

    I’m feeling like I need to know more of a backstory here. The game was very well done, especially for beginner level – there was one puzzle I just couldn’t figure out and I’ve already purged it from my mind. I liked that there was a good mix of older style puzzles and newer styles. I’ve stared at the ‘coming soon’ on the adventure escape app for a very long time and Haiku delivered!

  8. Claudia

    Seriously, I think this is awful. The other recent games were so great and now this. I don’t even get why they would make a horror game like this, but in easy mode. Certainly you can’t give that to a child, but for me it was way too easy. Most of the riddles could be easily solved just by trying, for some of them you just had to have a closer look at the scenery and the answer would be rith there. Not really worth the wait, but I’ll keep my hopes high for the next one. And i fully agree, why not kill the murderer right away instead of building an advanced mirror cabinet to eventually kill him anyways haha.

    1. Keith

      There are some ofus out there that appreciate a simple puzzle game now and then and are old enough to enjoy a horror plot.

  9. Mel

    I’m just so happy Julian got a happy ending I felt so bad for him the entire time, I couldn’t handle another only bad endings like in the covenant again

  10. Dorothy

    I thought the story for this one was a bit lacking unlike in other haiku games, especially since it’s supposed to fuel a lifetime of pursuit and murder. It doesn’t make sense that Shawn is trying to find the spare key to his house when he murders Julian’s babysitter, Beth. I think things usually hang together a bit better in these games. Still love them though and haven’t found anything similar as good ≡ƒæì.

  11. Red

    I went through all the Q/A when Shawn gave us the chance to ask him questions (end of chapter 5).
    Shawn’s original target was Beth (Julian’s babysitter), because he wanted her, and she laughed at him. He became Mirror Man to show her how horrible that was.
    Greg (Beth’s boyfriend) was “just a bonus”. Julian became a target because he saw Mirror Man, and therefore “had to die”. Same goes for Julian’s parents, Summer, the police officer, the bailiff, the judge… they were all collateral damage.
    MM was close to Beth’s age, and she was 18 when Julian was 6. MM was almost 70 in Ch 8.

    Age 6 (Ch 1) – Initial encounter. Beth, Greg, parents murdered. Mirror Man disappears… I think because he couldn’t find Julian.
    Age 16 (Ch 2) – Taco Hut. Summer murdered. Shawn disappears to recover after being shot twice (go McCay!) and set on fire.
    Age 26 (Ch 3) – Wormhaven manor. MM is outsmarted, and decides to try to get on with his life, give up trying to kill Julian. Obviously it didn’t last, because…
    Age 36 (Ch 5) – MM lures Julian back to his old house. This is where we get to ask all the questions. Mirror Man/Shawn is caught by police. In Ch 6, he almost stood trial.
    Age 46 (Ch 7) – Julian/Steve has a new identity, and tries the dating scene again. Despite Julian’s very reasonable fears, MM doesn’t appear again until Ch 8.
    Age 56 (Ch 8) – The final showdown. You all know how it ends.

  12. Holly

    I’m so confused, how do you move Julian through the doors in the very end? I’m tapping, I’m dragging, nothing is happening.

    1. Julie

      When you want to move him, you basically tap the DOOR you want him to move through. Then he goes through and it closes or opens, as is appropriate.

  13. Julie

    Thanks so much, appunwrapper. The walkthrough was very useful so that I didn’t get TOO frustrated, and decide the heck with it. Well done!!!

  14. Diane

    I can’t seem to get the gears to work no matter what I do. I’m doing it exactly as above but the 2nd cog just won’t behave.

  15. Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    The numbers on the barn door read as “7787” not what is actually intended to allow a player to pass the task, “7087”.

    1. Jules is cute

      It is a Zero with a slash, as on the lock.

  16. Steve

    I couldn’t get Julian to move in the last mirror maze. And in the first mirror maze, I kept running out of directions to turn. In both cases, I had to burn the points to end the puzzle.

  17. DmonHiro

    Fun game…. but makes no sense. After the 3rd time someone gets killed… GET A FREAKING GUN!!! Or a knife, or SOMETHING.

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