‘Persephone’ Review : Let Nature Take Its Corpse

Persephone By: Plug In Digital / Momo-pi I was cautiously optimistic about trying the new mobile puzzler simply titled Persephone, named after the Greek queen of the Underworld. I loved the idea of killing yourself as part of the puzzle, and the artwork looked bright and polished. But not knowing anything about the developer, I was worried it might be too gimmicky and skimp on the actual mechanics. However, after just a…

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Persephone: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Persephone By: Plug In Digital / Momo-pi Persephone is a unique puzzler by Momo-pi that lets you kill yourself off and then use your corpse as a puzzle piece. It starts off fairly straightforward, but can be tricky as new mechanics are added. So I made this guide to help out. I'll be adding videos for each area soon, but for now enjoy these tips and tricks. See my review here. Tips…

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