Total Party Kill: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Total Party Kill By: Jussi Simpanen / Adventure Islands Total Party Kill is a new puzzle game by Jussi Simpanen that has you taking control of three different heroes -- a Knight, a Mage, and a Ranger. They each kill in different ways, and you need to have them kill each other to survive each room on the dungeon. As long as one of them makes it to the exit, you're good.…

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‘Total Party Kill’ Review: It’s To Die For

Total Party Kill By: Jussi Simpanen / Adventure Islands Dungeon crawling is a dangerous hobby, and not everyone can make it out alive in the hunt for treasure. But what if death was the answer? That's the idea behind Total Party Kill, the latest puzzle game from Jussi Simpanen. Sharing some similarities with Persephone and Sometimes You Die, this creative puzzler has you killing your friends so you can climb their corpses…

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