Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Legend of the Time Stones. It’s a sequel to Legend of the Sacred Stones. You play as Aila, who needs to travel through the past, present and future to stop an evil Sorcerer. You’ll explore elaborate new temples and battle gods from faraway lands as Aila discovers the hidden truth behind the Sorcerer’s motivation. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 4. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re back on the Island of Time. Use the green present time stone on the star shrine and take the stone carving. Then look at it.

2. Tap on the top of the temple to zoom in on another star engraving. Use the pink time stone on it to reveal a puzzle. Also, use the green stone to reveal a hidden compartment. Then take the net.

3. Let’s solve the puzzle we revealed. Unscramble the image by sliding the rows and columns of tiles. It should match the image from the stone carving.

4. Use the green time stone on the tower to get back to the present. You can now switch between past and present using the two stones.

5. Pick the seedling. Also, look at the locked chest above the right staircase. There’s a clue on it that’s referring to the staircases but the pattern of the stairs here is worn out.

6. Use the pink time stone on the tower to go back to the past. Plant the seedling in the hole and also take a good look at the pattern on the stairs. Count how many times you see the two different patterns shown on the locked chest. You end up with 16 and 13.

7. Use the green stone to go back to the present. Notice the plant is dead because of the sun. Then enter 1613 into the locked chest to open it. Take the dragon bugle from inside and read the instructions on making a Potion of Growth.

8. Now let’s try and make a Potion of Growth. First, use the net twice on the water on the left (western shore) to catch two fish.

9. Now, try to use the dragon bugle on the water to the right (eastern sea) to call the dragon. None will come because dragons are extinct. So go back to the past and do it there. Then feed her a fish and grab the scale she leaves behind. Also, use the net to get a seashell from the water on the left.

10. Now we have all the ingredients we need. Go back to the present and add the seashell, fish and dragon scale to the potion bottle. Once you have the grow potion, a beam of light will emit from the Temple of War.

11. Go back to the past and use the grow potion on the seedling. Then go back to the present and it will have grown into a giant beanstalk! Take it up to the Island in the Sky.

12. Move one of the pillar pieces aside to find a triangle key. Pick it up. The telescope is broken, so we have to fix it. While here, look at the clue on the windmill. Then head along the path to the next area.

13. Grab the spear and the animal horn. Also, notice the wall with part of it missing. The missing piece is on the ground.

14. Use the pink time stone on the star engraving and then pick up the stone disc. Also, notice the puzzle that we’ll come back to.

15. Place the stone disc with the other two. Notice the border on each disc changes as the symbol changes. Use that with the borders from the temple wall to figure out which symbols to enter on the pedestal in the past.

16. Go back to the past and change all the symbols based on what we got. Then take the other animal horn.

17. Close the rift and take the emblem half.

18. Go back to the other scene and use the spear to get the square key out of the tree. Also, place both animals horns on the ram head on the tree. Then take the other emblem half from the fountain.

19. Go back to the other scene and place the two emblem halves on the wall. Take the telescope and butterfly pendant and notice the chest with three keyholes. We have tow keys but need one more.

20. Go back to the other scene and place the butterfly pendant in the socket to reveal another puzzle. Also, switch out the old telescope for the new one and look through it. You should be able to find six islands. Notice that each one is an arrow. So follow the arrows until you have the order of the six islands. We’re going to use them to figure out the new puzzle we just uncovered. Since the first symbol is given to us and we can see on the windmill clue that it’s a palm tree, we’ll start on the island with the palm trees. Then follow the arrows and match the different trees and plants to the symbols. Then take the cogwheel.

21. Place the cogwheel in the slot and turn it to reveal a star engraving. Use the pink time stone on it to open a rift to the past and talk to Luna. She said the Sorcerer is Ollie from the future, coming back to seek revenge! After she leaves, grab the circle key.

22. Now we have all three keys. Use them to unlock the chest. Take the shield from inside.

23. Use the star engraving on the right to open a rift to the past and give the shield to the right statue. The floor panel opens up. Close the rift and then take the stone key from the present.

24. Open the rift again and place the stone key in the past. Then close the rift and take the stone key from the present. Open the rift again and now you should be able to take a second stone key from the past.

25. Close the rift and place both stone keys in the slots in the present. Then use both the pink time stone and green time stone on the star engraving in the middle to reveal a new puzzle.

26. Let’s solve the Dragging Dragons puzzle. You need to drag all the dragons around the board so they cover all the blue water tiles.

27. Now let’s solve the More Dragons puzzle that’s revealed. Then enter the temple.

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Jopie

    Hi, just dropping by to say that thanks to your guides,
    I’ve managed to many games without spending any stars.

    This time, the level is ‘beginner’, and it is pretty easy,
    I can finish the book by myself although I spent some stars because I misunderstood some clues.
    The last board-figurine puzzle in the last chapter annoyed me the most.
    Good luck with the guide,
    Thanks again for your hardwork!

  2. Kay

    The first panel is on the ground behind the statue. You can see a close up of it to see the borders

  3. Destini

    I’m already on chapter 6 if you need tips

    1. Tee

      Can you tell me where to find the net? I just can’t figure it out.

  4. Destini

    The 5th chapter will have you stumped but I figured it out

  5. Rishi

    I kinda forgot to take the triangle key from wherever it is…how I go back down???

    1. Destini

      Yeah the next couple levels get tricky. But some helpful advice Pay attention to the floors && going between the past and present.

  6. Rishi

    Hi again nvm…found the key… enjoying so far…its a bit tricky… but when I get too frustrated from racking my head I turn to the guides…its been a lifesaver more like starsaver anyways off to complete chapter 4 😅

  7. Nekoneko

    who did try to replicate snake stones more than two like me?😂😂

  8. Zombie

    This walkthrough for this chapter was ZERO percent helpful the part with the pillar puzzle made ZERO sense “notice how the symbols change from going from the past to the future” news flash that didn’t work for me so I’m literally stuck at the beginning of the chapter bc of this non helpful walkthrough

  9. Frustrated

    There are 30 steps, 15 on each side of the tower. 16 + 13 = 29 😫

    1. Jane

      The very bottom step on the left side has a different design on it. A different angle on it. So only 29 match.

    2. Tee

      Can you tell me where to find the net? I just can’t figure it out.

  10. SimianRumble

    Hi, thanks for all your help, I now have this site bookmarked lol. Not sure if your aware but it looks like you’ve posted the same solution twice for the dragon puzzle at the end of the chapter.

  11. Cass

    Where did you find the net? The net is not mentioned until you use it.

    1. Chad

      Go to the past before you go to the sky island then see the diamond on the top of the temple click it touch the star then click the present stone

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