This a quick list of the Mines of Mars guides you’ll find here.

1. Mines of Mars: Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (This is mainly a starting guide and tips and tricks.)

2. Mines of Mars: Dungeons and Boss Battles Guide

3. Mines of Mars: Weapons Stats Guide

4. Mines of Mars: Offering Pit and Artifacts Guide

5. Mines of Mars: Review

6. Mines of Mars Update 1.05 Notes

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  1. Giorgi

    I ask you how to close game?
    In craft I crafted everything,I have all materials
    I unlocked everything in museum too
    I opened main dungeon with key and find big door. I entertained and now I’m invisible.
    Now what can I do?

  2. Bessy Galaz

    Help: So thereΓÇÖs this these Blocks and in between them is air. What is that? Like is it there for decoration? I tried destroying them but doesnΓÇÖt let me. Another things is the robots in this game. The robots say if you find all six of them youΓÇÖll get them but I havenΓÇÖt found any ever since. One more thing is that Kras is gone. Like I shot him by accident because there was a monster on the town and he was in my way and normally heΓÇÖll come back and follow me but heΓÇÖs not there anymore.

    1. Bigrichman

      I’m having a similar issue with kras, I accidentally shot him while shooting a monster, now he just keeps running into the max left part of the town and I have been looking for a way to make him happy with me again so he’ll help me. Sadly, the internet is giving me nothing to figure that out.

  3. Abrar

    My question is where can I find all the bots in the game. please make a guide for that. It would be very useful for us.

    1. Fortune

      The robots are scattered throughout the mine. I’ve found them mostly in the large rooms down there. You should be able to hear them before you see them.

  4. human i think?

    my problem is ruby I’ve mined every block from 1000 to 2000 depth range but i dont have enough ruby to buy everything the game has to offer and the wrost part is when i first got the rubys i used them on everything but drills so now im stuck with a steel pickaxe any tips on what i can do if anything?

  5. AcmeAce

    If you shoot robot in town. Start over and dont do it again. I have beaten the game four times and one of those times there was not enough minerals to get everything. Like the offering pit had to pass on it. So its random some worlds have plenty of minerals and some dont. That is why they say to do the offering pit last. I concur. Above all have FUN. it’s just a game.

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