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Thanksgiving and Black Friday iOS Sales 2013

Here you'll be able to find a list of iPhone, iPod and iPad games on sale for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Click on the names to download. And keep checking back as more games are added. Infinity Blade by Chair Games is FREE for the week! (Also, if you have Infinity Blade 3, make sure to buy your Gobble turkey helms before they're gone!) Stellar Wars by Liv Games is on sale for $0.99 down from $1.99! LIMBO Game by Playdead is on sale for $0.99, down from $4.99! Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings Read more [...]

Yesterday: Walkthrough

Yesterday By: Bulkypix & Pendulo Studios Walkthrough: Train station, as Henry White: 1. Enter the train. Pick up the cable near the front. Pick up the empty can near the piece of paper on the floor. And pick up the iron bar next to the mannequin. 2. Go back through the left-hand door. There's a suitcase stuck under the rubble here. Attach the cable to the suitcase. Then use the iron bar on the cable to get the suitcase out from under the rubble. Open the suitcase to find a cutter, a screwdriver, Read more [...]