Plants vs Zombies Review

Plants vs Zombies By Popcap Plants vs Zombies is a tongue-in-cheek strategy game where you build an army of plants to defend your home against invading zombies. When I first heard of Plants vs Zombies, I was skeptical about it, despite its huge popularity. I had played other strategy/defense games and didn't think it could offer anything different. But Plants vs Zombies has earned its huge following. Gameplay: 5/5 Each level of…

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Peking Express Achievement: Plants vs Zombies

We're you wondering how to get the Peking Express Achievement in Plants vs Zombies? Well, it's actually quite simple! Tap on the Achievements icon first. Then scroll down your list of achievements and keep on scrolling (or digging) until you hit China! Make sure to stop and view the scenery on your way down! The game also times your digging speed, so you can try to out-dig yourself. What's your top speed?…

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