Adventure Escape Mysteries – Clue/Cluedo: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Clue: The Murder of Mr. Black
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time a special event only available for 30 days. It’s based on the game Clue and features all the different characters from there. Mr. Black has been murdered and we have to figure out who did it, with what weapon, and where. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 3 of Clue: The Murder of Mr. Black. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3:

You can watch my video for Chapter 3 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re back in the main hall. Everyone is gathered and a bruise has appeared on Mr. Black’s forehead. Take a look and find the bruise to add more information to your journal.

2. Talk to all six suspects. Then make sure Colonel Mustard lets you see the fuse box. A fuse is missing again! Talk to Professor Plum and he’ll show you where it is, but you can’t reach it. Talk to Miss Scarlet again and she’ll move aside. Grab a branch from the vase. Then use it to reach the fuse.

3. Replace the fuse and let’s solve another Fuse Puzzle.

4. Use the map to head to the next room.

5. Grab the light bulb from the basket and then replace the missing bulb. Notice the lines under each bulb, going from 1 to 4. Light them in that order, 1234. Then take the Ballroom key.

6. Use the key to unlock the door and head through to the Ballroom.

7. Open the piano and grab the floor tile. Open the drawer to find another floor tile. There’s yet another behind the curtain. Also, grab the matches from the floor.

8. Use the the matches to light all three candles on the candelabra and get a key.

9. Use the key to unlock the drawer under the candelabra and get the gloves. There’s some broken glass with another floor tile behind it. Use the gloves to get it. Also, check your updated notebook.

10. Place all four tiles on the floor and then take the dance book from the piano chair.

11. Open the dance book and take the piano key. Also look through the book to see the dance moves.

12. Use the piano key to unlock the piano.

13. Now we have to play a tune on the piano based on the dance book and the floor tiles. Notice the piano has the same symbols you see on the dance floor. Start with the first page of the book and the footprint in the blue sun. Find that same symbol on the dance floor. Then follow the arrow — up 3 — to the next symbol and then right 4 to the purple footprint and play that symbol on the piano. Continue doing this. I’ve mapped it out for you. You need to play four notes in the end, the purple ones. Here’s the first page. The pink numbers are the symbols you play.

14. And here’s the second page.

15. This is the order you play the four notes on the piano.

16. Grab the Kitchen keys from behind the painting. Then use the map to head to the Kitchen.

17. Grab the butter knife. Use the Kitchen key to unlock the drawer below the flowers, then take the duct tape. Also, pull down the painting to reveal a panel that’s screwed on.

18. Use the duct tape to fix the loose wires and use the butter knife to remove the screws. Then pull the lever to release the hatches on the door. And last, use the Kitchen key to unlock the door and head through.

19. We’re now in the Kitchen. Open the fridge to get a mug. Open the bottom cabinet and pull out a locked toolbox. Open the top cabinet to get some pills that will get added to your notebook as a clue. Also take the drawer handle. Notice the pie recipe guide and the painting above the fireplace.

20. Place the drawer handle on the drawer. Open the drawer and take the key card. Also, look at the drawing that shows a hidden panel near the fridge.

21. Push the fridge to the left and then use the key card in the scanner to reveal a hidden passage. Climb down the ladder.

22. Now we’re in some catacombs. Let’s solve the Secret Passage Puzzle. Use the arrows, levers, and keys to navigate through the creepy catacombs. Make sure to pick up a new candle before your current one runs out.

23. Now use the map to get to Mr. Black’s Study. It’s the final room!

24. Pick up the phone to add another clue to your notebook. Find the step ladder in a cabinet and the frozen pyramid in the ice bucket. Also, remove the painting to reveal a puzzle and notice the stairs that lead back to the kitchen. There are also some items on the bookshelves in the back but we’ll get to that later. Last, tap on the desk and then take the keys.

25. Use the keys to unlock the glass cabinets and take the model car. Then place both the car and mug with the others on the shelf. Then take the stairs back to the Kitchen.

26. Use the keys to unlock the toolbox and get a pyramid. Use the step ladder to reach the loose ceiling tile and grab the bloody wrench to add to your notebook. There’s also another pyramid in there. And last, place the frozen pyramid in the pot on the stove and turn on the stove to melt the ice. Then take it back. Now we have three pyramids!

27. Go back to the Study and place the three pyramids in the slots on the wall. Then take the chalice and look at the blueprints that show a secret passage that connects through the fireplace. Also, take the brass horse.

28. Go back to the Kitchen. Place the chalice above the fireplace to reveal a hidden puzzle.

29. Take another look at the pie recipe guide. Notice the drawings of the mug, car and clock in the book. It’s telling you to look at the mugs, cars and clocks. So go do that. Let’s focus on the mugs first. Pay attention to the directions of the handles, starting from the top and making your way down. You end up with Left, Right, Left, Right. So then, go to the measuring cups chart and start at 1 at the top. Then go left, right, left, right, noting down the numbers you encounter. You end up with 18261. Look at the recipe book again and find that number. It’s Strawberry! So the first button to press in the fireplace is the Strawberry.

30. Now let’s work on the next button. Look at the cars and see which way they’re pointing. We get Right, Right, Left, Left. Do the same thing as before with the measuring chart and we get 14822, which is the Banana. So the second button is Banana.

31. And last, let’s work on the clocks. They go Left, Left, Left, Right. So map it out again on the measuring chart and you get 18653, which is Chicken. So the third button is the Chicken.

32. Go to the fireplace and press the three buttons in order: Strawberry, Banana, Chicken.

33. Tap on the fireplace and grab the torn paper. Then head through the hidden passage in the fireplace to the Dining Room. Check your updated notebook.

34. Place the brass horse above the fireplace to reveal a hidden safe. Grab the address book from inside.

35. Take the address book back to the Study and place it next to the phone. Look at the scrap of paper again and compare it to the names in the book. The closest one is HALARIE. So pick up the phone and call 959-4139. Then ask for HALARIE. You’ll learn that Chef White stole money from Mr. Black.

36. Now we’re back in the main hall. Look through your notebook to see what’s been added and then question each of the suspects.

37. Now we have to choose WHO killed Mr. Black, WHAT was used to kill Mr. Black, and WHERE was Mr. Black killed? The answers are:

Chef White

Accuse her and then watch the ending to see the explanation and what happened to to all the characters.

Congratulations! You caught Mr. Black’s killer!

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  1. Keenan

    I need help with the piano

    1. April

      If I remember correctly for the piano you have to use the dance book and the rug to find the answer. For example the first page you will start at the sun symbol then move in the direction of the steps. The purple spots is the keys that you will press on the piano. Hope that helps.

      1. Keenan


      2. Keenan

        What symbols/keys am I to play?

    2. Jade

      Read the walkthrough above and you’ll find your answers.

  2. Kelbobagginstx

    Use the dance steps to move around the tiled floor. The purple steps are the piano keys you need to hit.

    1. Keenan

      Now how do I move around the tiled floor?


    Oh I finished the clue series in aem


      If you need answers come ask me in the comments

      1. Teri

        Fireplace symbols help? Is there no more help after the piano?

      2. La

        I’m stuck with the fireplace idk what to do

        1. Belinda

          I don’t understand what to do or choose at the fireplace

      3. Belinda

        I need help with the puzzle, which 3 tiles i have to choose. And why? The mig, car and clock dont make sense.

        1. Ghusty

          It’s about the disposition in the hundles for the mugs, the lights on the car and the time in the clock. Then you conect it everything. I hope it helped

      4. Nataša


      5. River

        How did you get past the fireplace? Thanks!

      6. Coly

        You completed the fireplace?
        I know the mug, car and clock are from the 2nd floor. And the animals and fruit flow the cookbook and the chart above the fireplace….I just don’t know how to connect it all together.

        1. Ghusty

          It’s the disposition in the hundles for the mugs, the lights on the cars and the time in the clocks. Hope it help.

          1. Alex

            Hi Ghusty, that’s what I did. I got fish, banana and chicken, but it won’t work!

      7. Harley

        I need help with the Dark room after the frige!

      8. bro

        who is the killer

      9. Keenan

        Who killed Black, with what & where?

        1. Fernanda

          Também quero saber
          Já conseguiu resolver?

      10. April M

        How do you do the fireplace puzzle?

        1. La

          strawberry, banana and chicken

      11. Capta1npark3r

        How do you solve the fire place one?

      12. Brittney

        I can’t figure out the address book, it’s probably something simple I just can’t work it out.

        1. Red

          The address book is simple, but not easy. The marks at the top of the scrap of paper are the buttons of letters in a name. The marks at the bottom of the scrap are the tops of numbers in a phone number.
          Find the name and number which match up with the writing on the scrap, then dial it and ask for that person.

      13. Samantha

        I have played the exact same piano notes that it says but it’s saying that it is wrong… Is there something else I need to do?

    2. Rajib

      How did you solve the puzzle where a cow rabbit fruits are shown in the kitchen

      1. Philip DeBrassiere

        There’s a connection between the display case in the Study with the mugs, cars, clocks (see the “1” at the top), and the recipe book in the Kitchen. Use that connection to figure out each six-digit number and press the corresponding tiles in that order in the fireplace.

    3. AMANDA

      How do you solve the fireplace puzzle?

      1. TOLA

        You use the pyramid diagram above the fire place, the book on the kitchen counter which shows a cup, car and clock. Go back to the office and see where the handle of the cup is directed, headlight of the car and hand of the clock. Use the directions to go down the pyramid diagram and match the numbers to the correct one in the book. I got strawberry, banana and chicken.

        1. Ellenor

          Thank you! That helped me to figure it out

    4. Courtney

      For the fireplace, look at the directions of the mug, car headlight, and clock hand. Then got to the pyramid above the fireplace and start at one. I couldn’t get the numbers exact, but enough to get it after a few guesses. Locate the numbers on the recipe book. I got:

      I had to try combinations until one worked. I think it was Strawberry, banana, chicken, Fish… But I can’t remember exactly.

    5. Keenan

      Who killed Mr. Black, with what & where?

  4. Mamabear

    To find the 3 tiles to choose in the fire place you have to use the mug/car/clock display, the pyramid chart over the fireplace, and the cookbook. The direction of the mug handles, cars, and clock hands tell you how to move through the pyramid chart. Then you match those numbers to the cookbook to get the 3 tiles for the fireplace.

  5. Hello

    Look at the direction on the cups, cars, and clock hands. Cups for the 1st symbol and so on.

  6. M

    In the study mug, car and the clock mean left or right (mugear, carlights, pointer from the clock ). At board on the fireplace you start on top, then go down. Line up these numbers from top to bottom. The numbers of the book in the kitchen will say what you have to press in the fireplace

  7. JDB

    First column of mugs: notice direction of handles. Follow that pattern in the recipe chart and then see which recipe it is.
    Second column of cars: headlight that is on tells direction.
    Third column of clocks: hands tell direction.

  8. Ana

    The fireplace puzzle is solved like this:
    You must see the direction of the handles in the shelves, they go: left, right, left right. You have to look at the poster above the fireplace, there you start at the top and go downwards with the directions of the mugs, car lights and the clock parts. You take the numbers of the sequence the directions give you and match it on the recipe book, that way to see the order of the tiles you have to press.
    The solution is: strawberry, banana, chicken

  9. Daffie

    Fireplace code is strawberry banana chicken.

  10. Lisa

    To solve the fireplace: look at the recipe book. Mug, car, clock symbols. Go to bookcase with them in. Mug handles face either left or right. Use that along with chart above fireplace. Start at top at 1 and go down either left or right make a note of numbers and that corresponds to recipe. Do same for cars facing left or right and hands on clock either left or right. So you should get strawberry, banana, chicken.

  11. DrB

    The recipes, display case and measuring pyramid are connected. Look first at the direction of the mug handles and follow that down the pyramid to get the a set of numbers. These are for a recipe and the first image. Do the same for the car directions and then follow the directions of the clock hands.
    On the pyramid chart to get the other two recipe numbers. All together this gets you the symbols on the fireplace.

  12. Keenan

    How do I figure out who murdered Mr. Black?

    1. Kim

      Look at my reply under yours was Chef White

    2. AB

      Wondering the same. I don’t see anything that sticks out as more suspicious then anything else

  13. Marty T

    Have got through to the Who, What Where stage at the end. But now stuck!

  14. Kimberly

    SPOILERS AND ANSWERS: Chef White killed Mr Black with a wrench in the study. This is proven by the fact that she was stealing money from him for her restaurant. She was able to escape to the dining room after murdering him in the study then going through the kitchen. He was killed by blunt force to the head with coincides with the bloody wrench in her kitchen. (It’s right i finished the game)

  15. Sophie

    Hi there, what happens if you don’t pick the right who/what/where?

    1. Joanna

      I’m asking the same

    2. Dave

      You get to apenter another set of guesses. There’s no penalty for guessing wrong.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Is there any extra dialogue for it that’s worth showing?

    3. Sam

      No penalty. You have an inner monologue along the lines of “wait… that theory doesn’t make sense”. Then you apologize to the others for getting it wrong and the game asks you to pick again.

  16. Gnome

    Aww, I was hoping it would be a different killer for different players.

  17. nigh

    I kinda feel sad that no one mourned Mr. Black’s death… Also it’s kinda poetic how white killed black

  18. Mysteryguy

    Only once I used a hint, and other than that I did all on my own. I guessed the killer, the weapon and the place accurately in my first try. Bit proud of myself 😀

  19. Queenie

    I don’t get how to accuse someone? I’ve clicked on the notebook. I’m in the main hall. I’ve gone through all the questions but I don’t get to the folder and the accuse button

  20. Disconnected

    I’ll say my piano solve looked different. I sum the moves in the various directions (diagonals count towards both sums) as opposed to making each individual step

  21. Stephen

    For anyone still trying to figure out the fireplace, I have a feeling most had the same issue I did. I hope this helps.

    First, I had worked out that you need to use the Mugs (handle directions), Cars (headlights), and Clocks (hands) found on the shelf in the Study to figure out what directions to go in the pyramid on top of the Kitchen fireplace. That gives you numbers that correspond to Pie Types in the Cookbook on the Kitchen counter, and from there you pick the 3 items in the fireplace. That part took me a minute to work out, but it wasn’t the actual issue I had.

    THE ISSUE I HAD (that took me a bit to figure out, kinda too long. Haha) was that I was thinking of the shelf items from left to right, not from top to bottom. Meaning, for the first clue, I was using the top shelf of items (mug, car, clock), then the next shelf for the next one, and so on. But of course, that only gives you 3 directions to move on the pyramid and you need 4. I (finally) realized that you need to use all 4 of the Mugs (from top to bottom) for the first clue, then the 4 Cars, then the 4 Clocks. So think VERTICALLY on the shelf, rather than HORIZONTALLY.

    Again, I hope this helps. I have a feeling that’s what a lot of people are mixed up with. It sounds really dumb and simple once you realize it, but that’s how most puzzles are.

    TL;DR – ALL MUGS for the FIRST CLUE to the pyramid, ALL CARS for the SECOND clue, and ALL CLOCKS for the THIRD clue. Top shelf to bottom for each.

  22. Moriarty

    That can’t be right. He had a stab wound and no mention of how he acquired it

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