Speed Dating for Ghosts: iOS Review and Gameplay Videos

Speed Dating for Ghosts By: Copychaser Games / Laundry Bear Games I absolutely despise dating in real life, so it might make sense that I'm not really into dating games. That said, I've still given some a try, hoping I would like the writing and humor enough to overlook the genre. Unfortunately, they've all been either too wordy, too silly, or I just lost interest before getting very far. But it's hard…

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‘A Mortician’s Tale’ iOS Review: Die Local

A Mortician's Tale By: Laundry Bear Games Inc. Three months ago, the only grandparent I ever knew passed away and, even though she lived close to me, she was buried abroad. As someone who's bad at taking spontaneous trips, I made the poor decision not to attend her funeral. Without that closure, my brain hasn't fully acknowledged her passing and I also haven't truly mourned. So I understand firsthand how important it…

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