Adventure Escape Mysteries – Hidden Ruins: Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Hidden Ruins
By: Haiku Games

In this Haiku Classic Game, join steadfast Professor Burns, rich daddy’s girl Rachel, and tech whiz Peter as they explore the hidden ruins of the Kunari civilization. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 6 of the iOS and Android adventure game, Adventure Escape Mysteries – Hidden Ruins by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Everyone survived the drop over the waterfall. Open the backpack and get the diving mask and slingshot.

2. Use the diving mask in the water. You need to solve some puzzles by matching up all the layers of each image. First is a shoe, then a bottle, and last is a necklace. When you complete all three, you’ll get Rachel’s necklace.

4. Enter the cave behind the waterfall and pick up the pile of pebbles.

5. Leave and head down the path to the right towards the big cross-like structure. There’s a crocodile here blocking your path. But you can tap on the coconut tree to the left. Use the slingshot and pebbles to shoot down all the coconuts. To solve the Coconut Puzzle, select the coconut to aim at and hold down to show the green meter. Release your finger when the yellow bar is in the green square of the meter. Then take the last remaining coconut that isn’t broken.

6. Go back to the waterfall and this time tap in the fountain to take the path to it. Pick up the puddle of mud (heh). Have Bert sing to the crane to distract her from her egg. Take the egg. Then solve the pipes puzzle above the fountain. Stones will then rise up in the fountain, giving you a clue for the pegs puzzle behind the waterfall.

7. Go back to the cave behind the waterfall. Tap the pegs in the order that you saw them rise up in the fountain. So ignore the ones that were still underwater. Then go from shortest to tallest. Or just copy the order in the photo below. Then stuff some mud in the spouts where steam is coming out. A meaty smelling flower will bloom. Place the coconut and then pick it up again to get a meaty-smelling coconut.

8. Go back to the crocodile and give him the coconut. He’ll eat it and leave. Take his tooth.

9. Go back and this time tap on the area to the left. You need to make three offerings. You have the egg and tooth already. For the diamond, you need to go back a scene and talk to Rachel so she gives it to you in exchange for her necklace. Place all three items in the bowls and take the stone eye.

10. Go back to where the crocodile used to be and place the stone eye in the door. Go through and complete Chapter 6!

And that’s the end of Chapter 6! Click here to continue to Chapter 7 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Val

    I can’t do the coconut slingshot challenge it always shoot at the far right tree even if that coconut is already hit

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to tap on the coconut where you want it to go.

      1. Tazzy

        I’m stuck too even if I click on the coconut it still goes off to the right

  2. Tazzy

    I’m playing on iPhone & when I tap the coconut it doesn’t highlight. I release the shot when in the green zone & I can’t hit the coconut, what am I doing wrong ?

    1. Mrszoidberg

      Touch the tree you want the coconut to aim for first. Then hold the coconut and let go when it’s in the green area. I had trouble with this too.

  3. Tazzy

    Playing on iPhone & coconut game not working. Coconut doesn’t highlight when pressed n doesn’t get hit when arrow in green zone , what am I doing wrong?

  4. Tazzy

    I can’t get the coconut game to work either. Playing on iPhone. Coconut doesn’t light up when touched n shot misses even when I let go in green zone

  5. Belinda

    Using iPhone 14. Can’t select coconut or trees. Rocks go to the right.

  6. Belinda

    Need to pick up sling shot next to flowers right hand side on waterfall

  7. Diane

    I can’t feed the crocodile! It keeps saying he doesn’t want the coconut because he is a carnivore???????

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