Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones: Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Legend of the Time Stones
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, called Legend of the Time Stones. It’s a sequel to Legend of the Sacred Stones. You play as Aila, who needs to travel through the past, present and future to stop an evil Sorcerer. You’ll explore elaborate new temples and battle gods from faraway lands as Aila discovers the hidden truth behind the Sorcerer’s motivation. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 7. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 7:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7!94 continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re in the Palace of Steel. Use all three time stones on the star engraving to light up the lightbulbs and open the door. Then look at the top of the desk.

2. Take the pencil and paper and read through the journal. Take the desk key from the back of it. Also, notice all the buttons on that device. We’ll come back to it.

3. Use the desk key to open the desk drawer and get the valve wheel.

4. Use the valve to shut off the steam and allow access to a door. There are four more valves here. Now we need the clues from the weird device. Press the buttons to open the drawers and make note of the lights. Turn the four valves to match the orientation of the light patterns to unlock the door. Then go through.

5. Look at the squares on the floor. The blue tile represents the current room, the Maze Room. You can slide the tiles around and connect the doors in order to open actual doors in the temple. Start off by moving the sun tile up. Then go through the right door to the sun room. Look at the map on the wall and use the pencil and paper to draw a sketch of it.

6. Leave the sun room. Look at the tiles again and arrange them to match the map. You can use my video if you need help.

7. Go right twice and pull the lever to send the golden orb into the slot at the main entrance.

8. Go back to the Maze Room. Move the tiles so that the triangle room is to the right of the Maze Room. Then go through the open door. Use the green time stone on the star emblem and take the robot arm. Then leave the room.

9. Go back to the Maze Room and put the robot arm on the robot to get the orange key.

10. Rearrange the tiles so you can get to the Diamond room. Use the orange key to unlock the chest and get a robot leg. Also, use the orange time stone on the star emblem and get the silver key.

11. Go back to the Maze Room and move the tiles so that the square room is to the left of you and the circle room is below that. Then go through the left door and then down. Place the robot leg on the robot and take the green key.

12. Go back to the Maze Room and move the triangle tile to the right of the Maze Room. Then go through the right door and use the green key to open the chest. Take the robot head.

13. Go back to the Maze Room and move the tiles so that the Diamond room is to the right of the Maze Room. Then go through the right door and place the head on the robot to get the pink key.

14. Go back to the Maze Room. Arrange the tiles so that the star room is to the left of the Maze Room and the square room is above the star room. The main entrance then needs to be to the right of the square room. Then go through the left door. Use the pink time stone to activate the star emblem and get a machine component. Use the pink key to unlock the pink chest and take the bolt emblem. Then go through the top door to the square room.

15. Insert the bolt emblem in the slot on the wall and then pull the lever to send the golden orb to the main entrance. Go through the right door to follow it.

16. You’re in the main entrance again. Use the silver key to unlock the silver chest and get another machine component. Also, the two golden orbs revealed a puzzle.

17. We’re still missing one machine component for the puzzle. It must be in the chest in the Maze Room. So let’s go back and figure out how to open it. The solution is to change the line for each shape to the direction of the wall with that shape on it in each room. So either go back through all the rooms to look at them or use my screenshots. Then get the third machine component.

18. Go back to the main entrance and place all three machine components into the puzzle. Now let’s solve it. It’s a laser reflecting puzzle. Just rotate the components and mirrors to get the lasers to hit the corresponding gems.

19. Go through the door to meet Zuriel and his man-made god. Now let’s fight Fero, the God of Steel! This is similar to the other battles. You need to use all three time stones on his chest. Then use the right and left star engravings with the colors that match the bulbs. Find the symbols that match his chest and shoulders. This one’s trickier than the others and has a faster timer. After you beat him, watch the cutscene and complete the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 7! Click here to continue to Chapter 8 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Kelly

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done! It’s helped me on many a game. I can’t believe how quickly you are working on this walkthrough! I really appreciate it. Thanks

  2. MrJodyUK

    Can’t wait for the next one

  3. lLadida

    The bug doesn’t appear if you do that puzzle (the one with the charcoal & paper clue) last after going through all of the rooms. I’m stuck on the laser puzzle though

  4. Tracy

    Any help with the stars in chapter 8

    1. Jess

      Me too please it seems it should be straightforward but can’t get it 🙈

    2. Jess

      Star puzzle chapter 8: you have to use the colour clue green pink orange. So the green first look at w ceiling in first room is 4,3,2. Place first three pegs at 4,3,2. Then change ceiling to the past for pink. Hope this helps and makes sense I was stuck for a while

  5. Halley

    These walkthroughs are really well done and easy to follow. Greatly appreciated.
    Although currently I’m farther than you in the game and stuck 😂

    1. Mel

      Same!!! I made it chaper 8 and am stuck!

    2. Escape addict

      I’m stuck at the same star puzzle. I thought following the color clue at the bottom to input the 3 highlighted stars from the present. Then 3 stars from the past. Then finally the 2 highlighted stars from the future.
      But that isn’t working. Sigh.

      1. Michelle

        I can’t get the Lazer puzzle to show up. I have all 3 machine parts. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Abuice

    Maze chest is solved by location of shapes on walls in each room. Open for third machine piece

  7. Mel

    hey, do you also get problems on laser beam? I cant find solution on the orange beam. i think its an error from the game.

    1. Escape addict

      Just know that each path twists a bit. If you work out the orange the others fall in line

      1. Mel

        you were right!👍👍 thanks for telling me.. now I already finished the game

  8. Rose

    I’m stuck on chapter 8, the game to get you through some door or whatever you want to call it.
    Eagerly awaiting your next update!

  9. Sha

    Anyone got problem with the last fight in chapter 7? I can’t see my symbols, i waited for a long time then i lost, i asked my sister to play maybe i can’t find the symbol, but same the symbols doesn’t match the one shown on it’s chest

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It took me a few tries because sometimes the symbols do seem to take too long to show — but also because it’s hard to watch both sides at once. I’m not sure if I just missed them or they weren’t showing.

    2. Angela

      I’m also having the same issues with the steel god and matching the symbols. I can match two of them easier, but the third one is no where to be found at all. I have tried a few times and still no luck. Will try again later.

  10. CatReader

    FYI, At the end of Chapter 7, I have run into a bug on Android version 21.01 on my Samsung Tab S 6, running Android 12. When I reach the third round of battling the robot, the symbol that appears in the center of the robot’s chest is NOT included in the left and right scrolling lists. I was defeated several times before I focused on that symbol alone and verified it just isn’t there. I sent an email to the developer on November 5, 2022. I could skip the puzzle, but I don’t want to give up my hard-earned stars. I did try exit and restart the app; same problem. I have not tried restarting the whole level/chapter, because I suck at slider puzzles like the one to build the room map, and I hate them.

    1. Jennifer

      Same thing symbols are not showing for me most the time only 1 or 2 scrolling by so I’m positive im not missing them.

  11. Angela

    I’m also having the same issues with the steel god and matching the symbols. I can match two of them easier, but the third one is no where to be found at all. I have tried a few times and still no luck. Will try again later.

    1. Catherine

      The same thing is happening with me. I’m only able to find two of the three symbols

    2. Nicky

      Having exact same issue Nov 8th 2022. Only started happening after 3 fails to beat boss.

  12. Kitt

    This could just be a coincidence, but:

    I was also having trouble with only 2/3 symbols showing up after the first time around, and after a few more restarts it occurred to me that I had also noticed only 2/3 colors pulsed out when I did the initial locket part (before you match to the lights on the walls) those same times—I thought the first time it happened that I had just missed one, so I paid closer attention and sure enough—but the last time I started over, in this case closing the app altogether, and the scene began again, all three colors pulsed from the locket and then all three symbols showed up.

  13. Gamurz

    Can someone help, the lever in the sun room never opened up after I solved the puzzle. I’ve been finding all the other objects but the orbit in the star room won’t work because it’s not connected to the one in the sun room

  14. CatReader

    Regarding the bug with some symbols not showing up in the scrolling lists at the edge during the figght scene that ends Chapter 7, my recommendation is to exit and restart, maybe more than once, skip the puzzle, or await update from the developer (who confirms the bug exists, is working on fixing it, and recommends restarting the app but doesn’t claim that will fix it. My first restart didn’t fix it, but after a few restarts, I got through it. The person posting as Kitt made a good observation, and at first I thought he/she found a perfect hint that the bug would occur if less than all 3 colors flash from the locket when you begin the round , but I eventually suceeded even though only 2 colors flashed from the locket.

  15. Pam

    I’m stuck in chapter 7 I can’t get the second orb to drop in the main email

  16. Isabelle

    Perso le problème que j’ai à l’air différent…
    J’ai les 3 faisceaux mais le puzzle où je suis censée les utiliser n’est pas actif !!

    Donc je ne rien faire…
    Si quelqu’un peut m’aider j’en serai ravie…

  17. Sue

    Really love this game shame about the fight with the steel god. I’m just stuck waiting for the missing symbol.
    Restart, play restart play restart play………hope the fix come soon.

  18. Cindy

    The last fight with Fero still has a bug when using my Android! I can get 2 symbols but I will get blasted 3x without seeing the third one. Restarting does not help. I am not paying to skip this if it’s not my fault. C’mon folks! Get this fixed. Please!!!

    1. tina

      I’m exactly the same. Can’t get passed as the symbols don’t appear.

  19. CatReader

    Haiku released an update, version 21.02, on Google Play on November 21, 2022, stating it to fixed the bug in the battle in Chapter 7 (not all symbols appearing). I installed the update, but I haven’t tried it. I don’t know status on IOS.

  20. lhena

    I lost my fishing gear 😂. It was swallowed by the water instead of finding stuff. Anyways I try restarting the chapter

  21. Helen

    Thank you for all of these walkthroughs! I would never get through these without you! This one, I think has some of the most ridiculous running around back and forth than any of the ones I have done so far. Jeez Louise!

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