My Week Unwrapped: November 14, 2018 – Golf Peaks, SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams, Rogue Cards, Black Paradox, Paintiles, A Mortician’s Tale and More

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another installment of my weekly roundup called My Week Unwrapped. Following last week's insanity, this week is fairly quiet. But there are still some fantastic games to discuss. So I'll cut this intro short and get right to it! Golf PeaksI always like the idea of a golf video game more than I end up liking it in practice. I often find them frustrating and relying…

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‘Golf Peaks’ Review: Mulling Over Mulligans

Golf Peaks By: Lukasz Spierewka / Afterburn Games I have a strange relationship with golf. I enjoyed playing miniature golf as a kid on family outings. And I've even tried some regular golf and didn't find it completely terrible. I still wouldn't make it a hobby, though. And you wouldn't be able to pay me to watch someone else play the sport. That said, I acknowledge that it translates well to video…

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Golf Peaks: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Golf Peaks By: Lukasz Spierewka / Afterburn Games Golf Peaks is a stylish puzzle game using golf mechanics. While it starts off easy, there are some dastardly levels that might stump some folks. So this walkthrough guide should help anyone who's stuck and needs a solution. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See my review here. Walkthrough: World 1, Levels 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7,…

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