‘Barbearian’ Review: Me and THIS Army

Barbearian By: Kimmo Lahtinen (GIMBLLL) Someone out there might remember that last year, I played The Witness for months and then finally reviewed it right before the year ended. Well, it looks like GIMBLLL's hectic hack-n-slash, Barbearian, is this year's The Witness. I loved it from the very start, with its fast-paced mayhem and charming hand-drawn art style. But every time I'd get stuck on a boss, I'd take a break for…

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Darkness Rises: Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough Guide, Videos and Impressions

Darkness Rises By: NEXON Company I don't play too many free-to-play games these days, mostly because I don't want to be constantly reminded while playing that buying my way ahead is an option. I just want to play a game and leave my wallet behind. Occasionally something just looks so good, though, that I have to try it. The latest such game is Nexon Mobile's action RPG, Darkness Rises. I was tempted…

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‘Stolen Thunder’ Review: It Stole My Heart

Stolen Thunder - A Unique Action Puzzle Adventure By: Jason Nowak I knew very little about Jason Nowak's Stolen Thunder, but I saw the trailer and loved the look and sound of it. In fact, if I were to design my own game, I would probably want the same color palette. It did seem a bit reflex-based, so I was nervous I might get frustrated with it early on. But I've wasted…

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