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Infinity Blade III (3) Ausar Rising Guide

Infinity Blade III (3) By: Chair Entertainment This is a guide where you'll be able to find helpful hints, tips, cheats and solutions for the Ausar Rising expansion of Infinity Blade 3. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don't find what you're looking for. ***New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You don't Read more [...]

Infinity Blade III (3): Ausar Rising Update

Infinity Blade III (3) By: Chair Entertainment Chair announced that a huge new content update is coming for Infinity Blade 3 on December 19th, called "Ausar Rising"! See our Ausar Rising guide here. *** More info about the Deathless mode! Sounds hardcore! "Are You Deathless? Some costumed vigilante once said something to the affect that “with great challenge comes great reward.” ChAIR took that as inspiration for a new mode available in the upcoming Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising update. Read more [...]