Bridge Constructor Portal: Walkthrough Guide

Bridge Constructor Portal By: Headup Games This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Bridge Constructor Portal, by Headup Games. These are all solutions I found on my own that will get the full convoy through. Some of them may be messy, but they get the job done. Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Hello applicant 9723: Level 01, My first bridge: Level 02, Slopes: Level 03, Quantum…

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‘The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk’ iOS Review: Blown Away

The Inner World 2 - The Last Wind Monk By: Studio Fizbin & Headup Games I was a few months late to the party with The Inner World, but it ended up being one of my favorite point-and-click adventures ever. With an adorable but quirky protagonist, tons of other entertaining characters, dry wit, hand-drawn cartoon artwork and top-notch voice acting, it was hard not to fall in love. So when I heard…

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‘The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk’ Scheduled for a 2017 Release

I don't do many upcoming game release announcements these days. I prefer to have some hands-on with a game before I say much about it. Instead, I usually just add newly announced games to my Upcoming Adventure Games list. But I do make exceptions, and I believe a sequel to one of my favorite point-and-click adventure games is worth getting excited about. I played and reviewed Studio Fizbin's and HeadUp Games' cartoony…

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