AppUnwrapper’s Favorite iOS Games of 2016

This is only the second year I'm listing my Games of the Year, and 2016 was an incredibly strong one for iOS games. It was hard getting this list down to just ten or fifteen games, so I also have some runners-up. There were just too many great games this year! So, without further ado, I represent my GOTY 2016 list! Any reviews I wrote are linked to the name of each…

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After the Latest Update, I’ve Nearly Stopped Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ Altogether

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I admit I was already getting bored of Pokemon Go, considering I spent the first few weeks walking around for hours a day, caught over 2000 Pokemon and filled my Pokedex with over 100 different species. New York City, especially Manhattan, is packed with Poke Stops and gyms. So even if I'm still missing 40+ Pokemon from my Pokedex, there's no shortage of common Pokemon. I…

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How to Transfer Pokemon in Version 1.1.0 of Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) Niantic released an update to Pokemon Go that changes quite a few things. Most notably, the footprints below each Pokemon in the Nearby Pokemon list are all gone. So instead of fixing the tracking, they got rid of it altogether. They also sent cease-and-desist letters to all the third party tracking sites and apps, like Pokevision. So at least for now, there's no way to track…

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Pokemon GO Walkthrough Guide: Use This IV Calculator To Determine Which Pokemon to Keep and Evolve

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I've played Pokemon Go quite a bit. So much so that I'm burnt out somewhat from catching the same Pokemon over and over and over and have been taking some breaks from it. But I recently came across this great calculator that determines a Pokemon's IV (hidden individual values) and whether it's worth holding onto. It takes the name, HP, CP and current cost of stardust…

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Pokemon GO Walkthrough Guide: Turn Off AR and Practice Throwing Curve Balls

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I've been hanging around Central Park lately with this huge Pokemon Go crowd and there are a couple of things I noticed. 1. I was the only one using AR mode (it's more interesting to me). 2. Everyone around my level spins their balls to make curve balls. So, I decided to see if they're onto something. I turned off AR (Augmented Reality) mode. It takes…

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Tracking in ‘Pokemon GO’ is Currently Broken

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I explained in my walkthrough guide last week how to use the "Nearby" list in Pokemon Go to track Pokemon. The game used to show Pokemon that were already visible at the top of the list with no footprints. As Pokemon got further from you, they'd have one, two or three footprints so you could see if you're getting closer to them. This is how the…

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Pokemon GO: Walkthrough Guide for CP, When to Power Up and When to Evolve

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I've been playing lot of Pokemon Go (I'm level 21 right now), and one of the biggest questions I get from people is when to evolve their Pokemon. If you're looking for information on stardust, candies and transferring Pokemon, first see this guide. First, let me show you the Combat Power (CP) gauge. The whole arch (pink arrow) shows you the current max CP this Pokemon…

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How to Recognize a ‘Pokemon GO’ Player in the Wild

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) Maybe you want to identify Pokemon Go players so you can avoid them like a nasty Raticate. Or maybe -- just maybe -- you're enjoying the game so much that you want to find other players to hang out with. So here's how you can tell someone's playing Pokemon Go and not just texting on their phone. 1. They hold their phone up like they're about…

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