Rocco’s Island: Ring to End the Pain – Walkthrough Guide

Rocco’s Island: Pocket Edition
By: Cogoo Inc.

Rocco’s Island: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of Rocco’s Island: Ring to End the Pain. Most of the puzzles are match-3 or Threes, which is reliant on RNG, so I can’t really help you there. But I can help you with riddles and other puzzles that aren’t RNG-based. So if you get stuck, this walkthrough should help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Part 1:


Q: I follow you everywhere. I begin as a friend that makes you stronger and smarter. But inevitably, you plead for less of me, as I sap the life out of you towards the end. Who am I?
A: Age

Q: Is l universally loathed and most mortals surrender in my presence. While I am one most wish to avoid, some consider me the greatest teacher of all. Who am I?
A: Pain

Q: I make one’s blood thin, complexion pale, and breath shallow. The only thing I promise is that you’ll never be bored in my presence! Who am I?
A: Fear

Q: What was my profession before I became a good-for-nothing streetside riddler?
A: Advisor

Shadow Puzzle:

Part 2:


Q: my minions are everywhere. I am neither animal nor plant but occasionally both. My nature is to both nourish and poison. Who am I?
A: Mushrooms

Q: Too much of me could have you end up lonely, mad, and even dead, but just enough of me would be your best companion through the darkest of days.
A: Trust

Q: Three images together: Dig + knit + Y
A: Dignity

Q: I am the greatest spice in tales of caution, for the closer I am the greater you fall. The wise see me coming from afar, while the naive never notice until the last minute.
A: Betrayal

Q: When you see me, I’m someone else. When you see someone else, you see me. All of this is by my design. Sometimes I’m so good, I even fool myself. Who am I?
A: Deception

Shadow Puzzles:

Part 3, The End:


Q: I lie all the time. What am I?
A: Paradox

Q: I am feared by all, but I am neither evil nor death. I can be either a blessing or a curse. All living beings succumb to my influence, so don’t be surprised to see me at your door. Who am I?
A: Oblivion

Q: I am blue and I am purple. I swirl and swirl until there is no more left of me. Though my persuasion is mighty and tasty, longevity is my weakness. What am I?
A: Blueberry milkshake

Shadow Puzzles:

More coming soon!

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