Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Squire’s Tale: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – The Squire’s Tale
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time an action-filled adventure in a fantasy world. You play as Martin, a squire who needs to help the knight Cedrick in their quest to find the legendary Sword of Light and put an end to the Monster King once and for all. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 8 of The Squire’s Tale. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re playing as Martin again and we’re locked in a dungeon. Nira betrayed us (I saw that coming) and now we have to stop whatever she’s about to do. First, let’s get out of the dungeon. Take the metal ball. Also, yank on the chain on the wall a few times until it crumbles.

2. There’s a needle in there but the rat won’t let you take it. Use the metal ball to break the metal grate and then take the shiny coin.

3. Give the shiny coin to the rat and he’ll give you the silver needle.

4. Use the needle to pick the lock and then leave the cell. Now we have to free Cedrick!

5. Grab the tin ladle. Also, pull the lever on the wall to bring up a pillar. Open the panel on it to see it’s missing a gear. Cedrick’s cell is on the right but we need to solve a puzzle to open it. We’ll come back to it. For now, enter the open cell to see a gelatinous cube.

6. Take three handfuls of rocks until you have them all. Then throw the ladle and all the rocks into the cube so it explodes.

7. Grab the torch, ladle, and Cedrick’s sword.

8. Use the ladle to fish out a key from the… uhhh… toilet? Then leave the cell.

9. Light the torch on the other torch.

10. Use the key to unlock the door to the right. Go through and use the torch to see in the dark.

11. Let’s see what we can find. The two important things to focus on are the etchings on the wall and the spear that you can grab.

12. Leave that cell and let’s open Cedrick’s cell. Let’s solve the Star Lock Puzzle using the etchings we saw in the dark. Basically, just count the scratches on each row on the wall and then move the star to that spot in each row. So it does: 2, 4, 6, 3, 7. Then head inside Cedrick’s cell.

13. Talk to Cedrick. He’s all down on himself, so give him his sword to make him feel a little better. Also, press in all three stones on the wall and get the gear.

14. Leave the cell and place the gear in the pillar and stick the spear in the hole. Now we need Cedrick’s help to push it.

15. Now we have to cheer up Cedrick. Keep choosing from three options to boost his confidence. These are the answers to choose, but if you want to see more of the dialogue, you can personally make bad choices and then start again. The following answers will each give you 2 points, so you won’t even need to answer the last one correctly if you get the others right.

– Getting past the dragon.
– Getting the orb out of the wall.
– Winning the Mightiest Mind tournament.
– Shoveling the pile of snow.
– Destroying the Sword of Light.

15. Now push on the spear to open the door and get out of the dungeon.

16. We need to get to the Doomsday Device! First, grab the fish statue and the anchor hook.

17. Use the anchor hook to reach the book and then take the anchor hook back.

18. Use the anchor hook now to get up to the right ladder and then go through the doorway.

19. Mount the fish above the pedestal. Grab the book from the floor. Then look in the two alcoves for another shovel, another book, and a moon chart. Look at the moon chart.

20. Place all three books on the bookshelves. Then take the red crystal.

21. Use the shovel to dig out the ballista bolt.

22. Leave the room and place the red crystal on the staff. Then use the ballista bolt with the ballista to break down the cracked wall, revealing a puzzle.

23. Let’s solve the moon phases puzzle. Look at the moon chart and notice that there are different moon phases for each Roman numeral and for each number of stars. The trick here is that you need to add up any stars that touch a moon. So you end up with:

I = 3 stars
II = 4 stars
III = 1 star
IV = 2 stars

So just find the phases that match those on the moon chart and copy them over. It should look like this:

24. Take the Shadow Orb and fish statue.

25. Go back inside and place the other fish on the pedestal. The statue of the woman with the jar will become a fountain. Rotate the bowls so the water pours into the track on the floor. Then take the

26. Go back outside and place the staff on the fourth statue. Some creatures attack but Cedrick will hold them off while you solve the puzzle.

27. Place the shadow orb in the center of the puzzle. Let’s solve the Alignment Puzzle! We need to arrange the colored elemental orbs so that the five black shadow orbs light up. Select a shadow orb to rotate the elements around it. Basically, each shadow orbs needs one of each of the four elements around it. If you don’t want to watch the video, press them in this order: Upper Left, Middle, Middle, Upper Right, Middle, Bottom Left, Bottom Left, Middle, Middle.

28. Head up the magic staircase.

29. We’re right below the Doomsday Device, but we need to get closer! First, grab the crystal shard. Then place it on the right platform and climb down the ladder to another room.

30. Tap the skeleton to make a scroll fall out. Look at it and take the winding key. Also, find the hammer and chisel, butter knife, and horn blueprint. Take a look at the blueprint.

31. Use the hammer and chisel on the loose floorboard to get a filament.

32. Go back up. Use the hammer and chisel to break off a crystal shard from the clump of them. Also, use the butter knife to open the robot’s chest and look at the plate cover. It says, “IF I ONLY HAD A HEART.”

33. Place the second crystal shard on the other platform to see that something powers up.

34. Go back down the ladder. The machine down here can print objects using thread. And now it’s working. So tap on it and add the filament. Then we need to figure out the six symbols to press to make it print some horns. Look at the blueprints for the horn. Then enter all six symbols you see on there. Press the hammer icon when you’re done and then take the metal horns.

35. Now let’s do the same to make a heart. Look at the plate cover and find the six symbols. Then enter them and press the hammer icon to make the metal heart. Grab it.

36. Go back up the ladder and place the horns on the robot’s head put the heart inside its chest. Then use the key to wind him up. Replace the plate cover and then get in the elevator so he can help you up.

37. Now we’re at the top of the Doomsday Device! Now we have to solve the Charging Puzzle in order to stop Nira. Light up all the squares on the grid. Squares alternate between light and dark whenever you walk on them. Pay attention to the countdown timers outside the grid. When they reach 0, a beam will fire across that row or column. After you complete all three puzzles, just sit back and watch the ending.

And that’s everything! Congratulations!

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  1. Helen

    Wait, what? I’m stuck here with the robot and the filament and a knife and hammer and chisel with no idea what to do next… Hope the rest comes soon! 😅

    1. Jeneva

      I just got here too, but I figured out the rest! You need to use the tools to get another crystal shard and place it on the other platform which powers up the fabricator. Use the butter knife to unscrew the plate from the robot’s chest. Load the filament on the fabricator, enter six images (found on the plate) and press the hammer button to get the heart. Repeat with blueprints to get horns. Complete the robot and he’ll help you with the elevator.

  2. Jodi

    Thank you so much for doing these, you rock!!

  3. Camille

    The fabricator won’t open and give me the heart. If I try to make another one it says I already have a heart. So… I can’t finish the game.

    If you play these games you know how much this sucks. 😢

  4. Janet

    This was the first time I tried this kind of game.
    I got all the way to last chapter in The Squires Tale, and am stuck. Despite answering the questions to lift Cedrick’s spirits & having spear in pillar he will not push it?

    1. Ping

      You need to open the base of the pillar to expose and add in the extra gear. It’s in Cedrick’s cell wall.

  5. Antonia

    The moons don’t work for me. I’m so stuck!

    Has anybody else had this and how to resolve?

    1. Ping

      Are you still stuck? You have to add up all the diamonds linked to that particular moon, to know which pattern to turn it to.

  6. Mykie

    Is no one else upset about leaving the robot behind?? He was so nice.

  7. Ping

    Enjoyed this story! It was so funny. Especially the stereotype of the knight who’s all brawn and no brains 😅 Managed to complete the last few chapters without referring to hints here, yay ✌️

  8. 39

    Thank you so much for making these walkthroughs! I really appreciate being able to refer to them whenever I need help so I don’t get frustrated!

    I really liked the dialogue between Cedrick and Martin in this game! I thought they were a really good dynamic duo and I hope Haiku games makes a sequel game for them!

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw Nira’s betrayal coming, AppUnwrapper!! I couldn’t help but suspect her right from when we first met her! If she’d gotten closer to either Cedrick or Martin and thereby caused some conflict in the story earlier on, I probably wouldn’t have suspected her, but since she didn’t really serve much narrative purpose most of the time, I figured she was being saved until the end to be a twist villain!

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