Mystery Detective Adventure: Case 3 Walkthrough Guide

Mystery Detective Adventure (Mystery Detective 1)

Mystery Detective Adventure is a point-and-click mystery game in which you play as John Woodbray, a new detective solving cases that no one else wanted to bother with. You need to find clues, solve puzzles and get to the bottom of what’s happening. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

This walkthrough will take you through the second case, in which a miner was found dead. You need to investigate and figure out whether it was an accident or something more sinister at work.


Case 1 | Case 2 | Case 3

Case 3, Mine Accident:

These are not great videos. I still have to make a new one. But you can read my step-by-step guide below. It’s a work in progress.

Part 1:

Part 2, The End:

Note: Collection items will be highlighted here in green. Evidence will be highlighted in blue.

1. We’re in town to investigate a mining accident. Talk to Margaret, the manager of the mines. She thinks there’s more going on here and Henry’s death wasn’t an accident. She gives you a Pass for the elevator and you’ll get a new task.

New task: Explore the site of Henry’s death.

2. After she leaves, grab the Newspaper from the desk and also the Clip.

3. Grab the morphing object collectible hanging from the crane. I’ve also highlighted all the points of interest here. There’s a water pump, a fire hydrant box, a food stall, the elevator, a workshop, a locked door, and a gateway to another area.

Collection: Morphing object. (35/49)

4. Start with the pump. Take the Hose from it.

5. Next, use the clip to open the fire extinguisher case. Take the Hammer and Detail with spoon from inside.

6. Enter the workshop. There’s a helmet collectible here and a morphing object collectible. There’s also four other points of interest. There’s an oil barrel, a vice, a locked cabinet, and a drilling bench.

Collection: Morphing object. (36/49)

Collection: Helmet. (1/7)

7. For now, just focus on the vice. Grab the Bulb and use the hammer to free the Detail.

Items: Detail. (1/3)

8. Leave the workshop and go to the elevator. Use the pass to unlock it and then take it down to the mine.

9. Talk to the man here. He tells you there might be a jerry can in the boiler room and gives you a Key.

10. While here, grab the morphing object collectible in the form of a warning label. There’s also a locked container, a handcar, two tunnels, and a lever that controls the tracks.

Collection: Morphing object. (37/49)

11. Look at the handcar. Grab the Detail with fork and the Dirty part. Also, use the hammer to move the brake out of the way. There’s also two panels to open up. We’ll come back to that.

12. Leave the mine and examine the food stand. Place the Detail with fork and Detail with spoon in the slot. Grab the anchor collectible. Then look deeper inside and grab the Detail. There’s also a puzzle to solve here.

Collection: Anchor. (1/8)

Items: Detail. (2/3)

13. This puzzle is like Tetris, where you have to fit all the different foods together. You can copy my solution. Then take the Knife.

14. Finally, tap on the locked door and use the key to open it. It’s time to work on getting the jerry can. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest. We have grate, a huge press, a steam boiler, a barrel of water, a cement wall, and a closet. Start by grabbing the Valve from on top of the grate.

15. Next, tap on the press. Attach the valve and also pick up the Shovel. You can turn the valve, but there’s not enough heat in the engine.

16. Tap on the boiler. Grab the Rope and the Bucket. Also, use the shovel to load some coal into the boiler.

17. Next, go to the barrel of water and fill up the Bucket with water. Also, take the Token from inside the barrel.

18. Go back to the boiler and use the bucket of water with the top compartment to throw the water in there.

19. Now there’s enough steam in the press and you can turn the valve. Then take the Token.

20. Place both tokens in the slots on the closet. Take the Chisel and Wrench from inside.

21. Go to the cement wall and use the chisel to release the Hook.

22. Now, finally, go back to the grate in the center of the room. Use the wrench to open it. Then place the rope and hook down and combine them to make a grappling hook. Use it to reach the Jerry Can and complete the puzzle.

23. Go back to the workshop. Place the jerry can next to the barrel of oil. Open the cap on the barrel and use the use to fill the jerry can. Then pick it up again.

24. Go back to the mine and tap on the handcar again. Fill the tank with gas and then pull the cable to start it up. Make sure the lever on the track has it pointing to the right and then go through the right tunnel.

25. We’re at the scene of the accident, but it’s too dark to see much. Tap on the hanging chain/wire to get another morphing object collectible. There’s also an anchor collectible in the rubble near the broken light. For now, the only other things you can interact with are the broken light and the planks on the left wall.

Collection: Morphing object. (38/49)

Collection: Anchor. (2/8)

26. Tap on the broken light and replace the lightbulb.

27. Now we have access to more. I’ll highlight the points of interest for you. There’s the body, a bullet in the wall, and the crane.

28. First, examine the wall to find a bullet as evidence.

Evidence: Stuck bullet. (File: Death of Henry 1/4)

29. Next, examine the body. You’ll need to go back to your carriage for a fingerprint kit. But before you do, use the knife to get the Bag.

30. Look at the bag in your inventory and open it to get a Key.

31. Go back to the start of the mine and use the key to unlock the container behind the miner. Grab the helmet collectible and the Pick from inside.

Collection: Helmet. (2/7)

32. Go back to your carriage. Grab the Tweezers, Fingerprint Kit and Evidence Envelope.

33. Go back to body. Use the evidence envelope to collect the Gun and then the fingerprint kit to collect Fingerprints.

34. While here, use the pickaxe to remove the boards from the wall and take the Lever.

35. Go back to the water pump and place the lever on it. Then use it to clean off the dirty part and get another Detail.

Items: Detail. (3/3)

36. Go back to the carriage and place the gun and fingerprints down on the table. Now you have to solve a puzzle where you highlight the same fingerprints on each. I circled them for you. Then you’ll automatically collect it as evidence.

Evidence: The deceased’s gun. (File: Death of Henry 2/4)

37. Go back to the workshop and place all three details on the cabinet to the left. Now you have to solve another puzzle. It’s pretty easy, though. You need to get the blue piece where the red piece is and vice versa. All the blocks can be moved around however you like, though, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with it.

38. Then grab the Screwdriver and Set of drills. There’s also a book about lighthouses you can look at.

39. Go back out and go through the gate to get to the town center.

40. First, grab the morphing object collectible in the form of a hanging sign. There’s also an anchor collectible on the stairs to the left. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest for you. There’s a locked gate with a puzzle on it, a swordfish sculpture, a door tied with a rope, a barrel, a jug with something inside it, a path that leads to the marina that we can’t access yet and some private houses we can’t visit yet.

Collection: Morphing object. (39/49)

Collection: Anchor. (3/8)

41. Start with the swordfish. Use the screwdriver on it to remove the Hacksaw Blade.

42. Now the door. Use the knife to cut the rope and look inside. Grab the Chips and the Ladder.

Items: Chips (1/5)

43. Go back to the body. Tap on the crane and place the ladder under it. Examine the panel. Open it and find two pieces of evidence — the handprint and the cut cable. The death doesn’t appear to be an accident! You’ll then get a new task.

Evidence: Handprint. (File: Death of Henry 3/4)

Evidence: Cut cable. (File: Death of Henry 4/4)

New task: Talk to other miners.

44. Go back to the starting area to bump into two miners, Robert and Steve. Talk to them to learn that they believe a ghost killed Henry. They also tell you about other miners. You’ll get a new task.

New task: Find Jacob.

45. Jacob lives on 37 Central Street, so let’s head over there to look for him. Go back to the town center and then take the path to the private residences. You’ll automatically lock on the door of 37 Central Street but no one will answer. We have to figure out a way in!

46. First, grab the morphing object collectible from the tree. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest for you. Aside from the front door, there’s the back door and also a shed. There’s also a chip in the nest in the tree that we can’t reach yet.

Collection: Morphing object. (40/49)

47. Go to the back of the house first. Grab the Fleur-de-lis and then examine the door. Tap on the keyhole and push it in. Then it tells you you need to put something under the door. Place the newspaper under and use the screwdriver to push the key through the keyhole. It will drop onto the newspaper. So pull the newspaper out and then use the key to open the door. Go through.

Items: Fleur-de-lis (1/2)

48. You’ll get a new task as soon as you see Jacob’s body hanging. Then tap on the little drawing on the wall to the right to get the morphing object collectible. I highlighted all the points of interest for you. There’s the mailbox, the framed photo, some stuff under the chair, the sandbag holding the body up, something stuck between the floorboards, the desk drawer, and the cabinet above the desk.

New task: Investigate Jacob’s death.

Collection: Morphing object. (41/49)

49. Start with the sandbag. Tap the handprint to collect it as evidence. Grab the anchor collectible. And then use the knife to cut the rope and drop the body.

Evidence: Handprint. (File: Death of Jacob 1/5)

Collection: Anchor. (4/8)

50. Next, examine the body that fell behind the bed. Touch the rope to collect it as evidence. It tells you that the suicide was staged.

Evidence: Cable. (File: Death of Jacob 2/5)

51. Next, look at the mailbox on the back of the door. Use the knife to open it and take the Chip from inside. Also, read the letter inside to collect it as evidence.

Evidence: Letter. (File: Death of Jacob 3/5)

Items: Chips (2/5)

52. Now, look under the chair and tap on the bottle of pills to collect them as evidence.

Evidence: Sleeping pills. (File: Death of Jacob 4/5)

53. Next, look at the red napkin on the floor. It’s next to something that’s stuck between the floorboards. Use the tweezers to grab the Drawing.

54. Now, look at the desk drawer. We can’t open it yet but you can take the Wheel and Matches from the desk.

55. And now, we have a very annoying puzzle to solve. Look at the cabinet and place the drawing down. You need to rotate the tiles until they match the drawing. It’s similar to the puzzle from Case 1, only worse. At least you can follow my video, since it seems to be the same each game. Take the Fleur-de-lis.

Items: Fleur-de-lis (2/2)

56. There’s one last thing you can do in here before leaving. Look at the picture frame and use the screwdriver to remove the glass. Then grab the Leaf.

Items: Leaf (1/2)

57. Go back outside to the shed. Place the two Fleur-de-lis on the door to reveal yet another puzzle. This one’s much easier but I still made a video for you. It’s different each game, though, so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. Just fit all the frames around the symbols.

58. Grab the Hook and also the helmet collectible. Then use the hook to lift the cabinet and place the wheel on it so you can push it aside.

Collection: Helmet. (3/7)

59. Look inside the hole and grab the Hacksaw Frame and Leaf.

Items: Leaf (2/2)

60. Look at the hacksaw frame in your bag and add the hacksaw blade to it get a Hacksaw.

61. Go back outside and use the hook to get the Chip from the tree.

Items: Chips (3/5)

62. Go back inside and place the two leaf pieces on the drawer to unlock it. Take the Chip from inside and read the newspaper clipping to get another piece of evidence. You’ll then get a new task.

Items: Chips (4/5)

Evidence: Newspaper about the trial. (File: Death of Jacob 5/5)

New task: Get to the lighthouse.

63. Go back to the town center and look at the jug. Use the hook to reach the Chip that’s inside. You should now have all five chips.

Items: Chips (5/5)

64. Go to the gate and place all five chips down. It turns out one doesn’t fit! It will be returned to you as a Wrong Chip.

65. Go back to the workshop and look at the drill. Attach the set of drills to it and then use the drill to fix the wrong chip. Now you have a working Chip.

66. Go back to the gate and place the chip with the others. Then solve the gate puzzle. You just need to get all the tiles to the right spots. It’s not difficult at all but I made a video to help. Then go through the gate.

67. There’s a broken bridge that’s preventing us from getting to the lighthouse, and also another body down below. First, find the tree morphing object collectible. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest for you. There’s the open panel at the base of the bridge and also a bag of coins stuck in some brambles.

Collection: Morphing object. (42/49)

68. Look at the open panel at the base of the bridge to see a broken gear. Tap on the handprint to collect the evidence and also remove the broken gear.

Evidence: Handprint. (File: Death of Michael 1/4)

69. Next, look at the brambles. Use the knife to cut through them and pick up the Bag.

70. Go back to the town center and then through the archway to the marina. There’s a morphing object near the bike that looks like an oar/broom. There’s also an anchor collectible leaning against the right house. I highlighted all the other points of interest for you. There’s a bike, a press, a house to the right and a house in the distance. There’s also a path down to the pier.

Collection: Morphing object. (43/49)

Collection: Anchor. (5/8)

71. First, look at the bike and remove a Bicycle Spoke. We’ll come back to it later.

72. Head down to the pier. Talk to the captainess of the ship. She refuses to take you on her boat because of the weather. But she agrees to give you her rope ladder in exchange for some rum.

73. Once she finishes talking, grab the anchor collectible and also the morphing object collectible in the form of a crate. I highlighted the other points of interest for you. Aside from the ship, you can only really enter the pub right now.

Collection: Morphing object. (44/49)

Collection: Anchor. (6/8)

74. Enter the pub and talk to the bartender. She gives you some useful information and tells you that a bottle of rum costs 35 coins. So give her the bag in exchange for some Rum.

75. Go back to the captain and give her the rum in exchange for the Rope Ladder.

76. Go back to the bridge. Use the rope ladder to climb down the side of the cliff to Michael’s body.

77. Grab the helmet collectible and then tap on the body to get a new task. Grab the Key from his pocket. Then open the carriage door and take the Stone from inside. And last, look at the trunk and use the hacksaw to open it. Take the Handle and Valve from inside.

Collection: Helmet. (3/7)

New task: Inspect Michael’s house.

Items: Stones (1/4)

78. Go back to the scene with the bicycle. Head to the house in the back and use the key to unlock the door. Head inside.

79. There’s a lot to do in here. First, grab the sock/glove morphing object collectible. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest. There’s a clock, a trap door in the ceiling, a box in a table, a mirror, a furnace, some pillows, a mechanism on the wall, a window and a balcony.

Collection: Morphing object. (45/49)

80. Start with the furnace. Use the handle to open it and take the Lever from inside.

81. Insert the lever into the mechanism on the wall and pull it down to release a ladder that leads up to the attic. Climb up and grab the Oiler and Clock Face. Then go back down.

82. Examine the glowing symbols on the wall. Tap on them to collect them as evidence. Then open the clock door and place the clock face inside. Take the Stone and Part of the code from inside.

Evidence: Symbols on the wall. (File: Death of Michael 2/4)

Items: Stones (2/4)

83. Move the pillows aside and grab another Stone.

Items: Stones (3/4)

84. You can see the lighthouse from the balcony. It’s not very important, though.

85. Tap on the window and use the knife to open the latch. Then take the Stone.

Items: Stones (4/4)

86. Now look at box on the table. Grab the anchor collectible from the book. Then place all four stones on the top of the box and open it up.

Collection: Anchor. (7/8)

87. There’s another puzzle to solve. This time, you have to select three objects from the group of icons that can be used to make one of the two at the top. I’ll include screenshots for each one. Then take the Part of a code from inside.

88. Go to the mirror and open it up to reveal a safe. There’s also a newspaper clipping you can read. Place the two parts of a code down by the safe and work out the combination using the information given. Each game will have a different code so I can only help you so much.

89. I have two different versions I can help with. The first looks like this. You can work out that the cog is 2, the screw is 4, and the bolt is 9. Then you end up with:

9 + 4 x 2 = 17
9 x 2 – 4 = 14
8 + 2 + 4 = 14

So for this one the code is 17 14 14.

For this other one, you can figure out that the cog is 7, the screw is 5, and the bolt is 8. So you get:

8 + 5 x 7 = 43
8 x 7 – 5 = 51
8 + 7 + 5 = 20

So enter 43 51 20 to unlock the safe. Again, you’ll have to work out your own if it’s different from these.

90. Look at the letter inside to read it and collect it as evidence.

Evidence: Letter about the ghost. (File: Death of Michael 3/4)

Task complete: Inspect Michael’s house.

91. Now go back up to the attic to find gears for the bridge. First, open the window so you can see better. I’ll highlight all the gears for you. Use the crowbar to lift the floorboard for one and open the glass cabinet for another. That should give you the first 10. There’s also 3 inside a box and 2 by the window. You’ll then have the Gears added to your inventory.

92. Go back to the bridge and place all the gears on it to fix the bridge. Then cross it.

93. Now we’re closer to the lighthouse. First, grab the anchor collectible leaning against the house and the morphing object collectible in the form of a seashell. I’ve highlighted the other points of interest for you. There’s the grate, the house, the boat, and the gate to the lighthouse.

Collection: Anchor. (8/8)

Collection: Morphing object. (46/49)

94. First, look at the grate and grab the Key.

95. Next, examine the boat. Use the knife to remove the tarp. Then take Token from inside.

Items: Tokens (1/5)

96. Now, use the key to unlock the door to the house and go in.

97. First, find the lantern and use the matches to light it. Now we can see!

98. Before we do anything else, find the helmet collectible and a morphing object on the side of the hanging boat. I highlighted the other points of interest for you. There’s a furnace, a locked door, a picture on the wall with space for two dolphins, and a puzzle on the bed frame.

Collection: Helmet. (5/7)

Collection: Morphing object. (47/49)

99. Start with the puzzle on the bed frame. You need to move the symbols around so they match the background. I made a video if you need help.

100. Take the Tap, Token and Nails from inside.

Items: Tokens (2/5)

101. Next, open the furnace and use the matches to light it. We’ll come back to that later.

102. Now, examine the red door and place the valve on it. Turn it to open it and go in.

103. Now we have another one of those puzzles where all the items are confined to this room.


More coming soon!

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