Burly Men at Sea Review: A Kraken Good Tale

Burly Men at Sea By: Brain&Brain Burly Men at Sea is a hard game to write about, mostly because anything I say will spoil some of the magic. I'm not sure how to convince you that it's worth experiencing without ruining part of the fun of discovering it yourself. So if you're already planning to pick up the game, maybe just do it and don't let me ruin it for you? If…

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Flewn Review: The Old Whale and the Sea

Flewn By: Gabriel Smetzer It's hard not to be instantly captivated by the screenshots advertising Gabriel Smetzer's new interactive story called Flewn about an old whale on stilts searching for the ocean. The artwork is definitely the game's strongest point. It looks almost like something out of a Tim Burton movie. While it is advertised as a game, there isn't much game here. It's primarily an interactive storybook in which you swipe…

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