Escape Game: The Phoenix: Walkthrough

Escape Game: The Phoenix By: WaveA (IDAC) Walkthrough: Here's a walkthrough from reader Sierra Taylor: Start game Go Right click on the desk and then on the top drawer the code is 8766 take the allen wrench Click on middle drawer the code for this is 8315 open the box and take the tweezers Go Right click on the metal plate on wall near the lamp use the allen wrench on it…

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Escape: Strange House II (2): Walkthrough

Escape: Strange House II (2) By: WaveA (IDAC) Walkthrough: 1. Lift the cushion to get a square relief. 2. Open the pot above the fireplace to get the screwdriver. 3. Turn around and take the marbles from the glass bowl. 4. Inspect each animal figurine carefully, as well as the engraving ("The Weak go left. the Strong go right.") 5. Arrange the animals by weakest to strongest. So lion, snake, eagle. Then…

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