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This Post Has 230 Comments

  1. C Schubert

    I just purchased the full walkthrough for “The Drifting Locked Chamber”. Please inform me how to access this as I have as yet received no information or means to access the product I have just legally purchased.

    Thank you.


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thank you for purchasing access. The information was sent shortly after. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing it.

      1. Xairene xaija tagolgol

        Hi, im wondering where is the fifth tile piece and where to find the crystal? Please tell us, my brother and i are waiting for your answer.

          1. Sampson owiredu

            Good day,
            Please how can I buy the continuation of the game “Implosion” without using credit card? Thank you

        1. Heather Daniel Minier

          IΓÇÖm waiting for that answer too

          1. pamela

            hi there- iΓÇÖm in the tower and trying to unlock the iron gate and through the oculus the licking me vanish doesnΓÇÖt show up? any hints to help make that happen?

          2. pamela

            hi there- iΓÇÖm in the tower and trying to unlock the iron gate and through the oculus the locking mechanism doesnΓÇÖt show up? any hints to help make that happen?

    2. steph

      hi, i was looking for an answer about what to do with the candlestick i ve earn

      after setting it in the room upstairs…. but the thing is that the room where it suppose to be place beside the other one is nowhere i can find it in the house and i can t go back anywhere ?!?!

      im a bit block here……

      i m playing it on iphone….

      there someone who can help me here with that ?



  2. Monica

    I joined twitter, offered my first born and made a gravatar hoe do i join this site and log in for “The Drifting Locked Chamber” walk through??? Please help me

    1. Monica

      ooops!!! i meant……. how lol

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I sent you all the information you need back when you asked for it. Did you check your spam folder? Or did you get the emails but still not know how to log in?

      1. Sally

        Hey can you help me with Alexa escape the room 2 specify the zoo map plz and thank you

    3. misty

      The password to the convict computer I have tried to figure it out but I can’t get anywhere with it on chapter 6 it says 14803 and I tried it and it does not work at all I’m at my wit’s end with this game so if you could help me that would be fine please I tried every number but it’s not working

  3. C Schubert

    Got all the info – it did go to spam- many thanks!

    1. Gareth

      Hi I am playing the Lost Ruin revenge of Atlantis, I have entered the correct symbols to open the arsenal but it is not opening, I have used 20 unnecessary hints to try figure it out even though I had it right without hint help. The last hint says walk through the open doorway but the arsenal door has not opened even though the symbols are correct.??

  4. Marie Fällgren

    Hi, I need some help with the broken flower. IΓö¼Γöñve searched the net but I havenΓö¼Γöñt found any walkthroughs. Can you help me and what do I have to do? / Marie

    1. sandy

      Hello there! First off…the game is amazing! I am new to these games though,and have a few questions.How do I find the summer and (i think) autumn angels? and …i’m not sure if i completed the winter puzzle correctly.Do you have a still shot of it completed? Thank you for your time and thank you for your awesome game! I look forward to future games from you!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Also, I’ll try and grab more screenshots tomorrow. I already played through the game a few times, but didn’t get screen caps of everything.

    2. Stef

      In chapter 7 of legend of the sacred stones. The floor lock is not opening even after I’ve added the correct codes. I have tried clockwise, counter clockwise, and various directions for turning the dials. Still I only get a red light even after entering the solution codes. How do I rectify this?

  5. karon

    i cant find how to go to screen 7

  6. karon

    how do i get on screen 7 please

  7. kama

    Can u help im playing the strange house anf i cant get the clock hands to stick to gether

      1. Richard Patterson

        Playing Star struck, chapter 6. On the wall are 5 panels or tubes. I have lit them in the correct sequence but nothing happens. Am I missing something ?

  8. Redlin

    Can u do a walk through on ” the letter that had to wait “

  9. Jaime

    Please help with the game “On the brink of death” Can’t open any thing on the car to see that there is gas in the car.. Please please help cause without this I can’t continue the game

  10. Amy

    Didn’t you used to have a menu for IDAC games?

  11. Jamie

    Help! Atrium 3 Deluxe chapter 4 balcony scene. I cannot get the key from the chair puzzle. I have tried the chairs in every direction but the key will not spin so I can get it. Very frustrated! Any advice? Thank You

  12. Xircom

    Hi there im stuck with the safe code in ‘on the brink of death’ cant seem to find the 3 alphabets. Please help me

  13. Elisa

    Hi, im playing Escape Room: Strange House and i dont understand why the last two monkeys are switched. How did you know to put them like that? Also how does the clue “symmetrical” mean 1 is 3, 9 is 7, 7is 9, and 2 is 2? How did you know thats how it is? It was killing me trying to figure it out until i finally gave up and found this VERY helpful website. Thank u for the help.

  14. Tisha

    The map coordinates do not open the lever on the Crimson Mansion

  15. Xircom

    Hi there im stuck with the safe code in ΓÇÿon the brink of deathΓÇÖ cant seem to find the 3 alphabets. Please help me

  16. Ben

    Following on twitter can i get some help for the drifting locked chamber?

  17. malani

    Im playing prank house and I enter the code on the multi colored door and nothing happened.

  18. Susan

    Re crimson manor. Tapping on the cheerleader picture does not work. Nothing happens. Thank you

  19. Gladstone

    Hey AppUnwrapper!

    Enjoyed struggling through “Spear of Destiny” with you. I was looking for another game like “The Lost City.” Clearly, “Spear” didn’t rise to the occasion. Got a short list of stuff to check out?

    You can skip the simple “room escape” stuff; not enough ambiance for me. Big Fish games look promising, but end up having too many “hidden object” screens for me. They may work great on an iPad, but not so good on an iPhone.


    1. AppUnwrapper


      Have you tried Cryptic Keep? I liked that one a lot. Here’s my walkthrough: https://www.appunwrapper.com/2012/01/16/cryptic-keep-walkthrough/
      My walkthrough is a bit longer than the game actually is, but it’s still a decent length.

      Unfortunately, the newer game (Cryptic Caverns) by the same company suffers from long loading screens like Spear of Destiny, and I found it frustrating even though it had a lot of promise.

      Grisly Manor, of course — short but by the same guy that made Lost City.

      Antrim Escape 1-3 are room escape games, but you have characters and a story. It’s not your run-of-the-mill room escape and you should at least take a look.
      Roombreak: Escape Now!! also has a lot to offer, but can be frustrating if you don’t like being rushed through a level (it has a timer) or challenging mini games. I wrote a review and full walkthrough you can check out).

      The Hector Games are entertaining if you’re looking for more story and dialogue. There’s a lot of reading involved.

      Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. But you can go down my list of games at https://www.appunwrapper.com/escape-games. There are both adventure games and escape games. But if you’re looking for ambiance, I would skip all the IDAC games 😉

      Hope that helps!

  20. Destiny

    I have escape room:strange house and I can’t get the three reliefs to go in! Help me!

  21. Mimikoko

    Hi from France!!!
    Thanks for all the walkthroughs i’m now tryin to escape from the game “a letter from the dead” can you please do a walkthrough??? I can’t breath anymore because of this Lol

  22. glenda

    How do you open the door by placing battery

  23. leslie

    Re crimson manner: I can’t get past the barrels in the wine cellar. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Tina

      To get past the barrels you hafta put the matching icons one right after the other. For example the cross matches to the cross next to it, and so on. Until you are able to match them from one circle to the next. Now how do you do the puzzle under the lion fountain???

  24. lmack

    Does anyone know if there is a walkthrough and/or hints for “the lonely young man”?

    1. TazCat

      I too am going nuts trying to find a walkthrough, hints, ANYTHING for The Lonely Young Man. All I’ve come up with are a couple of links that SEEM to be referencing a walkthrough of some sort but are entirely in what I assume to be Japanese. I haven’t been able to muddle my way thru well enough with Google translate to even be certain… and haven’t found the actual walkthrough yet to see if there is any hope of making sense of it. Anybody out there actually finished this game? I’m so dang stuck it’s embarrassing! I can’t figure out the robots… I’d brute force my way thru but it is agonizingly slow just to cycle thru even one combination let alone ALL possible combinations. Can’t figure out what the third veggie the video game critter likes either. Help! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? LOL

      1. TazCat

        Lonely Young Man update:
        Finally solved the robots after solving the veggie issue on the big video game console and then using the new info from that to open the safe which let me do some other stuff. Now I’m stuck… again… I got the little portable game device working and am pretty sure of the answer to its riddle… but the only place where I can figure to put it is in the door with the code lock but it doesn’t work there. I even tried using Japanese words for the answer… still no luck. If I ever finish this game I will work up a walkthrough for it it (assuming no one beats me to it) but in the meantime has anyone else gotten past the door with the code lock on it?

  25. Linda

    Re The Mystery of the Grimson Manor. When I get to the Bravery angel, nothing happens when I tap the shield. The sword worked on Courage and the gold worked on Greatness but can’t do anything with Bravery. Suggestions?

  26. Lmack1973

    TazCat (or anyone else that has info) – I’ve been playing with those *&@*$& robotdfor days and can’t figure it out. Also, i cant figure out how or what to feed the character to complete the puzzle. I only need one more vegetable. After days of playing and many hours of frustration, the only things I have done are get the cabbage out of the fridge, put it on the cutting board, find the marble in the leftover food under the table, use the marble to open the top drawer and get the rope, combine the marble and the rope and use it to break the glass case on the desk, get the note and feed the character on the screen 3 out of the four vegetables. Could u please let me know how u completed the robots, figured out the last vegetable to feed the video game character and any other hints so that I can stop throwing my phone across the room lol! Thanks!!

    1. TazCat

      Lmack… I feel your pain my friend! I have nearly launched my phone against a brick wall a few dozen times myself over Lonely Young Man. I’m more than happy to share what I have managed to figure out so far. Since I’m planning to do a full walkthrough if I ever finish the game I’ll go ahead and start one from the beginning now. This game has a lot of puzzles that can’t be finished (even if you know the right answer) unless you have completed the earlier steps and actually found the clues to them. So bear with me… I’m making this a priority and will try to post a partial walkthrough sometime later today. Help is on the way! (though you will likely be just as frustrated as you are now when you get to the point I am stuck at) 🙂

  27. Lmack1973

    Thanks TazCat!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I will check back soon. Thanks again – your partial walkthrough might just save my phone!!

  28. brianvestalsmom

    The password for the door in Lonely Young Man is SAKURA. It has to be all caps.

  29. brianvestalsmom

    I should have mentioned that, with much banging of my phone (and head) against the wall, I’ve successfully completed the game. If I can be of any help to anyone, you are welcome to contact me via Twitter. I’m sure, however, that you’ve probably escaped by now with no more problems.

  30. raj

    how to play 40 floor,,,,,,,,,,,, in ipod as no volume controller

  31. letty

    I’m playing dooors and I’m on the 10th dooor but I can’t put out the fire I know you’re suppose to shake the screen to put out the fire but it won’t go out what am I suppose to do now

  32. Lmack1973

    Brianvestalsmom…I’m probably the only person in the world that doesn’t have a twitter account but I could desperately use ur help. If u look at my June 2nd1st posting…I still haven’t been able to figure any of those issues. Is there any other way to get some help from u besides twitter? Thank u!!!

  33. brianvestalsmom

    Lmack1973, I just found that there is a Lonely Young Man walkthrough online now. You are still welcome to contact me about it if you prefer, but the walkthrough might be easier. Good luck either way.

    1. Melanie

      I found the walkthrough for lonely young man it says set the dials to the diagram below. But there are no diagram for compass. Can someone just trellis me what to turn them to. So frustrated.

  34. Lmack1973

    Yes!! I found the walkthrough right after I wrote to u brianvestalsmom. Thanks for responding. I actually just finished the game. All I needed was 2 hints (which I never would have figured out) and then it was smooth sailing 😉 thanks for ur help!!

  35. brianvestalsmom

    Lmack1973 – Good for you! Don’t thank me. I was no help. You figured it out yourself!

  36. tonette

    Hi i need help wit strangehouse, im in the bathroom an trying to put hose on the faucet its not workin… Please help

  37. tonette

    All good i figured it out…. I had the numbers the wrong way lol

  38. candace

    I cantget the hands on.the.clock it says they both keep falling off in strange house

  39. Sarah

    Thank you for all your hard work and fantastic walk-throughs! I love escape games, but sometimes I just get totally stuck and need that ‘next step nudge’!!

  40. Mary t

    Appunwrapper. Hi I was wondering if you had any info about changing to another free game and replace the twin prank which has been free for ever?? I’m not sure if your the one I contact… Thanks..

  41. Mary t

    Is there any area I can get walkthroughs on a little older games of Cradle of shadows and black case files???? Thanks. Please respond asap..

  42. Arthur

    Hi would you mind opening a post for 70 years of love (IDAC). Thanks

  43. Arthur

    Ay it be possIble to open a thrad for ” Perilous Homecoming” (IDAC)

  44. Empty

    I can’t seem to find Special cleaning -the mad client game. If I go through walkthrough area where it’s posted and click the download button it takes me to the Gotmail area to download got mail,which I’ve already downloaded that.
    So,going through my got mail I see a bunch of games. Can u tell me maybe what the icon looks like??? Thanks.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s one of the points games. It has a picture of a broom with green bristles.

      For the record, I’m not too fond of their new layout. The old one was much easier to navigate.

  45. Daniele

    PLEASE,has anyone played the game 3 room escape by NOPROPS,I can not finish the last room and I have been stuck for days and its very annoying.Please someone help me.

  46. Empty

    Appunwrapper,u helped me find one game which I thank u. But,I’ve spent a lot of time trying to locate A Dangerous Dollhouse and no luck. I assume it’s one of the 170 point game . What does the icon look like???? I’m going nuts. Thanks.

  47. Tina

    Please help me

    I’m stucked in the first room of strange house.
    I follwed the walkthruh but i can’t place
    the relics behind the little door.
    Please help

  48. HookahToke

    Is anyone playing “Inside of the Mirror” ? It’s the latest game from WaveA Pte.Ltd. I am 2/3 way in and stumped!

    1. Mobes

      I just completed inside of the mirror…look on the wall behind vaulting horse…youll then work it out

      1. Katusha

        I saw the numbers 0128 on the wall but it doesn’t work on anything. Also can’t figure out what to do with the lock with 5 buttons. I have the mirror and the frame but can’t combine them. Please give me a clue what to do next?

        1. Mach

          For “inside of the mirror” I can’t look on th walls behind the vaulting horse, I can just open it. I should have been missing something. I got a hammer, a closed ladder, a school badge (opened the window) I’m stuck for two days and need help

          1. Katusha

            Use the hammer to break the dust collector (if you used it already) than use it to cut the ball. There should be a key, use it to open the ladder…. When you find the tape, put it on the mirror and break it with the hammer. There is a room. In that room you can read the numbers on the wall…. I’m now stuck with a small mirror and a mirror frame, and there are still 2 objects to find. Can’t use the code from the wall on anything

  49. Empty


    I’ve been through got mail trying to do email and Idac to see if there’s an issue with trying to download new game by them of “A Love gone to far”.. Or something like that. But the only languages to notify them is Chinese,japenese or Korean. Any suggestions. Vie not had a problem until this one which I’ve been trying to download since 8am this morning.

      1. Empty

        Appunwrapper, a big thank u for your help.

    1. paula

      is anyone playin a love gone too far im totally stuck. any help appreciated

      1. Maria

        I have 3 sticks, red, blue and green and the button battery and now I’m also stuck. Where are you?

        1. Maria

          Ok. Now I’m stuck with the bomb. Can’t find the hint for the green wire. Has someone found it?

          1. Ida

            I can’t get good end. Help please

        2. paula

          i hav blue stick & round battery dunno wot to do from there

          1. Maria

            Stick and battery are for later. Next is the piano. You need to play the right notes. The hint for the order (and where to find them) is on the right side of the piano. in my case it took a while before I could look on the bottom side of table…

  50. Jay

    I’m having trouble combining the clock hands on strange house, how do I do this?

  51. nav

    iam playing survival parking iam unable to combine the items can u plz hep me?

  52. nav

    iam playing survival parking iam unable to combine the items can u plz hep me? i have stuck herer

  53. Angela Elwood

    I am playing dooors, but the solution to door 28 is totally different to the door on the game, there is no solution to the actual door contained in the game, it is a different door on the game with no solution on how to open it.

  54. Empty

    Need help. I’ve been trying since 7:00am this morning to download the free game of Inside the Mirror and its now 5:00pm and it still doesn’t work through got mail . I tried sending email to [email protected] and it comes up more or less not a correct website. Is anyone else having problems????

  55. Empty

    U just posted about a game walkthrough by Redbut ‘ Lost souls’. Where can I find a game like that and what is it compatible with?? I don’t have android, only IPad and if I go through like mystery,hidden object and adventure games I don’t see it. Thanks..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The green download button on that page should take you right to it 🙂

      Keep in mind, it’s a demo for an upcoming game so it’s pretty short. But still worth playing!

  56. Ririkins

    How do I get the red stick, thing from underneath the bed and I need help unlocking sun box on “A love gone too far”

  57. Dani.D

    I feel so stupid but in escape the room “strange house”! How and where do you get the blue hose??? That is litteraly all I need to finish

  58. rayden

    @ririkins the code for the box is 1210 . does anyone know how I’m supposed to pick up the paper clip?

    1. Ririkins

      Thanks Rayden

    2. Ririkins

      I tried that code and it didn’t work…….is there something i’m supposed to do before putting in the code?

  59. paulet

    Please can someone help me on ‘a love gone to far’ I’m really stuck!!! Thanks

  60. paulet

    Hi would really appreciate it if someone could help me with ‘a love gone to far’ all I have is a blue stick ,a battery and the letters f,a,b,d thanks

  61. paulet

    Help on a a love gone to far,would really be apreciated thanks

  62. rayden

    you have to look on the left side of the pillow for the other letter and then the right side of the piano for the order of the notes

  63. Ririkins

    Does anyone know how i’m supposed to get the sun box open on A Love Gone Too Far? I found the the note and put in code 1210, but it isn’t working…..HELP PLEASE

  64. Arthur

    Hi, is there sny possibility to search for topics or walkthroughs. It needs a lot of time going through sll the pages. Thx

  65. rob

    @rirkins….go back to the blue box and check it again there’s a piece of paper…..then put 1210 in the box

  66. cheryl

    now about prank house. I’ve got the ladder. however i can’t put it in place what am i doing wrong

  67. carleigh

    i looked everywhere for a walkthrough or some hints for episode 2 room 3 and the ones i found are not the same rooms so can you please help me i cant find the code for the safe

  68. Kristy

    Does anyone know if you can play iDac games on Kindle Fire?

  69. Chris

    Did anyone figure out how to get good end in a love gone too far?

  70. Kim

    I can’t get the safe under the lions head in Crimson manor set right, I’m doing it according to the walkthrough but its not working!! Help!

  71. Amanda

    Mystery of the crimon manor. i am stuck unlocking the phone to dial. I did the puzzle with the arrow on the one bedside table. the walkthrough is talking about a puzzle that look like the picture on the wall. I can not click on the other table as the exit button is over it. am I missing something.

  72. Dawn

    I can’t find the the last medallion for the lions!! I’m so frustrated cos I can’t move on!! Please help me!

  73. Sofia

    Why doesn’t the lever appear after I’ve put in the right coordinates?

  74. Helen

    Sorry I dont get Point 10 of the walkthrough of loked room what does it mean to Chose the letters I dont See letters they are just under Dome Lines I can Click????

  75. Teri Pandaslayer Steele

    A confused question. Trying to do the blox puzzle in FL2. I understand the puzzle, but to keep all blocks down that are required, I have to use a third finger. This resets the puzzle. I’m wondering if it’s my phone or am I just really overlooking something. Like the game, but frustrated.

    1. Teri Pandaslayer Steele

      Ok I’ve even downloaded blox to make sure I’m not an idiot. Your logo and ad pictures have 4 fingers pressing the puzzle, yet that is impossible on my new HTC ONE. I didn’t see that on description and it kinda sucks that I spent $ on a game my phone will not let me solve due to a different touch interface.

      I could be completely wrong and it works for others, any help would be appreciated.Game is really fun otherwise.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Sorry, I’m not the developer. I just wrote the walkthrough. But the developer did say they were making that puzzle doable with only single touch in an update. Are you sure you’re on the latest version?

        1. Teri Pandaslayer Steele

          Sorry the frustration leaked through my post. Lol. Pretty sure it’s the latest. I finished FL1 last night and downloaded the second one right after.

          I’m more making sure I’m not a complete moron and understood the puzzle correctly. I figured maybe someone has had a similar problem.

          Sorry about the “your” I swear Swype isn’t the most intuitive thing ever lol.

          Still 🙁 can’t even get out of the first room because of a phone glitch.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Ok the developer was aware of the problem with the Kindle Fire. Just told him about your problem with the HTC One. They’re really good about these things, so it will likely be fixed in an update. Unless there’s something you can do in the settings of your phone (sorry, don’t know much about the HTC One), you might just want to wait until then.

            Also, for the future, please try to keep comments about a specific game on the post for that game, so others with similar problems can find it more easily. Thanks! 🙂

  76. Teri Pandaslayer Steele

    Neat. Sorry I just went to “contact” saw questions and decided to give it a go. If they ask any questions about phone details, just let me know and I will provide 🙂

  77. Jennifer Sclater

    I just downloaded Ellie and it doesn’t move past the advertisement for Murder Room. Then there’s a rectangle white box next to the ad. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s the same thing? Do I need to do something here? Thank you so much for all your great help!

  78. Ravindra Sharma

    Please let me know the glitches in IB3 updated version sole hunter

  79. Ric Vincent

    Is there any way i can retrieve my items loot by the enemy at the deathless loot part? All of my mastered were already there( infinity blades, etc), i end purchasing them again, but then im still stuck with iron clad!!
    Kindly help me thanks. By the way , i appreciate the info you guys have bout IB3..

      1. Ric Vincent

        Twice, coz i tried to retrieve my items gray infinity blade etc. to the fist enemy Brute, using the original infinity blade( which i purchased twice) but the the game progresss and i lose again with the 3rd enemy iron clad, i blieve theyve got ten items from me already.

  80. Guy

    Hi Guys,

    Just some info for folks regarding In Fear I Trust… Extremely frustrating. The game has so many bugs, the most annoying of which is its habit of resetting back to end of episode 1. And when it does it goes nuts from there. The only way to then progresss is start again right at very begining. However if you do not complete game it again begins its weird happenings. Basically a waste of a potentially a really fun game.

  81. Lauren

    Can you do a walkthrough for Spellbind by Dimitrios Vasiliou?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hadn’t heard of it, but downloading it now and will give it a go!

      1. Xairene xaija tagolgol

        Can you do a walktrough of the time library? It seems like a pretty interesting game.

  82. Sara

    I need help in Murder Room: A White Lotus with the 3rd code, mine is y:S:t, what is it?! 😮 Please help!

  83. Raymond

    Hi,in cryptic escape, when I put in the symbols off the knights chest into the symbols on the door the door wont open. I have tried 20 times and it wont open. Can you help. Thanks Ray.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure those symbols (in the proper rotation) are lit up. They won’t all be able to be seen on the doors at the same time, but if you go through them, those should be the only symbols lit up. Hope that helps!

  84. Zarabet

    I’m playing cryptic escape. I like the game, but have some issues with a couple of the puzzles. The 6 symbols on the door took time to understand the how to do, but got them. But I have been on the sun/moon puzzle for too long. I found a walkthru and a youtube walkthru, and I still do not see how to make it work. Being too frustrated on a puzzle is not fun. Granted, you may tell me the logic, the how to, and I will realize it’s very easy, but I’m stuck and it’s ruining the fun. Thanks for any help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The way I understood it is that the sun clue has three circles around it, and the circle clue has a moon on either side. So you need to find the pattern that puts the sun in the center, with three circles around it and moons on either sides of those.

      1. Zarabet

        and that makes perfect sense to me, and I would if I could! but there isn’t a way to do that. So next thought would be tapping the code in, but that doesn’ work either. But I appreciate your reply! I’m so frustrated I wrote to the creator.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          What do you mean? You can’t solve the puzzle or you just don’t understand the solution?

          1. Zarabet

            I cannot solve the puzzle. Perhaps if I understood the clues I might understand the solution and be able to enter it but I cannot solve the puzzle.

  85. Zarabet

    Thanks for the help. I solved the puzzle although I’m not sure how, but done! Thanks.

  86. felicita

    I have a bug whith the game.

    I only have two out of three gears on the door of the Red Queen. I can not access the garden.

    Thank you in advance.

  87. felicita

    I have a bug with the game.

    I only have two out of three gears on the door of the Red Queen. I can not access the garden.

    Thank you in advance.

  88. Lisa

    I have the full version of the haunted. Went through the walk through and there is a room with a bloody bear and I’m suppose to be able to pick up the carafe from the top shelf, get a key and unlock the door for an orange marble. My game does NOT have this item on the top shelf therefore, I am unable to continue without my orange marble. Any help will be appreciated!

    Thank you,

  89. Kay

    I bought the Lost fountain from Amazon Followed walk though fine but when got to the bells and quickly rang them in order wk said to use the door will not open????????? Thank you for your time. Would like to continue on with the game but………. Kay

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, it sounds like that might be a bug. I’d suggest contacting the developer about it.

      1. Xairene xaija tagolgol

        Help me how croos water in the pond

  90. Lori

    Hi there!

    I think this might be an older game but I can’t find any walkthroughs online. It is called Escape Room 3; Room Escape 3; or 3 Escape Room and it’s by Iuo Bao Song. I am playing the first level, Apartment and there is a Time Limit code needed and I canNOT figure it out!! Please help!!

  91. william

    Having finished Lara Croft GO, after credits a new game comes up new adventure caves of fire I have started
    Has anybody mastered it yet. it does need a walkthrough.

  92. Janis

    I’m playing haunted manor two. I was opening the door that took the two lion keys and there was a glitch with my iPad and it froze up and when I re open the game one of my keys was gone , I went back to the attic and the bathroom and the key is not there! Do you think I will have to restart the game?

  93. Marlies baranyi

    Hello.. I bought stars on two different games … Escape cult and frames … And I did not receive them !!! Yet charged on credit card … I want my stars or refund!!!

    Thank you

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Umm… It’s not my game. I just wrote a walkthrough. I suggest contacting the developer about any issues with it.

  94. Marion

    I have been playing the game framed it is o.k. I like it but do not think I should have to pay for hints because I do not have do to this in other ones plus I have got as far as the part where you have to put the shapes in the colors and it does not open up I have did this four times now and right now very mad so I well not play any more of your games

  95. Cathy

    Ok, I don’t know whether this is my issue or yours… I really appreciate your walkthrouhjs, but I keep getting sent to spam pages when I am on your site for any length of time, and I can’t simply reverse out of them. Have you had any other reports of this problem? I am concerned I have a virus from this (although my security app says no)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry about that! Can you take a screenshot of it when you see it and email it to me? That shouldn’t be happening, and I’ll send it to my ad network so they can look into it.

      1. Cathy

        Sure can. Thanks a lot, and thanks again for the great walkthroughs.

  96. David

    In the Haiku game Midnight Carnival, when I’m trying to go to page 3 (or Chapter 3), it gives me this blank page with an error:

    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Service Unavailable

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 392268768

    This happens whether I’m in web page mode or the readers mode, and it happens if I hit the number 3 or hit the “Click Here”. (All from the bottom of the page with Chapter 2)

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is it working for you now? I was seeing the error before but now it loaded fine.

  97. Dale Farris

    Any thoughts on walkthroughs for the Shadow City games? Shadow City: Lost, Shadow City: Expose, etc.?

    1. Michelle Raifsnider

      Yes please. If anyone can figure em out, you can. TheyΓÇÖre REALLY BAD N UNINTUATIVE clear rip offs of the spectacular folks from Rusty Lakes, but if I had a walkthrough I might not be so frustrated. I also read buying the hints made no sense either. Lol. But personally, I REFUSE to drop money on ANY of these games of theirs, shadow city has MORE than the cube escape series, plus this Japanese developer Dan khan (something like that), and the other peeps in his development group have similar ripoffs like forgotten room 1&2 and it seems theyΓÇÖre also behind the ΓÇÿdoors and roomsΓÇÖ series, which I guess they pulled from the ppl who put out the DOOORS games. Still, plz TRY to do them and post walkthroughs. There currently are ZERO ANYWHERE, except one on YT for the first forgotten room edition, BUT NOTHING on the like 15 shadow city series AT ALL. IΓÇÖm notified n follow ur stuff cuz ur THE best at walkthroughs n I like to HEAR what IΓÇÖm to do and WHY. I HATE silent mouse circle around the item or thing to do next, for literally 15 seconds, AND on EVERYTHING THEY DO. Esp on the OBVIOUS. THEIR WALKTHROUGHS COULD BE SHORTER THAN THIS REPLY IF NOT DOING THE ANNOYING CIRCLE THE OBJECT THING. Lol. Thx!!! And I hope u do them (n can figure out their REALLY OBSCURE LOGIC n SHARE UR WISDOM), cuz IΓÇÖm waiting patiently on the new Rusty Lake Premium game thatΓÇÖs comin in early Dec, and of which IΓÇÖll GLADLY drop money on it as I have their two other premiums. Esp when they were generous to give the 9 cube escape series games for FREE. K IΓÇÖm done yapping, but pleeeeeeeeze?

  98. Julie verbeek

    How do you take The blue vial from his beak? Castle breakout, level 4, alchemy.

  99. Geoff Cox

    I’m in Stranger Things, and I’m at 96.6%. I believe I have all collections. What could I be missing? I beat the hydra once, but when I happened near there it started all over again so I just left the maze. Perhaps it just forgot?

  100. Talaith

    Need help with Da Vinci in the crypt. I have the key thing from the knight in armour. However the game will not let me move close to the armour to examine it even thogh the hint says to slide some of the armour apart. I see from your video that there is a slot in one leg, but I cannot move towards it, Is this a known glitch?

  101. Ruth

    Returner 77: By chance I found I could go through a hole in the floor after turning the alien black. It leads to a chapter called The Den. I expect you’ve long since moved on but I need all the help I can get with this game! ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉ╬ô├╗├å

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I finished it, yeah, but there isnΓÇÖt enough demand for me to make a walkthrough for it.

  102. Pam judd

    Accidentally bought in game coins, letter fridge, please tell me how to stop this transaction! Please help!!

  103. John Jack

    For Teeny Titans go figure, the sublime riddle is the graveyard in Gotham and the last is the statue in matropolis

  104. Dusty Humes

    Why canΓÇÖt I get levels 19 & 20 to Faraway 4?

  105. Joye M Storey

    How do I get the two balls that are outside o the accordian before unscrewing and opening to the laborynth puzzle?

  106. Analisa

    Hello i have problem level 10 for lose ground for factory thanks

  107. Maria

    You are awesome! Every time I get stuck, I refer to your solutions. I particularly like the option of reading vs watching the video. Explaining step-by-step is enormously helpful. Thanks again.

  108. Linda Neel

    Re: Kami 2 page 18 . . . the last of the puzzles with the navy and taupe triangles. I am only being given 15 steps in my app . . . you first did the puzzle in 17 and then in 16 steps. I think it is impossble to do in 15 . . . is there an update to the app that I can’t find in the app store?
    Sincerely, Linda Neel
    [email protected]

  109. Yolanda Schwyter


    Many thanks for theirs splendidly work ❣️ I find her Walkthrough simply brilliantly ❣️❣️❣️ Only I always have great difficulties with the search function. Every time I search something, he can not find it. But if I search the solution through Google, I find the solution with AppUnwrapper! 😳 I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I hope they can help me.

    I am really excited about their work, especially because they not only present video solutions, but also present the picture and text in their entirety. Thus, I can search for the one solution and do not immediately see the complete solution.

    I have the latest game Sparks – A Puzzle Adventure by Cubetopia Level 18 and in YouTube I could only 1-11 find. I really hope you can help me.
    Sorry, I can only speak German

    With kind regards

  110. Sharon

    I am playing AE mysteries trapmaker. The first time I went though until the interrogation after turning the light blue, nothing happened. I purchased 100 stars to get hints, but I had done everything I was supposed to. It just isn’t working. So I decided to create an account, logged in to see if it would unstick. Not only did I lose my 100 stars after paying for them, but When I got to the same place, it stuck again. I purchased 100 more stars to see if I could get any more hints, but it just isn’t working!!! Now I am out 26 dollars for a game that is broken. Unless I get this fixed and refund on my money, I will jot be playing any of your games again

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ItΓÇÖs not my game. Contact the developer if youΓÇÖre encountering problems.

  111. Tayra Barron

    I have a question when is double cover part 2 of the video coming out IΓÇÖm stuck on the game I canΓÇÖt figure it out

  112. Nelson Goodman

    Love your walkthroughs. Better than anybody. Have I missed the chapters in Mindsweeper beyond the first two?

  113. habibi mikail

    i cannot subscribe via email to this site, why??
    thats are some error occurs, please try again. that the massage says

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you absolutely sure there were no typos in your email address?

      1. habibi mikail

        i copy paste from the bottom where the subscribe place it
        There was an error when subscribing. Please try again.

        Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

        Join 878 other subscribers”
        can you explain that?
        can you help me out?

  114. Sher Meagher

    Kami 2 , Journey, , page 14, game 79. Shows 6 moves in your solutions but the game is now 5 moves. I cannot find a way to do it in 5. Do you have an update?
    Do you have any solutions for the challenge level?

  115. teresa howell

    Yes IΓÇÖve done the connecting the nuts several times and itΓÇÖs ThereΓÇÖs nothing it wonΓÇÖt give me the key IΓÇÖve completed it several different ways and no itΓÇÖs done right but nothing if I could get your help would be greatly appreciate it

  116. Jen

    IΓÇÖm playing The Bradwell Conspiracy and IΓÇÖm at the diagnostic module puzzle and I donΓÇÖt have enough of the material. Do you know if thereΓÇÖs someplace to get some? Thanks,

  117. Kathy Gleason

    Hi App, We started playing Life is Strange. We went on You Tube to find your walkthrough and only found Chaper/Episode 1. Is that true? You usually do the full walkthrough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think I just lost interest in it? The touch controls felt cumbersome and I also get motion sickness from these types of games if I spend too much time fiddling around.

  118. Paulie

    I did the thing that gives you the levels in black box and it did not give me the locked levels

  119. mike

    first i think you site is great and really helpful. could you please tell me if there are any other escape mystery games like the haiku people make.cause i really enjoy playing those. thank you for all you help and god bless.

  120. Justin Blair

    I was at dream hack.
    Idk if you remember or not, but I was the guy who just kinda walked through the puzzles.

    You seemed a little shocked, I just wanted to say it’s not because your puzzles weren’t hard, I have been obsessed with puzzles my entire life.
    I mean it’s been a while since a puzzle has hung me up.
    My first time playing every zelda game I’ve walked through it without getting hung up once besides Magiras mask, that part in the sandy place with the gypsy witches with the little gems on there foreheads.
    I was in news papers and whatnot at a really young age for completing some pretty advanced stuff in school.
    Also to date I’m the undefeated chess champion of my school.
    I’ve also been a gamer my entire life.
    It took my entire group to pull me from your game, it was the most fun I have had in so long, the theme reminded me of vivi, and it was all around a great feelings. I still have the pins with all the little guys.

    I will definitely be buying this game for myself and my sons.

    Also, I was wanting to get into developing some, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, IΓÇÖm not sure who this was meant for, but I donΓÇÖt make any of the games here. I write about them.

  121. Jesper

    the door will not open inn mudrer inn chapter 6. I am doing something wrong.

  122. Patty Slusher

    Hello, I’m playing murder inn. I’m in level 6. I pet the gold peice in the middle of the door to open it to go through, and there’s a glitch in the game. The dial will only turn to the 4th pin and comes back, and the door didn’t automatically open like in the video. I’ve tried everything. I’m 3 stars away from being able to skip the puzzle all together, please help.

  123. Hannah

    Please make Walkthroughs for AE Solve It 1&2!

  124. Sissi

    Hello, IΓÇÖve been watching your walkthrus on Youtube, thanks!
    I am playing HODV 2, took a break for a few days, and the compartments I had opened in Chapter 3 (paintbrush in turban manΓÇÖs hand), they are closed now. A flute is supposed to be revealed when I get Mr. Turban to squat down on his knees. According to the walkthrough, 2 compartments should open up behind him, revealing the flute and another compartment, but theyΓÇÖre not open now. What can do?

  125. Andrew

    IΓÇÖm afraid your explanation of the box puzzle in Adventure Escape chapter 8 is confusing. You obviously opened the box, but I canΓÇÖt, even using your picture.
    Example 1: your #1 is placed on a 2 which isnΓÇÖt pressed down on your photo of the completed box
    Example 2: there is only one #1 when there should be two, assuming your numbering goes 1-6 then 1-4
    Example 3: there are 3 #3s.
    This whole puzzle makes no sense. There is only 1 button which is an upwards 2, yet the instructions want it twice.
    Could you possibly redo the photo with 1-10 instead of the very confusing and wrong numbers currently there, coz I just cannot open this stupid box!!

  126. Scott

    Haunted hunt chapter 4:
    How do you acquire the 5th ring to finish the puzzle and open the vault door? Youre walkthrough shows acquiring only 4 rings. Then it notates in the walkthrough text that you need to arrange all Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║5Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ rings to open the door… HOW?!?!?!?!?!? WHERE?!?!?!?!?

  127. Heather Lambert

    I canΓÇÖt get the printer to accept the print material in escape space.

  128. Judith

    My house of davinci magnifieris not nighting and those need to be seen in order to play ,

  129. Heather Daniel Minier

    IΓÇÖm in adventure escape, sacred stones , level 8 trying to turn the shards into colored diamonds. In the walkthrough in scene /#20 you have four shards but the game requires five . The video shows five being played but the screen shot before (#20) only shows the four shards. Where does the fifth come from?

  130. Barbara

    Loved Roterra, but found the camera frustrating too. But that was ok! Looked forward to Roterra Extreme-but its not available on android. Can you recommend any android games like roterra or monument Valley-?my favorite!

  131. Beth

    Have finished the end of chapter 4 of “trap maker”. Except, it won’t allow me to leave the bus–either by the window or the door. And, there are no hints. HELP, PLEASE

  132. APPI

    read ur youtube vedio comments

  133. Louise Wren

    You answered wrong in the psychic game. They do not have a sound stage 5 andwer in the puzzle

  134. Kenzi

    Just wondering if you ever finished Get aCC-e55 I’m stuck and you are my go to for walkthroughs

  135. Dan McCarthy

    Syntaxity recently added enchanter world 2 as AAA new game will you be producing a walk-through for EnchanterΓÇÿs world two anytime soon please let me know when you have a walk-through that I can use

  136. Annmarie

    Can your team send me more stars ⭐️ to help me skip tricky tasks

  137. Library980

    Are you the person who did the video walk throughs for OceanHorn? They are the best ones I’ve found for my grandson, who loves the way you pace these. If I can figure out that you are the same guy, I’d send you a small bit of support.

  138. Phyllis

    Love your walkthroughs. Any hints on Gris ice puzzle on left to jump/fly high enough to get momento? CanΓÇÖt seem to advance in game.

  139. Elveda

    This is a question about cube escape. I can’t pick up the bug one the desk. Been trying. I would love a solution. I’m not to tech savvy. Just a simple answer in my
    Email will suffice. Thank you for your time. eletay 1225.

  140. ariane

    j ai achet├⌐ “the house da vinci 2”
    je vous ai deja contacter..sans reponse
    j etais au 6 eme chapitre, comme il y avait un bug j ai refait le niveau…pour rien
    car j ai toujours ce bug

  141. ariane

    j ai achet├⌐ “the house da vinci 2”
    je vous ai deja contacter..sans reponse
    j etais au 6 eme chapitre, comme il y avait un bug j ai refait le niveau…pour rien
    car j ai toujours ce bug

  142. Poornima

    I am having issues accessing the Mirror Man game. I am able to get to the game but once it loaded it is just a blank screen. I have tried closing the app fully and reloading it but the same thing happens. I checked to see if it is doing it with other games but all the other games work. I do I resolve this issue so I can continue playing the game.

  143. Poornima

    I am having issues accessing the Mirror Man game. I am able to get to the game but once it loaded it is just a blank screen. I have tried closing the app fully and reloading it but the same thing happens. I checked to see if it is doing it with other games but all the other games work. I would like this issue resolved so I can continue playing the game.

  144. Brian Hall

    I just finished the second constellation puzzle on cursed crown chapter 10. If that was the end of the game am I not supposed to look at the choices I made during the story. If so, it did not allow me to do so. Please help.

  145. Mike

    Adventure escape allied spies…symbols on the cell wall don’t work. Is something special I need to do to make it work. Do I tap the symbols or draw a line to each of them.

  146. Gareth

    Hi I am playing the Lost Ruin revenge of Atlantis and I have been trying to open the arsenal door. I have entered the correct symbols to open the arsenal door without the help of hints but the door hasn’t opened. I have now used up 20 hints to help what I had right from the start. The last hint tells me to walk through the open doorway but the arsenal door has not opened.??

  147. Alireza

    Website photos do not come

  148. Cynthia


    Love your site but FYI your showing advertisements from “Lymph System Support” that show disgusting photos of rotting ankles and one advertisement from Progressive Insurance just froze my computer with malware. I had to restart my computer and run an antivirus.

  149. Sarah

    Issue with AppUnwrapper walkthrough

    Name of Game: “Hidden Ruins”
    Developer: Haiku Games
    Chapter 2

    Clarification of issue:

    AppUnrapper will include both a video of herself playing through each chapter of the game, as well as providing a written step by step walkthrough containing screenshots and instructions on how to get through the level.

    I noticed that in chapter 2 of the game mentioned above, that the video of AppUnwrapper playing through the chapter is indeed that of Chapter 1 and not Chapter 2.

    The game in question is “Hidden ruins by Haiku Games.

    I am having issues at the end of chapter 2 at the time of writing, as I am unable to see the path traced out by AppUnWrapper, in the screenshot of level two of the mushroom puzzle.

    A number of these puzzles are difficult to see, as such it helps me a great deal to watch and copy someone who has made a video of the solution.

    AppUnWrapper, can you please address the issue with your walkthrough at your earliest convenience?

    Many thanks,


    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll try to rework the walkthrough for this newer version. I see it’s now 8 chapters instead of 7. Do you know where chapter 1 ends now?

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