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Doors & Rooms 3: Walkthrough Guide

Doors & Rooms 3 By: gameday Inc. This will be a walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game Doors & Rooms 3 by gameday. Walkthrough: Chapter 1: Stage 1: 1. Look under the yellow rug near the right side of the room and grab what looks like a leaf. 2. Look in the potted plant to get the flower piece. 3. Open the blue cabinet below the plant and take another leaf. 4. Open the bottom drawer of the dresser and take the batteries. 5. Pick Read more [...]

House of Grudge: Walkthrough Guide

House of Grudge By: gameday Inc. House of Grudge is a new horror room escape/adventure game by Gameday, the makers of Roombreak: Escape Now!. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips and answers for the iOS and Android game. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Walkthrough: Note: You can die in this game. Pay attention to the red health bar at the top! If you make sure not to save after taking damage, you can revert to an older save. 1. First, open the closet Read more [...]

ESCAPE:130XES: Walkthrough

ESCAPE:130XES (130 Boxes) By: gameday Inc. Walkthrough: This is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Levels 1-4: Just follow the arrows. Level 5: Pull and hold down the lever with one finger, and rotate the wheel with the other finger until both lights turn green. Level 6: The game makes you use a hint on this level. Once you do, enter the numbers from the hint (2014) and turn the dial. Level 7: Rotate each lock and slide it out of the way. Level 8: Read more [...]

Doors & Rooms: Walkthrough

Doors & Rooms By: Gameday Inc. Walkthrough: Stage 1-1: Tap on the door to open it, then go through. 1-2: Unlock the lock on the bottom of the door, then open it. 1-3: Pick up the hammer. Use it to break the glass. Pick up the key from the broken glass (move the screen around to see it). Use the key to open the door. 1-4: Open the drawer and take out the egg. Dismantle it, then use the key from inside it to open the door. 1-5: Pick up the two items from the floor. Combine them, then put them Read more [...]

Help Purple: Walkthrough

Help Purple By: Gameday Korea Walkthrough: Level 1: Follow the tutorial to move the window into the hole. Then move the wooden plank into the other hole. Then move the beanbag-like item under the wooden plank (you need to swipe sideways a few times). Purple will slide down all three items, and stop at the exit. It's blocked, so you need to keep tapping on the rubble until the exit is clear. Level 2: Watch the cutscenes. Then tap on each rope holding the cloud down. Swipe across the rope when Read more [...]