Stranger Things 3: The Game – Gnome Locations Guide

Stranger Things 3: The Game By: BonusXP Stranger Things 3: The Game is the official game of Netflix's Stranger Things series. It's not available on iOS yet, but is on Switch, PS4 and PC. It follows the story, for the most part, of Season 3 of the show, so make sure you watched it already before playing. I'm already working on a walkthrough, but the 50 hidden Gnomes in the game are…

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Lara Croft GO: The Mirror of Spirits: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Lara Croft GO By: SQUARE ENIX INC This is a complete walkthrough guide with tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the Mirror of Spirits expansion pack of Square Enix's iOS, Android, PC & PS4 game Lara Croft GO. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Walkthrough: Level 1, The Croft Trophy Room + Level 2, The Cellar: Level 3, The Foyer: Level 4, The Great Hall: Level 5,…

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