Adventure Escape Mysteries – Christmas Killer: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Christmas Killer
By: Haiku Games

In this Adventure Escape mystery, Detective Kate hopes to have a relaxing holiday catching up on paperwork. Everything is looking good until she receives a phone call. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 7 of the iOS and Android game Adventure Escape Mysteries – Christmas Killer by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 7, December 24 & 25:

You can watch my video for Chapter 7 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

December 24:

1. It’s the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve! We’re back at the police precinct. Answer the phone. It’s Everett Kane. He says Misty hasn’t been seen in two days and her apartment was broken into. But the good news is you now have access to the FBI database. Let’s check it out!

2. We need a passcode to get in. Look at the sticky notes. There’s a star, a fish, a plant, and a sock. You need to count the number of each in the room. There are 3 stars on the photo of Kate and her friend. 1 fish, 2 plants, and 4 stockings. So you get 3124. Enter that as the passcode to get into the FBI database.





3. You now have to play a memory match game with the fingerprints. It appears to be different each time, so I can’t help you. But you’ll need to play through it three times before you’re done. You’ll then get the Christmas Killer’s name and address! He’s Frederick Gaines and lives in Brooklyn, NY!






4. That seemed too easy, so Kate wants to investigate further. You now have the eighth snow globe. Take it to the other room and put it with the others. Notice that the edges of each snowflake has numbers on it. Organize them in order from 1 – 8 and you’ll get an address, 101 East 3rd St.



5. Head over to that building. Pick up the scope and the chandelier piece, then head upstairs. We’ll come back for the iPad, telescope stand and chandelier.

6. Find the telescope lens and telescope body. Also, look at the painting on the wall of the tomato soup cans.

7. Go downstairs. Put all the telescope pieces together and look outside. Find four signs and take note of them.






8. Go back upstairs and look at the safe. The clue at the bottom tells you the order of the signs, based on shape. So turn the knob right to 35, left to 5, right to 40, and left to 55. (Try everything in the opposite direction if you’re having trouble with it.) Take two more chandelier pieces from inside.



9. Go back downstairs and add the chandelier pieces to the rest to get a clue.



10. The chandelier clue tells you the password for the iPad/tablet. The corner pieces are more obvious, but the arrows represent the middle and edge of the screen, while the small diamond is the center button. I numbered them for you if you need more help. Go through the secret doorway!


11. Misty’s in a cage! Look at the note on the wall. The numbers refer to the painting of soup cans. You need to mix the top color, bottom color, and the word “tomato” on each can to get a color. Then order them according to the note and press those buttons on the wall. The order goes green, light green, purple, pink, orange, light purple.




12. Now you have to ply a Minesweeper game. Figure out where the faulty chips (mines) are based on the numbers. Then select the faulty ones with red and the good ones white.


13. Now Misty is free! Go up to the roof to catch Freddie Gaines. Pick up the long pipe and throw it at the helicopter.

December 25 (Christmas Day):

Combine the two locket pieces and watch the ending!


Congratulations! You caught the Christmas Killer and completed the game!

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