Apple Arcade Unwrapped: September 24, 2019 – Agent Intercept, Down in Bermuda, The Get Out Kids, Oceanhorn 2, Projection First Light, Sneaky Sasquatch and More

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my almost daily roundup of Apple Arcade games, called Apple Arcade Unwrapped. It's similar to my weekly roundup called My Week Unwrapped. At least while Apple Arcade is new, I'll be posting every day about the games I played since the previous issue. The idea is to include gameplay videos and blurbs to help my readers decide which games to play first. There are already over…

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Down in Bermuda: Walkthrough Guide

Down in Bermuda By: Yak & Co Down in Bermuda is the latest puzzle game from Yak & Co, the makers of Agent A. It's about a man named Milton who crashes on an island and gets stuck there for 30 years. Somehow, you just arrived to help him and are either a giant or a god or I'm not really sure, but you can press buttons on buildings as thought they're…

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