‘QB’ Sequel, ‘CubeQuest,’ Set to Release This November (Preview Inside)

CubeQuest – a QB Game
By: Stephan Goebel

I was a big fan of QB – a cube’s tale when it released back in 2017, so I was thrilled to hear that developer Stephan Goebel was working on a sequel. The original took classic block-rolling mechanics and built on them in creative ways, all with simple swipe controls. You needed to use special tiles and come at them from different directions to either jump where you needed to get to or shoot a laser at an obstacle. Graphics-wise, it was simple, clean and easy on the eyes. The sequel incorporates a lot of these same mechanics, but ramps up the difficulty much sooner. I’m only on level 11 of 60 but I’m already stumped. The graphics have also gotten an overhaul and it looks absolutely stunning. Instead of a solid background, there are now four detailed themes, the first being a tropical location.

I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far and am looking forward to spending more time with it. I’m especially grateful that the developer took my suggestion from the first game to add an undo button, as that was really my only complaint with it. The move counter and scoring system also seem to be gone, making for a more relaxed — but not necessarily easier! — experience. CubeQuest appears to be exactly what I would hope for from a sequel, but I’ll be sure to update you with more impressions when the game is out on November 8th. You can pre-order it now at no charge, since it’s free to try with a one-time IAP for the full game. And if you haven’t yet, you should absolutely play the original while you wait.

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  1. CatReader

    This review piqued my interest in QB – A Cube’s Tale, as well. I don’t recall why I never tried it, and I thought QB might fill the time gap until Cube Quest releases and provide a sort of beginner platform. I have only Android devices. I didn’t find QB on Google Play Store, but I found it on Amazon App Store. I purchased it there. When I attempted to install it, Google Play Protect prevented installation, warning that the app (package for Android) had not been updated for the greater security in more recent versions of Android. Although I could have overridden the prevention, I felt it unwise. So, I am hoping for concurrent release of CubeQuest for Android or not much delay; it looks vquite interesting. Thanks to AppUnwrapper for reviewing it.

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