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EnigmOn 2: Level 23 Walkthrough & Solution

EnigmOn 2 By: EBR Inaya Level 23 of EnigmOn has to be my favorite. It's also a long one to explain, so I gave it its own page. Here's the step-by-step walkthrough for Level 23 of EnigmOn 2: Level 23: Flick your phone as though you're throwing the fishing hook into the water. Then reel in the "fish." Do this twice to get the hint "Level 9." So go back to level 9 and find the answer. In Level 9, pull down the shade. Then slide the "audio" icon to the left to see another clue -- "Level 17." Read more [...]

EnigmOn 2: Walkthrough

EnigmOn 2 By: EBR Inaya Here you'll find a complete walkthrough for the game EnigmOn 2, with hints, help and solutions. If the hints aren't enough, ask in the comments section for more help. Looking for the original EnigmOn walkthrough? Walkthrough: Level 1: Use three fingers to lift the gate up. Level 2: Blow into your microphone to see a clue on the mirror. Then tap on the "Level 2" at the top and change the "2" to "3" (because the arrow is pointing up and telling you to add 1). Level Read more [...]