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ESCAPE:130XES: Walkthrough

ESCAPE:130XES (130 Boxes) By: gameday Inc. Walkthrough: This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Levels 1-4: Just follow the arrows. Level 5: Pull and hold down the lever with one finger, and rotate the wheel with the other finger until both lights turn green. Level 6: The game makes you use a hint on this level. Once you do, enter the numbers from the hint (2014) and turn the dial. Level 7: Rotate each lock and slide it out of the way. Level 8: Read more [...]

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story — Hammer on the Box solution

Cabin Escape: Alice's Story By: Glitch Games See our Cabin Escape review here. If you're stuck on the "USE HAMMER ON THE BOX" puzzle in Cabin Escape, this will help you. Click here for the full walkthrough. Remember what it says on the box above the fireplace? "USE A HAMMER ON THE BOX." There's a box on the computer screen (Think outside the box). There's also a hammer on the screen, part of the "Settings" icon. Drag the hammer to box and then check the fireplace. The box will be open Read more [...]