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Tengami: Review

Tengami By: Nyamyam Games I've always had a fascination with pop-up books. Even as an adult, I'll browse through the Barnes & Noble kids' section to see the intricate foldable art inside these books. I've always found it impressive and even magical. I'm also a big fan of adventure games. So when I saw that an iOS game was coming out that would be like an adventure/puzzle game within a gorgeous pop-up book, I was eager to play it. So did the game live up to my expectations? No doubt about it, Read more [...]

Tengami: Walkthrough Guide

Tengami By: Nyamyam Walkthrough: **See our Tengami review here.** 1. Walk to the right. As you approach the gap, ring the wind chimes to lull the wolf to sleep. Then the page will fold down to let you cross safely. 2. When you come to the water, fold back the piece from right to left to build a bridge so you can cross. 3. As you continue walking, you'll see another wolf. There's also a staircase. But the wolf howls and collapses the staircase. You can't open it while he's awake. So continue Read more [...]