Prune: Walkthrough Guide

Prune By: Joel Mcdonald If you've been playing the gorgeous Prune by Joel McDonald, you may have noticed that the game doesn't really give you many instructions. This walkthrough guide is meant to help those who need help understanding some key mechanics of the game. I also included video walkthroughs for each chapter. Additionally, I added some of the hidden secrets at the bottom of the page. Feel free to ask for…

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Prune Review: A Deceptively Challenging Piece of Puzzle Art

Prune By: Joel Mcdonald My first impression of Prune was that it's going to be more art than game. I got some very strong Monument Valley vibes from it, especially with its minimalistic icons and very similar camera feature. That would be fine, as I do love games as art. But as I progressed, the levels got significantly more challenging. Like any good puzzle game, it throws new elements at you every…

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