Fireproof Games’ “The Room Three” Had a Ninja Release Today

The Room Three By: Fireproof Games Fireproof Games had a surprise release of The Room Three today without any previous announcement. I just started playing and it looks gorgeous. The game starts off on a moving train, so that's already very different from what we're used to with these games. There also seems to be more of a story unraveling. I only played a few minutes so far because it's a dark…

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The Room: Epilogue: Walkthrough

The Room: Epilogue By: Fireproof Games This is a walkthrough guide for anyone who needs help, hints, or solutions for the the newly added Epilogue for the game "the Room." Walkthrough: 1. Look through the lens to see hidden marks. There's a handprint that you need to match up. Once you do so, part of it will pop up. Press it down to get a gear. 2. Press down this piece: 3.…

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The Room (Pocket): Walkthrough

The Room (Pocket): Walkthrough By: Fireproof Games 1. Follow the tutorial to get the eyepiece. 2. The note inside the box is a riddle. The answer to it is "Fire." Find the "Fire" button at the bottom of the safe and press it to open a hidden compartment. Take the key from inside. 3. Walkthrough in progress... Stand by for more.

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