‘Knights of the Card Table’ Review: Slice ‘n’ Dice

Knights of the Card Table By: Iron Horse Games LLC / Ponywolf Who can resist a cartoony hand-drawn dungeon crawler with puntastic humor and a simple control scheme that's a perfect fit for mobile? I know I can't, which is why I was so excited to play Ponywolf's Knights of the Card Table. Meteorfall was one of my most-played games of 2018, so I was hoping it might scratch a similar itch…

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Knights of the Card Table: Walkthrough Guide and Gameplay Videos

Knights of the Card Table By: Iron Horse Games / Ponywolf Knights of the Card Table is a new level-based card game by Ponywolf and Iron Horse Games. It's not a trading card or deck-building game, as you don't have a deck of cards that you add to. Basically, each dungeon consists of cards, be they monsters or gold or potions, and you decide the order to go through them. If you're…

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