I want to see which IDAC walkthroughs people need the most before I choose the next ones to write. Please take a moment to vote. Thank you 🙂



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The Clowns Grudge


Wandering calico cat


My girlfriend and the cafe!!!

Monica Velasquez

I have 9 items, how many do you have? Please help!!


The Blood-stained mansion by Idac, please.



I’d like you to do a walkthrough for the game “Escape the room 2” by gameday, the same as roombreak. I’m stuck in the room 13. I found another site that did it, but stopped on room 10. I really need help. This is not a recent game, but very interesting.

Thank you


“Looking through the glass” has my vote I bought this game 2 months ago and I’m stuck. What the hell is the code for the music note?? So need your help!!!!


I am stuck on this one too and there is no help to be found anywhere 🙁 didn’t even get as far as the musical note 🙁 did u ever escape babygirl?


How to vote? >.<


The Wandering Calico Cat please…

Monica Velasquez

Wandering calico cat please!!! I cant figure out how to vote?!?


The wandering calico cat pls, how can I vote?


Walkthrough for The Letter That Had To Wait please 🙂


i vote real escape XD i stuck at the waka part and the codes safe … its really difficult


Where to find battery in à letter from the dead?????


Dooooors plz can’t figure out leval 8


Looking through the glass please!!!


looking through the glass and the cage,please been stuck for a week going crazy!!!!!!!


The black case file please!


Do u got the password for the door near to square holes???


I appreciate your walkthroughs. I don’t know how you are able to figure them out before the rest of us. what do we need to know that you already know?


Please I’ve been in need of some help in solving looking through the glass thank you.


I need help with “Unrequited Love” by IDAC.


Can you please respond appunwapper what’s going on with looking through the glass. I’ve been stuck on this for months and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve sent you so many requests and nothing. I’m starting to think there is no walkthrough for this one. And that would suck. I guess I’m not the only one who needs some answers too. Please need your help on this one please respond. Thank you


Creeping tones


A letter from the dead
The clown’s grudge
Looking through the glass
Mystery hotel
Last night a bike saved my life
Been stuck on these for a while. Can’t find walkthroughs anywhere


Idac has a new one out called castaway and it’s brutal right from the get go. Have got no where with it yet, help.


How far have you got with castaway? Only got the rope, have had this game for ages keep coming back but not progressing.


Need Rendzevous without an exit by Idac. It’s a tough one. Thxs.