Escape: The Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape: The Room 2 By MocoGames See my full list of escape games and walkthroughs. Walkthrough: 1. Turn right twice. Take the red ball, box cutter, and blank sheet of paper from the brown desk. 2. Examine the sign on the wall. Examine both books on the desk. 3. Turn right. Open the fridge and take the cup. 4. Fill the cup with water from the fish tank. 5.

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Escape: The Room Walkthrough

Escape: The Room By MocoGame (Photos coming soon) Walkthrough: 1. Pick up the box cutters. 2. Turn right. Examine the inside of the orange furniture to find this message: 3. Turn right. Take the tissue from the tissue box. 4. Take the tennis ball from the drawer and examine it. 5. Take the steel rod from the brown furniture. 6. Turn right. The wall is dirty. You can't clean it with the…

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