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Twisty Planets: Review

Twisty Planets By: Crescent Moon Games & FirstSight Games Twisty Planets is a unique 3D puzzle game for iOS and Android devices from developer FirstSight Games and publisher Crescent Moon Games. You Take control of Qub, an always-cheerful cube-shaped character that resembles an old CRT TV -- antenna and all. Each level features a 3D "planet" made up of little blocks that's floating in space. There are three stars to collect, plus a portal that allows you to proceed to the next level. You Read more [...]

Maniac Manors: Walkthrough

Maniac Manors: Jacobson's Unfaith By: Cezure Production Walkthrough: 1. First get used to the controls. The left knob moves your feet while the right knob moves your eyes. Together they allow you to move fairly well once you get used to it. Turn around and find the truck with its lights on. There's a suitcase nearby. Open it and take the Nine of Tentacles. We need to find a way into the mansion. 2. Behind the truck, look on top of one of the crates to find a wrench. 3. There's a gate Read more [...]

Dark Meadow: Game Review: Is it more than just a re-skinned Infinity Blade?

Dark Meadow By Phosphor Games Studio, LLC Dark Meadow is a new atmospheric first-person iOS game that borrows some game mechanics from the highly successful Infinity Blade, while offering plenty to make it stand out on its own. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from the latest mobile game to utilize the Unreal Engine 3. Gameplay 3.5/5 In Dark Meadow, you wake up in an old hospital, deserted by all but some strange creatures and an old man who communicates with you via the loudspeakers. Read more [...]

Atmosfear: Game Review: Virtual reality on an iDevice?

Atmosfear By Applix srl See my walkthrough here. Atmosfear is an iPhone room escape game that's not afraid to be different. Don't be scared away by the Italian description in the App Store. The game itself is in English, and is an experience not to be missed. Gameplay 5/5 Atmosfear uses Applix srl's patented Bubble Viewer technology to offer innovative gameplay not often utilized in the app store. It's almost like virtual reality. For the best experience, you need to either stand or Read more [...]