Polls: Vote for Next Walkthrough

I want to see which IDAC walkthroughs people need the most before I choose the next ones to write. Please take a moment to vote. Thank you 🙂




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53 thoughts on “Polls: Vote for Next Walkthrough

    1. courtney

      Vicky miles… I’m now on damsel in distress. Have you escaped? I need the code for the red safe( 4 numbered safe). And yes need walkthrough!

  1. teresa

    Restore by IDAC.
    so far I have the lolly pop which you can get out of the jar with the rubber bands which I found on top of the cupboard using the chair.
    I managed to figure out the pink code and scored a pot and some tape. I got the tap to turn on and the gas burner to start.
    I can’t pick up the rag in order to get it wet with the luke warm water in the yoghurt maker so that I can clean the dirt from the bottom of the chair.
    Obviously there is another step first.
    I figure if I can get some of the tap water on the water wheel it will tell me something too, but the pot won’t go in the sink or on the stove yet.
    Frustrating seeing what ought to happen but not being able to achieve it.
    So far no keys to unlock the box under the sink or the one in the freezer, and nothing to pry the paper out from the cupboard door either! aaarggh

  2. teresa

    re Restore,
    I have now found the silver apple. This has been a great help in moving forward.
    Still need to get flavour in the pot, figure out a four digit code and find a key to the box in the freezer, if I can help anyone, please ask, and visa versa – If you have a hint for me, it would be appreciated.

    1. teresa

      OK Nearly there. Found the key to the box in the freezer which led me to the memory card for the phone. Now I just need two number codes. But what’s the week? and what year is it? Been married 5 years, wife’s birthday, wedding picture 4 years old… all very confusing.

      1. teresa

        OK! Amazing what you can achieve when there is no walkthrough to help you!
        I’m out, and I’ve made it up with my “wife” LOL


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