AppUnwrapper’s June 2015 iOS Games Round-up

I'm continuing the monthly round-up posts I started recently with the games I played in June 2015. I'll start with my favorite games, giving a short blurb about each, with any links to longer reviews for those who are interested. I played some great games in June, so I recommend reading through to the end. It will probably come as no surprise that Her Story by Sam Barlow takes the cake as…

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Her Story Walkthrough: All Video Clips in Order and Explanations

Her Story By: Sam Barlow For those who finished playing the game Her Story by Sam Barlow, you can see all the clips in order here. I organized them and made a video for each interview. I've also included summaries and the most straightforward explanations of each interview. This will spoil the game completely for anyone who hasn't played, so I highly suggest walking away if you haven't played yet. You can…

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Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

Her Story By: Sam Barlow Warning: This guide has spoilers for the game Her Story. If you haven't spent any time with the game, I suggest not looking yet. Instead, read my spoiler-free review and come back here if you get stuck or want to discuss the story with others. If you've already played the game and want to see all the clips in order, you can do so here. You can…

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Her Story: Spoiler-Free Review

Her Story By: Sam Barlow I had intended to clean my apartment yesterday. That did not happen. I realized I had Her Story on my iPad for a day already and hadn't even looked at it yet. The plan was to play just a few minutes to get a taste of it and then get back to being a responsible adult. Big mistake! Once I started, the game got its claws into…

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