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C Schubert
9 years ago

I just purchased the full walkthrough for “The Drifting Locked Chamber”. Please inform me how to access this as I have as yet received no information or means to access the product I have just legally purchased.

Thank you.


Xairene xaija tagolgol
Reply to  AppUnwrapper
6 years ago

Hi, im wondering where is the fifth tile piece and where to find the crystal? Please tell us, my brother and i are waiting for your answer.

Heather Daniel Minier
Reply to  Xairene xaija tagolgol
8 months ago

I’m waiting for that answer too

Reply to  C Schubert
8 years ago

hi, i was looking for an answer about what to do with the candlestick i ve earn

after setting it in the room upstairs…. but the thing is that the room where it suppose to be place beside the other one is nowhere i can find it in the house and i can t go back anywhere ?!?!

im a bit block here……

i m playing it on iphone….

there someone who can help me here with that ?



9 years ago

I joined twitter, offered my first born and made a gravatar hoe do i join this site and log in for “The Drifting Locked Chamber” walk through??? Please help me

Reply to  Monica
9 years ago

ooops!!! i meant……. how lol

C Schubert
9 years ago

Got all the info – it did go to spam- many thanks!

Marie Fällgren
9 years ago

Hi, I need some help with the broken flower. I´ve searched the net but I haven´t found any walkthroughs. Can you help me and what do I have to do? / Marie

Reply to  Marie Fällgren
9 years ago

Hello there! First off…the game is amazing! I am new to these games though,and have a few questions.How do I find the summer and (i think) autumn angels? and …i’m not sure if i completed the winter puzzle correctly.Do you have a still shot of it completed? Thank you for your time and thank you for your awesome game! I look forward to future games from you!

9 years ago

i cant find how to go to screen 7

9 years ago

how do i get on screen 7 please

9 years ago

Can u help im playing the strange house anf i cant get the clock hands to stick to gether

9 years ago

Can u do a walk through on ” the letter that had to wait “

9 years ago

Please help with the game “On the brink of death” Can’t open any thing on the car to see that there is gas in the car.. Please please help cause without this I can’t continue the game

9 years ago

Didn’t you used to have a menu for IDAC games?

9 years ago

Help! Atrium 3 Deluxe chapter 4 balcony scene. I cannot get the key from the chair puzzle. I have tried the chairs in every direction but the key will not spin so I can get it. Very frustrated! Any advice? Thank You

9 years ago

Hi there im stuck with the safe code in ‘on the brink of death’ cant seem to find the 3 alphabets. Please help me

9 years ago

Hi, im playing Escape Room: Strange House and i dont understand why the last two monkeys are switched. How did you know to put them like that? Also how does the clue “symmetrical” mean 1 is 3, 9 is 7, 7is 9, and 2 is 2? How did you know thats how it is? It was killing me trying to figure it out until i finally gave up and found this VERY helpful website. Thank u for the help.

9 years ago

The map coordinates do not open the lever on the Crimson Mansion

9 years ago

Hi there im stuck with the safe code in ‘on the brink of death’ cant seem to find the 3 alphabets. Please help me

9 years ago

Following on twitter can i get some help for the drifting locked chamber?

9 years ago

Im playing prank house and I enter the code on the multi colored door and nothing happened.

9 years ago

Re crimson manor. Tapping on the cheerleader picture does not work. Nothing happens. Thank you

9 years ago

Hey AppUnwrapper!

Enjoyed struggling through “Spear of Destiny” with you. I was looking for another game like “The Lost City.” Clearly, “Spear” didn’t rise to the occasion. Got a short list of stuff to check out?

You can skip the simple “room escape” stuff; not enough ambiance for me. Big Fish games look promising, but end up having too many “hidden object” screens for me. They may work great on an iPad, but not so good on an iPhone.


9 years ago

I have escape room:strange house and I can’t get the three reliefs to go in! Help me!

9 years ago

Hi from France!!!
Thanks for all the walkthroughs i’m now tryin to escape from the game “a letter from the dead” can you please do a walkthrough??? I can’t breath anymore because of this Lol

9 years ago

How do you open the door by placing battery

9 years ago

Re crimson manner: I can’t get past the barrels in the wine cellar. Any help would be appreciated.

Reply to  leslie
8 years ago

To get past the barrels you hafta put the matching icons one right after the other. For example the cross matches to the cross next to it, and so on. Until you are able to match them from one circle to the next. Now how do you do the puzzle under the lion fountain???

9 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a walkthrough and/or hints for “the lonely young man”?

Reply to  lmack
9 years ago

I too am going nuts trying to find a walkthrough, hints, ANYTHING for The Lonely Young Man. All I’ve come up with are a couple of links that SEEM to be referencing a walkthrough of some sort but are entirely in what I assume to be Japanese. I haven’t been able to muddle my way thru well enough with Google translate to even be certain… and haven’t found the actual walkthrough yet to see if there is any hope of making sense of it. Anybody out there actually finished this game? I’m so dang stuck it’s embarrassing! I can’t figure out the robots… I’d brute force my way thru but it is agonizingly slow just to cycle thru even one combination let alone ALL possible combinations. Can’t figure out what the third veggie the video game critter likes either. Help! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? LOL

Reply to  TazCat
9 years ago

Lonely Young Man update:
Finally solved the robots after solving the veggie issue on the big video game console and then using the new info from that to open the safe which let me do some other stuff. Now I’m stuck… again… I got the little portable game device working and am pretty sure of the answer to its riddle… but the only place where I can figure to put it is in the door with the code lock but it doesn’t work there. I even tried using Japanese words for the answer… still no luck. If I ever finish this game I will work up a walkthrough for it it (assuming no one beats me to it) but in the meantime has anyone else gotten past the door with the code lock on it?

9 years ago

Re The Mystery of the Grimson Manor. When I get to the Bravery angel, nothing happens when I tap the shield. The sword worked on Courage and the gold worked on Greatness but can’t do anything with Bravery. Suggestions?