Adventure Escape Mysteries – On Thin Ice: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – On Thin Ice
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, another Kate Gray mystery. Kate is back from her ordeal in Echo Bay, and just as she and Murphy head out on their first sushi date, disaster strikes; a trusted co-worker betrays the police station; a ransomware gang turns to murder; and a blizzard locks down the city. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 4 of On Thin Ice. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 4:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Sticks’ hideout is on the other side of the tarp. Pull out the spikes to get past it.

2. Brush away all the snow to find six signs and a pile of rubble. Read the signs and take the vodka from the pile of rubble.

3. Use the vodka to open the metal box and reveal the gate lock. Notice the bullet hole on it.

4. To unlock the gate, look at the signs with bullet holes on them. Then find the numbers on them.

1 hole = 99
2 hole = 12
3 hole = 24

So enter 991224 as the code to unlock the gate.

5. Head through the gate. Let’s solve the Drones puzzle. We need to guide Kate and Murphy to collect all five markers without being seen by any of the drones.

6. Kate uses the markers to blow up an ice wall, revealing a secret hideout. Head inside.

7. Murphy gets himself into a bit of trouble and we have to save him. First, move the curtain and grab the hammer. Also, grab the two beams near the door. Use the hammer to grab two planks. Then head outside.

8. Pick up the fallen sign. Then use the hammer to pull the other two signs off. Notice the clue that was under one of the signs.

9. Head back inside. Place the two beams and five planks down. Then place the spikes down as nails and use the hammer to hammer them down. Now you can cross cross to save Murphy! He’ll also give you a gold ring he found and show you the carving on the mantelpiece that needs three more rings to work.

10. Grab the ring from inside the fireplace and also the skylight rod from on top of the mantelpiece.

11. Use the skylight rod to grab another ring. Then tap on the mantelpiece.

12. Place the three rings on the mantelpiece. Then rotate the rings to match the etched letters we saw outside. Notice the numbers 7427 are framed by the V.

13. Head down the fireplace to their secret hideout!

14. We need to distract everyone. First, press the red button. Then, distract Sticks by using the skylight rod to open her duffel bag of cash. And last, grab the chisel. Then enter 7427 into the generator.

15. Head back up the ladder and use the chisel and hammer to open the round object that looks like a globe. Take the syrup and broken bottle from inside.

16. Go back down the ladder and pour the syrup into the generator to distract Colt. Then take the fight manual and taser from his backpack. Then look at the fight manual.

17. Use the Taser on Colt and then take the handcuff key off his body.

18. Use the handcuff key to free Caspia, Dan’s daughter.

19. Sticks has Caspia and she’s threatening to kill her. When you’re ready to fight her, step onto the bridge.

20. The fight will take three rounds. Each round, you can choose three moves. Use the right manual to choose your moves. This is what the three rounds should look like in order to win. Then just watch the ending!

Congratulations! You solved the case!

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  1. Jayzing

    991224 code

  2. Heather

    Came here for the fight scene cuz I was being lazy, but I figured it out finally! Usually I wait for you to do all the work, Lol! You’re my go to for most puzzle walk throughs, but I was being impatient this time! Keep up the good work!

  3. Heather

    Also, this is the sequence that I used to beat the fight scene. Hopefully it’s understandable in text!
    First Round:
    (No move needed)

    Second Round:
    (No move needed)

    Third Round:
    (No move needed)
    (No move needed)

    1. Angela

      I’m not sure I understand your sequence. If I don’t make a move in the first round (after dodge and block), I lose. And I can’t figure out how to beat this fight scene. Sticks gets 3 stab moves, but we only get to dodge or stab once each (twice total). So in the 3rd round, I always lose. So frustrating. Lol.

      1. Sophia

        I did what Heather did but for the first round, I did Dodge, Elbow, Block.

      2. Heather

        Oops! I did forget one of the moves in the first sequence! I actually did dodge, block, elbow! My bad! I was looking at the paper I took my notes on and it confused me. Lol!

        1. Angela

          Oh ok! I did it just like you guys said, and FINALLY got it. Thank you! If it wasn’t for your guys help, I probably would have never got it, lol.

    2. Ronee

      I followed these steps, but they didn’t work!

      1. Ronee

        I followed these steps, but they didn’t work! Oh wait, I followed Heather’s 2nd instructions, then it worked!

  4. QJ

    Hi guys, how did you distract Colt? n what’s the password for the yellow machine?

    1. H

      Its the code on the vxkw gold ring task back upstairs

  5. Ean

    How did you get to the combo for the generator?

    1. Helper

      Combo for gen from rings at top of ladder

  6. Christina

    There’s no images for the third step of the fight. Please help.

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