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MechaNika Review: Not As Innocent As She Appears

Psychotic's MechaNika By: Mango Protocol MechaNika, by Mango Protocol, is a very odd little game. It has a cutesy, hand-drawn cartoon appearance which can be misleading. The game is packed to the brim with character, but it has a 17+ rating for good reason. The first tip-off that there's more to this game than meets the eye might be when Nika, the protagonist, calls her schoolteacher useless. Soon after that, she gets herself in trouble and kicked out of school. But that's no big deal! She can Read more [...]

MechaNika: Walkthrough Guide

Psychotic's MechaNika By: Mango Protocol This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the point-and-click adventure game MechaNika by Mango Protocol. It's a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section. Note: I'm not sure I'll be completing the step-by-step walkthrough. So if you get stuck, just ask in the comments section and I'll help out. See my MechNika review here. Walkthrough: 1. Go through the tutorial. Then pick up the incomplete Read more [...]