Gone Home: An Interview with Steve Gaynor About the iOS Port

Gone Home By: Annapurna Interactive / Fullbright Company After waiting years, wondering if I'd ever get to play Gone Home on my iPad and pretty much giving up all hope, this December brought a huge surprise. With the help of publisher Annapurna Interactive, the Fullbright Company ported their multi-award-winning adventure game to iOS this past week. Since I was told a while back by co-founder Steve Gaynor that it was unlikely to…

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‘Gone Home’ iOS Review: Feels Right at Home on an iPad

Gone Home By: Annapurna Interactive / Fullbright Company Gone Home released on PC in 2013 to critical acclaim, won a bunch of awards and, along with it, a ton of controversy. Dubbed the original “walking simulator,” the lack of any meaningful challenge prompted questions on whether it’s even a game. Basically, you walk around an empty house, picking up objects and reading notes left around by the family. There aren’t really any…

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Gone Home: iOS Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Gone Home By: Annapurna Interactive / Fullbright Company See my Gone Home review. I never expected the original walking simulator, Gone Home, to come to iOS devices, even thought I wanted it to so badly. Yet, here we are at the end of 2018 and I'm playing it on my iPad from the comfort of my couch. It feels really nice on a touchscreen, but there are some settings you may miss.…

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