Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones: Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Legend of the Time Stones. It’s a sequel to Legend of the Sacred Stones. You play as Aila, who needs to travel through the past, present and future to stop an evil Sorcerer. You’ll explore elaborate new temples and battle gods from faraway lands as Aila discovers the hidden truth behind the Sorcerer’s motivation. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 5. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re back at the Island of Time and Luna opens a rift to ask you to meet her in the past. So use the pink time stone on the tower to go back to the past. She then tells you to travel to the future. First, use the orange time stone on the star engraving at the top of the temple and get the pickaxe.

2. Now, use the orange time stone on the tower to go to the future.

3. Use the pickaxe to get the green star shard off the God of Time’s leg. Then climb up the stairs and look at the God of Time’s head. Use the pickaxe to get the star shard. Pick up the sundial and look at the note. Also look at the sundial in your bag.

4. Use the pink time stone to go back to the past and look at the sundial again. Then do the same for the present.

5. Now we have three different times. Go back to the future and enter those three times to unlock the chest and get the golden saw. So it goes:

Past = 6:15
Present = 1:30
Future = 7:45

6. Go back to the present and use the saw to cut down the beanstalk. Then go back to the future and climb the beanstalk and use the pickaxe to get the third star shard.

7. Now we have all three star shards. Place them on the puzzle on the gate and let’s solve the puzzle.

8. Go through the open gate to the ocean floor. You’ll meet Zuriel. After he leaves, use the green time stone on the Star engraving to open a rift to the present. Take the brush.

9. Use the brush to reveal another star engraving. Then open a rift to the past and take the fish net.

10. Use the fish net to get the fish eggs from the pool.

11. Use the right star engraving to open a rift to the past and place the fish eggs in there. Then open a rift to the present. The eggs are now fish! Catch them with the net.

12. Now open a rift to the past using the left star engraving. There’s a live dragon sleeping! Use the fish to wake her up and then take the pearl from inside the clam. Then head to Zuriel’s temple.

13. There’s a dead guy here. Grab the torn note from his hand and also read the note. Take the wrench from near his head. Then use the pink time stone on the star engraving and take the pearl from the clam.

14. Use the wrench to remove the big Z and then insert it in the matching Z slot. Take the metal key.

15. Go back to the other scene and look at the tablet. Use the torn note with the tablet to unlock the chest on the ship. Some of the symbols and numbers on the torn note are rubbed off, but you can figure out what they are by process of elimination. First, look at the dragon icon on the chest and then find that same one on the tablet. Then find those symbols on the torn note and translate them into numbers. You get:


Enter that on the chest to unlock it and take the sword from inside.

16. Go back to the temple and use the sword to cut the seaweed and get a baby clam. Also, open a rift to the present and cut the seaweed there. Open the clam and take the pearl.

17. Go back to the other scene and open a rift to the past on the right. Place the baby clam down. Then open a rift to the present and the clam should be fully grown. Open it and take the pearl.

18. We should now have all four pearls. Go back to the temple and place them in the slots on the right. Now we have access to a new puzzle.

19. Now let’s solve the Connect the Dots puzzle. We need to draw the missing pattern. Basically, look at what happens between the top left and bottom left and also between the top right and bottom right. Do the same thing to the top middle. It should look like this:

20. Now we have another to work on. Again, follow the pattern. Then take the metal key.

21. Place both metal keys in the slots in the big circle. Then use the future time stone on the star emblem. Now we have another puzzle to solve!

22. Let’s solve the Electric Maze puzzle. You can watch my video if you need help with it.

23. Now let’s solve the second Electric Maze puzzle.

24. Head inside the temple and complete the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 6! Click here to continue to Chapter 7 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. andi

    It seems like there is something wrong with the puzzle at the end of chapter 7. The symbols needed never appear, no matter how many times you battle the god. Am I crazy? 😀

    1. Ping

      You have to activate both the left side and right side at the same time, in order to find enough of the symbols to battle the giant.

  2. Annmarie

    When will chapter 7 be out . The legand of the time stones as I have reached to that level and need to see how to carry on with your help

    1. Katrina

      For the light up puzzle with the missing pattern what was the pattern?

      1. Katrina

        Ignore my last comment please, Ive finished that chapter

        1. Annmarie

          You have called confused me say that

          1. Jessie

            How did you get past the orange, green and purple light puzzle? I can connect all the colours apart from the orange light. It seems impossible!

            1. Cindy

              For the orange section, the only stars left that haven’t been illuminated is the one on the bottom line and on the top (where the segment is missing when you use the future stone). So the last 2 is bottom slot then top slot.

              The orange stars never lit up for me (maybe a bug), it was just process of elimination.

        2. Annmarie

          You have confused me saying that

    2. Sarah

      Where are you stuck…? Perhaps I can help…?

  3. Katie O

    Is there a bug with the “find the missing pattern” puzzle? The third missing pattern matches yours exactly but doesn’t do anything.

    1. Ayjay

      Yes, there is. I had done it correctly but nothing happened so came here to check. In the end I pressed the reset button and did it again and this time it worked.

  4. Keli

    That sundial is confusing. I know the answers are here but I’d like to know how they determined it. It’s interesting.

    1. AAAnimeLover

      You have to go into the past present and future and the shadow will change

  5. DJW13

    Look at the sundial in all three time zones.

  6. Dave

    Great site. Thank you very much for all the walkthroughs and tips.
    Without you i would often be literary clueles 😄

  7. Twila

    The connect the dots puzzle doesn’t seem to work I just can’t get it I have no idea what I’m doing wrong can someone please help?

  8. Michelle

    I cannot get the puzzle to open up. I have the 2 orbs and 3 machine components. Where do I place the components? I thought it was in the center. Is that incorrect?

  9. Shell

    I’m stuck at the end of chapter 6, completed the puzzle, door opened, unable to click to walk through. Checked ive done everything according to walkthrough, reloaded game same problem…please help! Love this game and want to continue. Thanks

  10. Karen Trim

    I’m stuck at the end of chapter 6 as well. Door is open but can’t go through. I’ve reloaded as well. It gave me stars and chapter ended, but I never was able to go through the door to finish and can’t get to chapter 7. Please help…

    1. Jodi

      Are you still stuck at the end and can’t go through the temple doors? I cannot either.

    2. Di

      Same problem here!

  11. Heather

    I’ve completed chapter 6, the temple door opened, but I cannot walk thru to receive my final star and move on to chapter 7. Any ideas?

    1. Shell

      Hi Heather, yes I had the same issue. Email the developers (details on play store) and they can reset your ID so you can get past. Hope that helps.

      1. Victoria

        What’s the email? I cannot enter the temple also

  12. Arya

    Actually you have to “connect the dots’. Then only it will work. U might have probably just pushed the diamonds and lightem up in the order. I did the same thing 🤣

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