Finding the Right Words: An Interview with Neven Mrgan About Grayout, the Prequel to Blackbar

Grayout By: Mrgan LLC I was a couple of years late to the party with Neven Mrgan and James Moore's censorship game Blackbar, but it's a trippy experience that I recommend trying if you haven't yet. It uses dark humor and absurdity to warn us about relying too heavily on surveillance and censorship. I loved the tone of the game, so when I heard they were working on a prequel called Grayout,…

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Grayout by Mrgan: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Answers

Grayout By: Mrgan LLC Grayout is a new text game from Neven Mrgan and James Moore, the minds behind Blackbar. It can be a bit tricky at times, so I made this walkthrough for those who get truly stuck. I'm only including the answers (and explanations where necessary) so it won't spoil the story. Sometimes there are multiple answers that will work, but I might only give one. If you would prefer…

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Grayout By: Mrgan LLC **Update: The game is now available. You can download it here and see this little gameplay video here: You might be wondering what that jumbled title is all about. It was my way of having a bit of fun announcing the upcoming text adventure game called Grayout, a prequel to the dystopian censorship game Blackbar by Neven Mrgan and James Moore. Grayout puts you in the shoes of…

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