Apple Arcade is here and with its launch comes over 70 IAP-free and ad-free games for just $5/month. As I’m only one person, I’m not sure how I’m going to cover all these games in a timely manner. But I’m starting with the games that appeal to me the most and trying a whole bunch before I attempt to complete any. My current plan is to post a roundup each day that includes any gameplay videos and quick impressions of the games I played since the previous day’s roundup. Hopefully this way I’ll manage to cover most — if not all — of the games at least somewhat. I’ll of course work on walkthroughs for some and might consider reviews if I have a lot to say about a particular game. But this hub is where you’ll be able to find links to all coverage, as I’ll be linking each game to its articles, which will also include videos. Until I have those set up, though, I’ll just embed videos here. Please bear with me as I’m already not sleeping due to how overwhelming it is to get so many games I want to cover all at once.

Note that any iPad gameplay is technically from beta. If I see an update for any of those games when iPadOS officially releases, I’ll be sure to let you know if their issues are fixed.

Update: I’ve started rating games by how much I would recommend them. I’m keeping them in alphabetical order to make them easier to browse, but adding a ratings system. These are based on the time I’ve spent with them so far and may change as I play more or they get updated. This is not a review rating system. It’s just a way for me to tell readers which games to try first, based on what I’ve seen so far. It’s possible a 1 can become a 3 after more playtime. And vice versa. Here’s the key:

No star = not recommended
* = Recommended
** = Highly recommended
*** = Must play

Agent Intercept by PikPok Games **

Assemble with Care by ustwo games ***

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree by Wildboy Studios **

Bleak Sword by Devolver Digital / more8bit **

The Bradwell Conspiracy by Bossa Studios **

Card of Darkness by Zach Gage **

Cardpocalypse by Gambrinous / Versus Evil *

Dead End Job by Ant Workshop / Headup Games **

Dear Reader by Local No. 12 *

Dodo Peak by Moving Pieces Interactive

Down in Bermuda by Yak & Co *

Dread Nautical by Zen Studios *

EarthNight by Cleaversoft *

The Enchanted World by Noodlecake Games **

Exit the Gungeon by Devolver Digital **

Fledgling Heroes by Subtle Boom *

Frogger in Toy Town by Konami

The Get Out Kids by Frosty Pop Games

Grindstone by Capybara Games ***

Hexaflip by Rogue Games *

INMOST by Chucklefish Studios / Hidden Layer Games **

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu by Mografi **

Lifeslide by Dreamteck

Manifold Garden by William Chyr Studio **

Murder Mystery Machine by Blazing Griffin

Mutazione by Die Gute Fabrik *

Neo Cab by Chance Agency / Fellow Traveler ***

Operator 41 by Shifty Eye Games / Spruce Campbell *

Over the Alps by Stave Studios

Overland by Finji

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm by Cornfox & Brothers **

Painty Mob by Devolver Digital *

Patterned by Borderleap

Pilgrims by Amanita Design ***

Possessions. by Lucid Labs / Noodlecake

Projection: First Light by Shadowplay Studios

Sayonara Wild Hearts by Simogo / Annapurna Interactive *

Shinkesai Into the Depths by CAPCOM **

Sneaky Sasquatch by RAC7 **

Spaceland by Tortuga Team **

Speed Demons by Radiangames *

Spek. by RAC7 *

Stela by SkyBox Labs *

Stranded Sails by Shifty Eye Games

Tangle Tower by SFB Games ***

Things That Go Bump by Tinybop ***

Tint. by Lykke Studios *

Towaga: Among Shadows by Sunnyside Games / Noodlecake **

Way of the Turtle by Illusion Labs *

WHAT THE GOLF? by Triband / The Label ***

Where Cards Fall by Snowman / The Game Band **

Word Laces by Minimega

That’s all for now! But keep this page bookmarked, as I’ll be adding to it daily!

Note: Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way. At AppUnwrapper, we strive to provide reviews of the utmost quality.

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