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Glitch Games’ “A Short Tale” Scheduled to Release Later This Month

A Short Tale By: Glitch Games **Update: The game now has a release date of February 11th! I finished the game a little while back and I think room escape fans will really enjoy it. There are some devious puzzles! And don't worry -- I'll remind you when the game is officially out. 🙂 ** I somehow missed the news that Glitch Games have been working on -- and nearly finishing -- a new game. They sprung a beta version on me over the holidays without any warning. It's a room escape game like we've Read more [...]

Finding the Right Words: An Interview with Neven Mrgan About Grayout, the Prequel to Blackbar

Grayout By: Mrgan LLC I was a couple of years late to the party with Neven Mrgan and James Moore's censorship game Blackbar, but it's a trippy experience that I recommend trying if you haven't yet. It uses dark humor and absurdity to warn us about relying too heavily on surveillance and censorship. I loved the tone of the game, so when I heard they were working on a prequel called Grayout, I was definitely intrigued. I had a chance to play the game in beta ahead of release and have spent a lot Read more [...]

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Grayout By: Mrgan LLC **Update: The game is now available. You can download it here and see this little gameplay video here: You might be wondering what that jumbled title is all about. It was my way of having a bit of fun announcing the upcoming text adventure game called Grayout, a prequel to the dystopian censorship game Blackbar by Neven Mrgan and James Moore. Grayout puts you in the shoes of a woman named Alaine, who wakes up in a hospital with problems communicating, otherwise Read more [...]

Legend of Grimrock for iPhone is in the Works

Legend of Grimrock By: Almost Human ltd. I recently wrote a review for the brutal dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock by Almost Human. It was originally made for PCs, but they recently ported it to iPad. It plays beautifully and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. It's a challenging game and will likely take me a while to complete. But Petri Häkkinen of Almost Human confirmed on Twitter today that the game is coming to iPhone! He said it plays really well, like playing on a gamepad. So far, he's Read more [...]

Glitch Games’ Forever Lost Episode 3 Scheduled for Release This Spring and It’s Massive (Teaser)

Forever Lost Episode 3 By: Glitch Games **Update: Forever Lost Episode 3 is out! You can see my review here and my step-by-step walkthrough here.** As some of you may know, I have a bit of a dev crush on Glitch Games. I've been following their work ever since they released The Hauntening, which was a quick horror game they made as part of a 48-hour development competition. It featured rocking horses, flickering lights, scary clowns and a really creepy voice. It wasn't a full game so much as a demo, Read more [...]