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Michal Pawlowski’s ‘Scalak’ Releasing May 23rd – Preview Inside

Scalak By: Michal Pawlowski Ever since I played his relaxing puzzler, Zenge, I've been keeping an eye out for Michal Pawlowski aka Hamster on Coke's games. Art of Gravity didn't really pull me in (sorry not sorry), but I had a great time with the all-too-brief "PUSH" he developed with Maciej Targoni. So I was happy to play his upcoming game, Scalak, ahead of release. He's been adding content to it over the last month or two and he's finally ready to announce that it's releasing on May 23rd. Since Read more [...]

“PUSH”: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

"PUSH" By: Maciej Targoni & Michal Pawlowski This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS, Android and PC game, "PUSH", by Maciej Targoni & Michal Pawlowski. See my PUSH review here. Mechanics: - Blanks and simple shapes: These just need to be pressed in groups of matching buttons. For instance, all blanks, then all circles, then all squares. Or all circles, then all blanks, etc. - Numbers: These need to be pressed in ascending order. So Read more [...]

“PUSH” Review: Keep Pushing My Buttons

"PUSH" By: Maciej Targoni & Michal Pawlowski You might know Maciej Targoni from his games HOOK or klocki, both minimalistic puzzlers that have no instructions and count on you figuring things out through experimentation. Michal Pawlowski also released a puzzle game called Zenge, which similarly doesn't hold your hand but is relaxing and never punishing. Considering how much these games have in common, it makes sense that the two developers have now teamed up to create a new puzzler called PUSH. As Read more [...]

Zenge: Review and Walkthrough Guide

Zenge By: Michal Pawlowski (Hamster on Coke Games) This is a complete walkthrough guide with solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game Zenge by Michal Pawlowski. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. For those who don't have the game yet, I made a short video review to show what it's like: Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Levels 1 -12: Chapter 2, Levels 13 - 24: Chapter 3, Levels 25 - 36: Chapter 4, Levels 37 - 48: Chapter 5, Levels 49 - 60: Chapter Read more [...]