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The Great Fusion: Walkthrough

The Great Fusion By: Loading Home Walkthrough: 1. Open the drawer and take the piece of gum. 2. Use your mobile phone to make a call. Your friend will tell you to meet him in a bar. Pick up your mobile phone to add it to your inventory. 3. Leave your apartment. Talk to Gladys. She won't let you leave the building without paying your rent first. 4. Take a business card from the desk. 5. Open your inventory (slide the white tab on the left to the right) and drag the business card to your phone Read more [...]

The Passenger Update 1.1

The Passenger By LoadingHome I recently reviewed the new point-and-click adventure game, The Passenger. Two problems I had with it were the lack of backgrounding/multitasking capabilities, and that it was stuck in one orientation. Both of these have been fixed in 1.1 and it works beautifully. The game feels much more polished now, and you can take calls, pause, etc, and not lose your place. Some puzzles were also improved upon, so if you were having trouble with them before, give them another Read more [...]

Giveaway: Win a Promo Code for The Passenger!

**Note: The giveaway is now over, but the game is on sale for 99 cents! You can buy it here. I recently reviewed a new point-and-click-adventure game by Loading Home, called The Passenger. The art in this game is gorgeous and not to be missed. The developers have been nice enough to provide some codes for me to give away. All you have to do for a chance to win is three simple things: 1. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter: @AppUnwrapper or "Like" our Facebook page. If you do both, Read more [...]

The Passenger: A mysterious journey through a hauntingly beautiful world.

The Passenger By Loading Home **The Passenger just got an update with vast improvements! It's also on sale through January 20th. Read about it here. ***NOTE: There's a promo code hidden in the review for the lucky person who finds it first!*** See my walkthrough here. The Passenger is a point-and-click adventure game for iDevices (and Android). You control an unnamed man in a trench coat who is wandering around, traveling by train to different train stops. You need walk around and Read more [...]