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Stellar Wars Game Review

Stellar Wars By: Liv Games Stellar Wars is Liv Games' third Wars game, which merges tower defense with other gameplay to create a unique gaming experience. Old players and new players should both find plenty to like here. Gameplay: 4/5 Most of the gameplay in Stellar Wars will be familiar territory for players of Legendary Wars and/or Monster Wars. Standard missions include Minerbots that mine ore which is used to call your bots into action. Each type of bot requires a different amount of ore, Read more [...]

Stellar Wars Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Hints and Tips

Stellar Wars By: Liv Games This is a walkthrough and strategy guide for the iOS game Stellar Wars. Feel free to ask for help or share your own hints and tips in the comments section. See our Stellar Wars review here. Tips: 1. Don't forget you can tap the Miners when they exit the mine, to get the ores faster than waiting for them to walk back and forth to the ship. Try to keep an eye on them so as not to miss them. 2. If you need some easy ores early on, replay the stage Gizmobots Assemble Read more [...]