This a quick list of the Mines of Mars guides you’ll find here.

1. Mines of Mars: Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (This is mainly a starting guide and tips and tricks.)

2. Mines of Mars: Dungeons and Boss Battles Guide

3. Mines of Mars: Weapons Stats Guide

4. Mines of Mars: Offering Pit and Artifacts Guide

5. Mines of Mars: Review

6. Mines of Mars Update 1.05 Notes

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  1. Giorgi

    I ask you how to close game?
    In craft I crafted everything,I have all materials
    I unlocked everything in museum too
    I opened main dungeon with key and find big door. I entertained and now I’m invisible.
    Now what can I do?

  2. Bessy Galaz

    Help: So thereΓÇÖs this these Blocks and in between them is air. What is that? Like is it there for decoration? I tried destroying them but doesnΓÇÖt let me. Another things is the robots in this game. The robots say if you find all six of them youΓÇÖll get them but I havenΓÇÖt found any ever since. One more thing is that Kras is gone. Like I shot him by accident because there was a monster on the town and he was in my way and normally heΓÇÖll come back and follow me but heΓÇÖs not there anymore.

    1. Bigrichman

      I’m having a similar issue with kras, I accidentally shot him while shooting a monster, now he just keeps running into the max left part of the town and I have been looking for a way to make him happy with me again so he’ll help me. Sadly, the internet is giving me nothing to figure that out.

  3. Abrar

    My question is where can I find all the bots in the game. please make a guide for that. It would be very useful for us.

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