Adventure Escape Mysteries – Reunion: Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Reunion
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time a VIP exclusive bonus chapter that features your customized character from Puzzle Lovers. You’ll get to experience a live taping of the Puzzle Lovers reunion show in Hollywood. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Reunion. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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You can watch my video for the full game or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. You’re playing as the same character from Puzzle Lovers but we’re at the Reunion show in Hollywood, trying to win money for charity. The game also remembers the choices you made in Puzzle Lovers. You’ll start with another choice.

2. Your first task is to get through the stage door. Talk to Xia to learn she’s missing her tablet. Clear off the table of all but a few things. Grab the spoon and the pepper grinder handle. Then, flip over the desk lamp and grab the battery. Also, look at the photo of the Puzzle Lover cast.

3. You can tap on each character in the photo to find out what they’ve been up to. Then use the spoon to unscrew the bolts in the frame. Then take the four numbered cylinders and remove the frame from the wall to see some strange symbols. If you look between each of the symbols, you can make out the numbers 6896.

4. Go to the stage door and place the four numbered cylinders down and add the pepper grinder. Then place the battery in the slot. Change the numbers to 6896 to unlock the door. Go through.

5. Now you’re on the stage and have another dialogue choice to make.

6. After you finish your speech, you have to start solving four puzzles designed by your cast mates. Grab the ribbon and find the tablet device. Theres also a remote control hidden on the podium. I also recommend removing all the flowers.

7. Use the remote control on the two curtains to lift them and also on the giant heart to make it drop.

8. Pick up the ladder from the right side of the stage.

9. Go backstage again. Give Xia her tablet so she’ll leave. Grab the shrimp from the bowl and the RFID card from the jacket. Also, place the ladder under the panel above where Xia was standing and open it up.

10. There’s two theater cats inside. Give the ribbon to one and the shrimp to the other. They’ll run off and now you can grab the old light board.

11. Go back to the stage and use the RFID card on the giant heart and grab the money bag from inside. Also, place the old light board on the stand on the left. Then solve Ivy and Mo’s puzzle by moving the drones around so they completely encircle Mo.

12. There’s now a wrench on the left stage where there used to be flowers. Grab it.

13. Go backstage and use the wrench to take Xia’s monitor.

14. Go back to the stage again. Place the monitor on the right stage and give them the money bag so you can access the puzzle.

15. You now need to solve a stock market puzzle. Reorganize the panels so you earn at least $17,000 over seven days. Pay attention to what you’re buying and selling each day so you buy low and sell high. Press the Calculate button to see how you did. I included a screenshot of the solution for you.

16. After some dialogue, we end up trapped in the dressing room with someone. You get to decide who. I chose Xia, who I chose in Puzzle Lovers.

17. We have to get out! First, get rid of all the flowers in the room, as well as the blanket and the rug. Grab the heart chair and fire blanket. Also, move the pillows aside and press the button on the headrest to reveal a sealed keyhole on the door.

18. Grab the nail scissors from the table. Use the heart chair to reach the magnet. Make sure to move the chair aside after.

19. Remove the tablecloth and also use the nail scissors to get the extension cord.

20. Use the magnet to open the drawer and pull out the dossier. Then take the heart key from it.

21. Plug the extension cord into the cable under the mirror to turn on the lights. They’ll catch fire, so use the fire blanket on them.

22. Pull off the blanket from the mirror and notice the lightbulbs that are burnt out. There are also buttons around the lock on the door. Press those same buttons to reveal the keyhole. But you need to do it in the order that they flicker! I’ve numbered them for you. Then insert the heart key to unlock the door.

23. You now have another choice to make. I decided to stay for a bit.

24. We’re back on stage and have to figure out how to open the curtains without the remote. Notice the colored lights. There’s more lights at the bottom. We’ll need that soon.

25. For now, go backstage. Grab the boomerang from the palm tree and the water bottle from the flowers. There’s also a pair of scissors in the trash can.

26. Move the flowers and grab the cable that was behind them.

27. Go back to the stage and use the boomerang to cut down both curtains. We have two more puzzles to solve!

28. Ofeibia asks for some hydraulic liquid. So give her the water bottle. Then take the arrow panel from inside the switchboard. Also, talk to Jake to find out that he needs his motorcycle license.

29. Go backstage again and open the door to outside to get the motorcycle license. Also, use the scissors to open the box and take the plug panel.

30. Go back to the stage and give Jake the motorcycle license. Now you have a new puzzle to solve, but first take the bolt cutters and put the arrow panel down.

31. For this puzzle, you need to program your moves to get Jake to the lighthouse and then back to the theater without being seen by the reporter. Hit the “Go” button to test your moves as often as you’d like. You can copy my solution if you need.

32. Go backstage again and use the bolt cutters to cut the chain around the trunk. Take the cables from inside. Also, there’s a secret compartment you can open with the scissors to get another plug panel.

33. We now have seven cables and two plug panels. Go back to the stage and tap on the left side. Add the two plug panels and seven cables. Now we have to solve Ofeibia’s puzzle. This is where the colored lights come in. Assign each ceiling light a number and each floor light a number. Then put the plugs in the rights holes based on matching colors. For instance, the first floor light is white and it’s the 8th light on the ceiling. So plug 1 goes to hole 8. You can copy my solution if you’re still stuck. Here it is in writing, too:

1 to 8
2 to 5
3 to 1
4 to 16
5 to 14
6 to 2
7 to 4
8 to 6

34. You’ll ride off with Jake to the lighthouse and have another dialogue option.

35. When you return, the show ends. You have another dialogue option.

36. After that, pick up the decision rose. Then talk to everyone and decide who to give it to. You can even choose the cats! And that’s what I decided to do!

And that’s the end of the game! It’s short enough that you should be able to replay it as much as you want to see the different endings.

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  1. Ali

    of course where the guide stops is where i’m stuck nooooooo. very confused by the mysterious symbols and don’t know where to go from here.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll continue with it! Just been working on another walkthrough at the same time.

  2. Lucy

    Hi, I’ve just finished and enjoyed it all. Seemed going smoothly, based on AE logic, nothing impossible but lighting Mo’s stage. I had to skip that as I wasn’t able to get what I was supposed to do. I moved the circles with lights but nothing seemed to happen. I just couldn’t see the point within the framework of instructions. I’ll be happy to read it soon 🙂
    Btw, I love and appreciate all AE work you’ve been doing, I’m a big fan of yours!!!

  3. Claire

    I’m stuck on the lights 🤣

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